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How To Refinish, Clean and Maintain Teak Patio Furniture

by:Boom Home     2020-02-21
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Homeowners, decorators and boat owners choose teak as courtyard furniture, interior furniture, flooring, ocean deck and decor as teak is very durable.
Teak is highly resistant to rot and pests.
Teak is perfect for harsh marine conditions as well as changes in weather and temperature.
Teak terrace tables and chairs may be an expensive option, but this is definitely worth investing in due to the durability of teak.
Teak is more durable than any other wood.
Boat manufacturers use teak on all types of decks, including swimming decks as well as teak fishing rod racks and lockers.
Again, they use teak because it can fight against the ocean or fresh water without breaking down.
Although teak is very durable, stable and durable, it will stand the test of the weather.
Teak begins with a rich and beautiful honey brown color.
Exposure to changing weather conditions or exposure to the ocean or fresh water can cause teak to change from Honey Brown to silver gray.
The change in color is normal and part of the teak aging process.
The Silver Gray does not mean that the wood is weak and will remain strong and strong.
In some cases, over time and exposure to changing weather, teak can crack if it is not properly cared for and maintained.
Cracks and cracks are rare but can be repaired.
Many homeowners and boat owners do not like silver gray, but prefer honey brown-silver gray teak, and the color can be restored to rich honey brown.
Usually, teak is done in two basic ways-oil or varnish.
Usually, the floor and the deck of the ship are completed with varnish or sealant to protect the surface from stains.
In most cases, there will be an oil finish for patio furniture and other teak blocks.
Clean outdoor teak patio furniture gently spray the teak surface with water from the garden hose to remove salt residue and surface dirt.
If you are cleaning the patio furniture, please completely saturate the grass, flowers and shrubs around the area where you are cleaning the furniture to protect the green plants and flowers from teak cleaners.
Wear eye protection and gloves.
Apply a dedicated teak cleaner and repair agent to a soft nylon brush.
Scrub the wood surface with a circular motion starting from the edge and working towards the relative edge.
Rinse the surface thoroughly and allow the teak to dry fully.
If any stains remain on the teak, please clean these areas for the second time with a teak cleaner, rinse thoroughly and dry.
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Teak terrace furniture repair check if the tables and chairs are loose with screws or nails.
Put the proper screwdriver into the head of the screw and put the screw back in place.
Hammer the nail back into place.
Take a look at all the carpentry in the legs, arms and back.
If there is any looseness in the woodworking, please tighten it.
Check all wood surfaces for cracks.
If you find any cracks, rub the cracks with bronze wool and surround the wood to remove any debris.
Mix two parts of marine grade epoxy repair putty on disposable plastic plates or small plastic cups.
Marine grade epoxy repair putty is more adaptable to changing weather conditions and allows the wood to expand and shrink without cracking or falling off from the edge of the crack.
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Dig out the repair putty on the flexible plastic putty knife.
Press the epoxy putty deep in the crack.
Apply a few layers of thin epoxy putty to repair, so it is slightly higher than the teak surface.
Let the epoxy repair putty dry for three to four hours.
Wrap a 220 sandpaper around the grinding block.
Polish the surface of the repaired putty along the direction of the surrounding wood grain.
Don\'t stick to the texture with sand or perpendicular to the texture because the wood will become blurred.
If the surface of the teak table or chair is rough, polish all the wooden surfaces with sand to make it smooth.
Remove any sanding dust on the surface of the wood.
Wipe the patio furniture with a tack rag to collect the remaining dust.
Wrap 320 sandpaper around the grinding block and polish the teak for the second time to repair or the entire surface.
Remove all sanding dust and wipe the surface with a sticky rag.
Arrange and protect the teak oil on the surface of the teak terrace furniture into a small bucket or shallow tray.
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Put a clean soft rag into teak oil to saturate it.
Wear rubber gloves and eye protection-pick up the rag and wring the teak oil so the rag stays very wet but no more dripping.
Fold the rag in half again and make it into a flat plate.
Place the teak oil soaked rag on the edge of the wood surface and move it to the wood in a straight line.
When the rag stops depositing oil on the surface of the wood, turn the rag over.
Continue to dip the rag into teak oil, gently wring the rag and apply teak oil until all surfaces of the patio furniture are covered with oil.
Wait five minutes and apply the second layer of teak oil to all surfaces of the patio furniture.
Continue to saturate the rag with teak oil, wring it slightly, apply the oil to the wood and wait for 5 minutes until more oil is no longer accepted in teak.
When the surface of the wood looks shiny, smooth and greasy, you will know when the wood is saturated with oil.
Teak patio furniture cleaning, care and maintenance steps oil the patio furniture to maintain a rich honey brown color.
Clean the wood surface with a gentle spray from the garden hose.
Thoroughly clean in the spring.
Once the spill occurs to prevent contamination, clean up the spill, although the well-painted teak terrace furniture will not absorb stains as easily as the untreated wood surface-safety is always better than sorry.
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