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Interdental Brush

by:Boom Home     2020-06-18
To maintain healthy teeth, you must brush daily with a toothbrush; however, only brushing can not remove the plaque between your teeth. Brushing on its own can only clean around 60% of each tooth's surface area. To clean the food debris and plaque effectively you should use either a dental floss or interdental brush. However, many people don't feel comfortable with a dental floss and using a dental floss you may bleed your gum. Besides dental flosses are ineffective when the gaps between your teeth are slightly bigger. In these cases you have to choose an interdental brush instead of dental floss. Using interdental brushes Interdental brushes have small and bristled heads that are specially designed to clean the spaces between your teeth. They are disposable and supplied with a reusable angled plastic handle. To use an interdental brush, gently push it back and forth between your teeth along your gum line, but do not force it, as this can damage your gums. Ask your dentist to show you how to use interdental brushes if you are not sure. Interdental brushes are available in various sizes which enable you to choose which size is most suitable for you. Because various teeth in your mouth are spaced differently, you may need to use two or more sizes of interdental brush. How to use a Interdental Brush
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