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How to clean the bristle comb

by:Boom Home     2019-12-15
A practical bristle comb can easily return the beautiful hair of beauty lovers, and the bristle comb is tough and elastic, not easy to deform, resistant to moisture, and not affected by hot and cold factors, which makes this perfect The bristle comb can be welcomed by most people, but the cleaning of the bristle comb is a difficult task for many people, so please follow the steps of Xiaobian to solve this problem! The first step: find a small pot (just put down your comb), and get warm water in the small pot, it must be warm water! Because the bristle comb is actually just like human hair. People use warm water when washing their hair! So it ’s the same as cleaning it Step 2: Squeeze an appropriate amount of shampoo into the basin, stir it, and foam. As for the amount, it depends on how dirty your comb is. Soak your comb inside, preferably with the side of the mane facing down and let it soak completely. Step 4: Soak for about ten minutes, then you can start washing. !! At this time, you can find some items to help you. Dangdang, it must be this little toothbrush we usually use. This little toothbrush is really good. Anyway, it is to comb back and forth between the comb teeth After that, the hair on the comb is completely taken off, and it can be washed even between the teeth, which is more convenient than just washing by hand. Step 4: After washing, rinse off the foam and small broken hair with water. Then dry the water on the comb, and be sure to shake it a little harder here, try to throw the water out of the air cushion, otherwise the water often accumulates in the air cushion will shorten the life of the comb! 5 Step 5: Dry the water on the comb with toilet paper, then dry it in a cool and ventilated place. When the mane is all dry, you can continue using it. Do not expose to the sun! The cleaned bristle comb must not be exposed to the sun, it will deform your bristle comb!
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