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how to choose a right toothbrush for kids

by:Boom Home     2020-02-20
Most children don\'t want to brush their teeth when they sleep in the morning.
If they agree, then they have to have only their favorite toothpaste and toothbrush.
Parents really need to make a lot of effort to get the kids to brush their teeth.
Is it easy to choose the right toothbrush for your child?
The following article gives the appropriate way to choose the correct tothbrush for the children.
That\'s what I said.
But the teeth needed to eat apples must be healthy.
In order to keep healthy teeth, people need to brush their teeth every day.
Even a little ignorance can lead to some verbal problems.
Unlike adults, children do not know the need or how to take care of their teeth.
If they know, there are a lot of reasons for not doing so.
Encouraging them until they learn to do it themselves is entirely the responsibility of the parents.
Usually, the baby\'s teeth will fall off at about 7 years old. 8 years.
Before that, they helped the children to talk, eat and smile.
Dental experts say proper toothbrushes should be available at every stage of childhood.
It should be suitable for children in all aspects.
It should be comfortable and attractive.
The following paragraphs provide a variety of ways to choose the right toothbrush for your child.
When you go to the pharmacist to buy a toothbrush, he will show you all kinds of toothbrushes that will make you stagger. There are long-
Neck, corner or thick neck
Massage the neck brush of the gums with a soft bristles, or clean the plaque with a hard bristles.
However, the toothbrush given to your child should have a slender handle that will help the child to hold it comfortably and move it.
The woods on the thick handle naturally provide better grip.
It should be fascinating to make children like to use it.
Here are some important features to consider when choosing a toothbrush.
The toothbrush should have a soft bristles as the child\'s teeth and gums are in a growing stage.
Using a hard bristles toothbrush can only cause pain and sometimes bleeding from the gums.
You also need to make sure that the bristles are small so that they can help massage your child\'s teeth and gums.
The toothbrush should have a round head as it does not hurt the teeth and cheeks inside.
Ideally, the head should be determined based on the size of the child\'s mouth rather than age, so that it can be easily put into his/her mouth and moved around.
Therefore, the age category mentioned on the package must be treated as a guide, not as the only criterion of choice.
The shape of the toothbrush handle should allow the child to grasp it correctly.
You should avoid choosing those with poor grip.
The style of the brush should attract children.
There are a variety of toothbrushes on the market, with different animal shapes.
You can also try to choose a toothbrush with photos of your child\'s favorite cartoon characters.
In addition, you can also buy some toothbrushes and let the lights flash for about a minute, so that the child\'s brushing time will be longer and will be full of fun.
For toddlers, look for a long-handled toothbrush that will allow you to brush your teeth.
There are a variety of toothbrushes today, one of which is an electric one.
They have a fixed timer.
Normally, the timer is set to 3 minutes, allowing for longer and full brushing of your teeth.
There is a sound or tactile signal indicating that the time has expired and the task has been completed.
Some of them have the option to set the speed of brushing their teeth to high or low.
In most cases, brushing teeth at a higher level is effective.
Beginners are usually advised to use a lower level as their oral tissue takes time to adapt to the higher level of strong brushing action.
Electric toothbrushes have the function of changing the head, because the bristles of these toothbrushes are also worn out like other toothbrushes.
Some versions of these toothbrushes feature neat and white patterns.
The latter is dedicated to the formation of yellowing and plaque, which leads to the cleaning of the teeth.
These brushes are a little more expensive than regular toothbrushes.
Electric toothbrush is a charging device.
This is a safe device because it does not have to plug in the power supply when using or charging, on the contrary, it has a battery inside, charging through the housing without any direct connection.
This charge is done by induction.
The price of an electric toothbrush varies according to its functional quality, starting at $14.
The high-end version of this product costs $100-$179.
Nowadays, there are all kinds of toothbrushes in the chemicals and pharmacists.
In addition, there are several websites to promote the best toothbrush for children.
Interestingly, there are also regular toothbrushes.
In general, the best age for your child to start using an electric toothbrush is 8, because at this time the child is able to handle things more independently.
However, it is most important to consult your dentist before choosing an electric toothbrush.
I hope that this article will guide you in choosing the right toothbrush for your child.
Be aware that choosing the right toothbrush for your child does not complete your task as it needs to be replaced once a month, or twice a month.
If your child is small, he or she will take some time to realize that it does help to keep your teeth healthy and strong.
Good luck to you!
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