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How to Choose Wooden Comb?


Historically, wooden combs are said to be in use since very early times. The crude versions have wooden combs are among the healthiest as combing tools for your year. The wooden teeth are intentionally designed: they are round tips. Such tips are likely to create a general massaging effect on your scalp. This massaging effect causes natural oils in the hair cuticles and result in natural luster. Thus, wooden combs are the best for your health.

China, the make or of traditional wooden combs

Wooden combs have long been used because of its easy availability, low price and therapeutic value as per the Chinese system of medicine. Besides, modern science as well has found it to bring healing consequences when you use a wooden comb to dress your hair. 

How wooden comb can benefit?

Combs made of wood can make friction on the scamp stronger. It improves the blood circulation in the head and helps keep the scalp and hair clean and tidy. It also helps improve the secretion of sebaceous glands in the heal, make metabolism better, make the brain stronger and soothe the nerves.

How to choose wooden comb

While choosing wooden combs, it's important to choose those made by a reputed wooden comb manufacturer like the China-based Ningbo Haishu Boom Home Co. Based in Ningbo. China, the company specializes in the making of wood combs & brushes and other wood products. The company is a professional wooden comb manufacturer best known for the products not only in China but overseas as well. 

Ningbo Haishu Boom Home Co., Ltd owns a wooden comb factory where ultra-modern production technology, equipment and from the domestic market as well as from overseas are deployed. The company has a great quality production facility in China. The products are popular in America, Europe, Korean, Japan, and other countries.

What are the diverse advantages of using a wooden comb?

There are many benefits when you use a wooden comb. 

Taking care of your hair is one of the most important intent. How this happens we'll briefly discuss here.

It nourishes hair

When you use a wooden comb, it will help spread the natural tools from the scalp across the whole hair and stand. This is because the oil does not spread to metal or plastic as is the case of a conventional comb. It results in less greasy hair because of natural hair. 

Wood combs create a gentle effect on hair

Wood combs are carbon-based similar to your hair, scalp, and skin. Since both wood and hair have a negative electric charge. So, when you use a wooden comb, it helps your hair will get a glossy and smooth look.

Good for hair growth

When you use a wooden comb, you tend to comb your hair for a long time that when you use a plastic comb. The wooden comb creates a massaging effect and stimulates the hair follicles to generate more hair strands, so your hair becomes thicker. 

Wooden combs help minimize itchy scalp and dandruff

You may have dandruff thanks to the irritation in the scalp. The rounded and softer tech of the wooden comb is not gaining cut or injure the scalp. It also does not result in an in-mall distribution of oils on the scalp and hair. This helps reduce dandruff. 

Wooden comb cleans up your hair

When you use a wooden comb to comb yr hair, things like dirt and foreign particles are removed from the hair. Contrariwise, plastic and metal combs have a high static charge, which makes direct stick to the comb and makes it distributed it over the hair.

Wooden combs can help prevent breakage and tangles

Plastic and metal combs are likely to make tangles at the end of the stroke. On the other hand, a wooden comb doesn’t so. As your wooden comb glides smoothly over the scalp in the hair, it becomes easier to remove tangles in the hair and prevent get hair split at the end of the hair follicle.


Wood combs are last for a longer time as opposed to plastic and metal combs. Usually, bamboo is used to make wooden combs. Bamboo is easily renewable. The teeth of the comb don't break easily and these comb re recyclable, 

Wooden combs help prevent allergies

Metal and plastic combs are likely to cause irritation or allergic retentions on the scalp. If your scalp is too sensitive, the best thing is to use a wooden comb. As wooden combs are made from components that are readily available in nature, in some cases, they come with a protective coating. Therefore, there are fewer chances of allergies. 

Wooden combs help prevent static damage

Static is a harmful condition because it's likely to result in breakage and damage to the hair. These conditions will become worse when you use plastic or metal combs. Wooden combs become static and help bring in healthy hair.

Cleaning your wooden comb

As you keep on using the wooden comb, it 's likely to accumulate dirt over time. Following these points will help. Use petroleum jelly and rub it on the teeth and the handle. Wipeout with a soft cloth. 

You can also use oil to lean the comb.


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