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How to clean up a wooden hair brush

by:Boom Home     2019-12-28
Hair brushes often accumulate oil, dirt, dandruff, etc. If you do not clean up on time, your hair will be soiled by the brush. Clearing the hair brush is just a few simple steps. Don't get too much water. If your hairbrush is wooden and expensive, don't immerse it in water, otherwise the wood will crack. When washing wooden hair brushes, just brush a little water on the toothbrush, then wipe the foam with a wet towel instead of running under the running water. Brush with essential oils. After wiping the hairbrush with a towel, you can take care of the tea tree oil and kill it by the way. Apply a few drops of essential oil to the wooden part of the hairbrush and place it on a towel to allow it to air dry before you can use it again. ? In the ancient times of China, sending combs meant to order for life. Combing and combing long hair, letting the aroma of the comb stay in the bun, the aroma will drift with the wind, so that the whole world can feel the aftertaste of love Staying in the tenderness of this silky hair will keep my own aloe. One day after a few years, I combed my hair slowly, and remembered the feeling I had before. . . Comb stands for Acacia, which means that the other party misses you very much! Comb combing your hair every day also represents its closeness to you, and represents white-headed and old! The comb also represents love, and in ancient times, it meant to make love! The comb also represents health and happiness! Swipe away the troubles and open the knot, and combing your hair will give you spirit and confidence! If you ca n’t grow old with you, our love will continue. . . Northeast wooden comb Because wooden combs are mostly used in Northeast China, plastic combs are less than a century old, so people in Northeast China generally say that wooden combs refer to all combs.
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