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How to Convince Kids to Brush Their Teeth

by:Boom Home     2020-06-24
I am a mom of two beautiful kids, as a mom, I wish and wanted to grow them as beautiful and perfect as they can be. It's very important for me that they look always neat and clean. That's why at a young age I practice them for a proper hygiene and oral care of their teeth. As early as their first tooth came out, you as a parent has the responsibility to take care of it first by brushing their teeth regularly. Brushing little ones as early as six (6) months of age, needs an extra patience and more time. And as they grow teach them independently on how to use brush by themselves, but I had instances experiencing how hard to convince the kids to brush their teeth. So here are some tips on how kids could be interested in brushing: Tips on parents how to convince their kids to be interested in brushing: Get them a toothbrush with a colorful design or shaped into their favorite cartoon characters. (From that they will be interested and knows that brushing could be fun) Pretend that you are tickling their teeth with their toothbrush. (So they find tooth brushing is just kind of a play). Giving them toothpaste with a good taste (there are toothpaste with different flavors available in our market). Take turns. I let them see first on how I brush my teeth and next I let my girls take their turn. Always make brushing teeth a fun way experience to your kids. Remember, our teeth are very important in many ways, if you take care of them they take care of you too. Strong and healthy teeth can help us chew good foods that helps as grow. They help you speak clearly and they help you look your best! So better take care of your teeth as early as you can before it losses all the way. Steps on how our teeth stay healthy: Buy a tooth brush with soft bristles so it won't hurt your gums when brushing. Change your tooth brush every three (3) months. Brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day. Spend 2 - 3 minutes each time you brush, take your time cleaning your teeth thoroughly not only your front teeth but also at the side and back of your teeth. Brush also your tongue for a fresher breath. Learn to floss your teeth. It helps you clean the area that brush can't be reached and remove the food that stacked between your teeth. Visit your dentist regularly. Having healthy teeth depends on the person taking care for it. Flossing and brushing is not the only way to keep our teeth healthy but also watching out foods that we eat. We must consider eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetable and drink a lot of water instead of sodas should we give to our children in order to help them grow healthy. -------------------------------
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