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How to Get the Best Results with a Steam Mop

by:Boom Home     2020-06-23
Various different steam mops are currently available on the market. Most of them are great in what they do, but as you push them ahead, you involuntarily mess up things with your feet as you clean the ceramic or wooden floor of your home. In order to have a spotless floor without any extremely annoying foot prints that remain on the freshly cleaned and shined floor, you just need to follow a few steps and use a strategy. This will require the use of the following tools and items: vacuum cleaner or floor brush, steam mop, cleaning pad and wood polish, a pair of socks and keep traffic away. Vacuum cleaner or floor brush The first thing you need to do prior of steam cleaning the ground surface is to ensure you have a spotless floor. It is important to sweep your floor clean using a vacuum cleaner or a floor brush. Move furniture and other items in the room you want to clean to collect the accumulated dirt and dust. Steam mop and a pair of socks Prior of turning on the steam mop make sure you are wearing socks on your feet. Although there are numerous different steam mops available on the market, they all work on the same principle and use water to produce steam. Always fill your steam mop with clean water only and start from the area next to the wall continuing back to the center of the area you are cleaning. As you advance with your work, you'll notice that you are forced to step on the previously cleaned areas as well. However, because you are wearing socks on your feet, the wood floor will not have any disturbing foot prints on its surface. Cleaning pad and wood polish As soon as you have steam mopped the room it is now time to polish and shine the ground surface. With the previously mentioned socks on your feet, polish the ground surfaceto get that shine you are after. Keep traffic away Your floor is at this moment foot print free, clean and shiny. In order to maintain that foot print free floor you need all traffic to be kept away from the floor for about 2 hours after steam cleaning it. It is highly recommended to steam clean the floor at night when the family is in bed, or when the children are in school. The wood ground surfaceshould be shiny and dry before it faces another round of demanding traffic.
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