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How to Use the Slicker Brush Correctly as an Excellent

by:Boom Home     2020-06-20
Brushing your dog's fur consistently is a very important practice. This activity can help you connect with your dog and it also gives you the chance to look at whatever hidden problems your pet could possibly have acquired. Apart from this though brushing your dog's hair will help minimize the mats in your dog's fur. Mats, in other words, are actually hair that gets tangled on your dog's fur. Most likely, these particular mats pile up dust and could be a incredibly bothersome and sometimes agonizing for your dog. If it is not taken out frequently,mats might get even worse and could perhaps transform into hotspots. To help you get rid of these mats, I will be presenting you certain step-by-step advice to accomplish this easily and as painlessly as possible for your dog. Why don't we get started then! Step 1 - Get the slicker brush prepared. The very best solution to clear away mats and tangles in your dog's fur is through the utilization of a dog slicker brush. You can actually also choose to utilize combs and various other brushes but I've always got fantastic results from by using a slicker brush. That being said, it is imperative that you do not just purchase just just about any slicker brush on the store. Be sure that you look at the caliber of the brush before buying it. Bear in mind there are actually a number of dog brushes on the market that may do more harm than good so choose with care. A very good slicker brush is something that is not really too rough but not too soft and can also be put to use for almost any pet skin types. I also advise that you really pick out a self cleaning slicker brush to help make the procedure more efficient. Step 2 - Lay or seat your pet comfortably on top of a counter or on your floor. It's important that you really help make your dog as comfortable as possible to help make the procedure much easier. Don't forget to start slowly if it is your dog's first time to be brushed. Enable him to get accustomed to the brush first and reassure him. Help make the procedure as fun as possible. Present a couple of treats along the way. Step 3 - When taking away the mats it is a good idea that you simply take a small section at a time. I highly recommend that you start out on the head section first underneath your dog's ears and work your way all the way down his body. Step 4 - By using your hand, secure the base (the portion of the fur that is nearest to your dog's skin) of the tangled spot. Carrying this out makes sure that you simply prevent hurting your dog's skin and avoid any brush burns also. Step 5 - Consider using a touch of cornstarch and wipe this softly around the tangled section. Step 6 - Right after putting a little cornstarch in the matted section, get your slicker brush and slowly brush the actual mat to undo it. Use your fingers also to help you untangle the mats and keep on brushing it by using the dog slicker brush until it gets cleared. Do not forget to brush starting from the ends and continue your way inwards. Step 7 - When the mat is too tangled and can not be cleared by using a slicker brush then do not be afraid to cut it. Simply use a sharp scissor and steadily and cautiously cut the tangled hair with a sawing motion. Be certain that you also cut the mat in the path of hair growth so the cut appears normal. Step 8 - Once you're finished with the procedure offer your dog praise and treats for getting superior and do a bit more brushing employing your dog slicker brush. Just a heads up even though, the actions above are to become completed ahead of providing your pets a bath. Under no circumstances give your dog a bath first if he has mats as this can make the matting worse. Also, remember to select a higher high quality slicker brush. Using a low high quality slicker brush may possibly price you more cash in the extended run but a higher high quality slicker are going to be more effective, will surely last longer and will enable stay away from any skin irritations or complications that other brushes may possibly trigger.
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