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How to choose a bristle comb

by:Boom Home     2019-12-17
? Here we mainly talk about the mane comb used to comb the hair, that is, the plate comb or air cushion comb. The plate comb does not have air cushion. The functions of the two are the same, except that the relative strength of the combing head with air cushion is relaxed a little. 1. Know the types of mane combs: There are three types of bristle combs: ① Pure mane; ②bristle hair and nylon mixed hair; ③ Each tuft of bristle has a tall nylon comb, also called bristle hedgehog comb. The first set of pictures are pure bristles: plate comb and air cushion comb [Pure bristle board comb] [Pure bristle air cushion comb] The second group of pictures is a combination of bristle and nylon comb teeth. From the surface, it is similar to a comb with pure bristle. Nylon comb teeth similar to bristle hair are added to the inside. The increase of nylon is to increase the hardness and make people with more hair. Can also comb through hair. 2. Different types of mane combs are suitable for different hair volumes 1. Pure bristles combs: The hardness of the hair is different, and the relative population is also different. Soft hair or medium soft hair comb: ① suitable for people with very small hair volume; ② suitable for people with very sensitive scalp and pain. Comb with average bristle hardness: suitable for people with small hair volume. Hard bristle comb: It can be used by people with less hair volume and more hair volume, as long as the hair volume is not super large (twice the average person), it can be used. 2. Mane comb with mixed teeth: It is the same as the hard bristle pure mane comb. The increase of nylon is mainly to increase the hardness, so that people with large hair can comb through their hair. 3. Bristle Hedgehog Comb: Suitable for almost all hair types. It is just not recommended for people with very small hair volume, because the hair volume is too small, the bristles cannot play a role, and it is wasted.
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