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How to Weave Your Own Hair

by:Boom Home     2020-02-29
For an African-American woman, weaving is one of the best ways you can add instant length and volume to your hair.Weaving is a style that incorporates the extended part of the hair into the hair.By carefully selecting extensions in terms of color, length and texture, your hairstyle can be varied.
But is it possible to learn how to weave your own hair?
Weaving your own hair requires a combination of hands and eyes.You weave when you look in the mirror, it\'s never easy.
First of all, you need to know how to do basic corn lines on your own hair.Then decide on the type of hairstyle extension needed to implement the hairstyle.

The following items are necessary and should be assembled before starting.Since this is a DIY project, you should organize your space and put everything at your fingertips.

The position of the two mirrors is like this and you can see your head as much as you can.
Comb, brush, hair band.
If you do the stitching on the knitting, several needles have already been threaded.
Special hair gel.

Hair extension can be like a ponytail, a bag or loose hair in frontwoven weaves.The easiest to use is the clip, but this requires fixing the hair every day.
Your best choice for knitting your own hair is the weaving made in the store.Even so, there are many kinds.
Some are designed to stick to the top while others are sewn to the weave.The Amazon selection above shows extensions that can be glued to or sewn.It can be used to implement the image below.
If you are a frequent visitor with a woven hairstyle, then you must have seen it many times and you may even have helped a friend.
That means you know the basics.You should try the seams on the knitting.They do less damage to hair than glue when weaving.
Please buy glue and some weaving if you are timing for the first time.


Decided to break up.Start with a simple section like the one above.
Take out a portion of the hair to cover the beginning of the weave and give a natural look.
Make corn rows from the front of the hair to the back (the smaller the better ).
Shake out the extensions so you can know the whole length.
Put it in the pattern you want to make you feel the final hairstyle.
Place a hairpin or nail along the way the weave will be stitched.
From the back, sew on the weave and double each needle.
Sew until you go to the front and tidy your hair the way you want it.
Before you make any adjustments, it\'s better to sew it through and brush it off.

There are special needles for weaving, but if you don\'t have a large one (at least 3 inch long ).
Avoid borrowing needles for safety reasons.
Use only special hair gel.Please do not use any glue you lay around the house.
It may not be strong enough or strong enough, so you need surgery to unlock the tissue.In addition, some glue contains harmful ingredients.
Dye your hair.In the picture on the right, the lady has natural hair of the same color as the weave, so they all combine perfectly.
You can use temporary dyes if you are still trying the style.
When you start to knit your own hair, the hairstyle may not last for a long time.
So, be prepared to repeat the weaving every two weeks until you do it better.

When you start DIY knit hairstyles, you change it a lot.
You go home, look at yourself, punch the needle out.
Be careful, though, that continuous pulling and pulling can cause hair damage.
Weaving, braids, and corn rows may increase hair loss in the hair line, so avoid pulling your head hard when weaving, especially when sending the line.
Also, take the time to wash your hair and take deep care of it so that your hair can rest once in a while.
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