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How Maliang And His Magic Brush' Can Improve Your

by:Boom Home     2020-06-27
Are you familiar with the old Chinese fable 'Maliang and his magic brush'? It's a story about a boy named Maliang who loved to draw. But he couldn't afford to buy a brush to draw with because he was too poor. So he used sticks he found on the ground to make drawings of his pictures in the sand. Whatever he saw, he would draw. One night an old bearded man appeared before Maliang while he was in bed wishing for a brush to draw with.The old Man give Maliang his wish.He gave him a brush. But this brush was no ordinary brush, no sir. 'This brush was a magic brush.' Now whatever Maliang would draw became real. From then on Maliang would draw pictures for the poor people. Whatever they wanted, he would draw. Let me repeat that again. 'Whatever They Wanted He Would Draw.' The story goes on about how an important Magistrate found out about Maliang's magic brush. This Magistrate was the most powerful in China. He wanted to become even more powerful so he ordered his soldiers to steal Maliang's magic brush.They did this but Maliang cunningly got his brush back and done away with the Magistrate and his soldiers. A brilliant story don't you think? At first I thought this was just a plain Fairy Tale.Then I woke up one morning and had one of those 'that's it' lightning flashes come on in my brain. Whenever my nieces and nephew came to visit each year I would read them the story of 'Maliang and his magic brush'.Then I would ask them what they wanted to do with their lives when they grew up.They would tell me.Then I would tell them to draw their vision, to draw their future. It's not enough to just talk about our dreams and goals Psychologists say you should have a clear vision in your mind of what dreams you wish to achieve. 'If your vision of your future is clear and vivid enough then you will become empowered to achieve it.' they would state. In fact author Wallace D Wattles in his manual 'The science of getting rich', wrote about this incredible power that the majority of people have but few put to full use like this; 'Man can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created' But now you can do better than that. You can be just like Maliang and draw the picture of the dreams you wish to happen in your life.A drawing of your outcome is a constant remainder staring at you of what you want to achieve.And like Maliang's magic brush, they can become real. Now make a drawing of how you wish to be when you acquire you new language.Use it as a constant reminder of your future.
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