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How to Keep a Motor's Carbon Brush in Top Shape

by:Boom Home     2020-06-22
Every single motor has a carbon brush inside of it, and this brush plays an important role in the operation of the machine. Even common appliances like dishwashers and your kitchen stand mixer have these brushes inside of them. The brush is the part that actually delivers signals or energy to a moving part inside the motor. It creates the connection that is needed between the part that isn't moving and the part that is moving. In most cases, these brushes are made of carbon and shaped like a cube. Most of them operate with a spring, which presses it up onto the shaft. They also tend to have a wire on the top of them, which services to rub the moving part and transmit the energy or signal. These brushes wear out quit easily, so it is important to take good care of them. Here are five care tips for dealing with a carbon brush inside any appliance or machine: 1. Use the same type of brush inside the same machine-most of the time. Most motors have more than one brush inside of them, and usually you will want to use the same brush in all parts of it. In very rare cases, especially when you are dealing with medium or large motors, you may find the need to use two or more different brushes inside the motor. Be sure to check with an expert to find out if you happen to have one of these very rare cases. 2. Make sure the pressure is kept even across the brushes. One of the main reasons carbon brushes wear out is because the pressure inside the motor is being exerted on them unevenly. Each manufacturer releases technical performance tables for each of their brushes. These tables are an essential part of installation and maintenance of the brush. If too much pressure is exerted on one brush, sparks and overheating could result. The goal is for even wear across all of the brushes inside the motor. 3. Pressure should always be applied using the specs from the proper technical performance table. Even if you have even pressure being exerted across all of the brushes inside the machine, you will still see them wear out much too quickly if the pressure inside the motor is set too high. On the other hand, if the pressure on the brushes is too low, sparks and overall instability of the motor could result. The technical tables for the brushes you are using are always going to be your best friend when it comes to installation and maintenance for them. 4. Replace all the brushes inside a motor at the same time. Since you're aiming for even wear across all of the brushes, it is essential that you replace them all at the same time. Mixing old and new parts is never wise because it generally causes the electricity to be distributed unevenly throughout the motor. 5. Other options for replace the brushes. If replacing all of the brushes at the same time isn't an option because it will impact production too greatly, there are other options. The best advice for large motors used in industrial settings is to replace 20 percent of each bar of brushes at once. Do this about every one to two weeks to keep the downtime of your machines to a minimum. The brushes are an essential part of the overall operation of your business, so it is critical that you keep them in good working order at all times.
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