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How does Boom Home manufacture bamboo hair brush?
The manufacturing process of bringing bamboo hair brush to market is long and daunting. At NingBo Boom Home Co.,Ltd., we utilize a number of methods involving human and machine labor to turn raw materials into finished goods. It starts with communicating with customers to know their exact needs about the products' specifications, colors, shapes, etc. Then, we have creative designers who are responsible for working out the unique appearance and reasonable structure. The next step is to get the customers' confirmation. Then, we work in accordance with the lean management system to streamline the production process and improve work efficiency. Next, quality checks will be performed to ensure the flawless of the products and package process will start at the same time.
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Boom Home is a Chinese company with a good reputation. We gain specialization in the designing and manufacturing of round brush. Boom Home's bamboo hair brush series include multiple types. The design of Boom Homewood hair brush is completed by our internationally renowned designer who has re-elaborated and recreated a bathroom design which reflects a new aesthetic. The product is equipped with a non-skid handle. This product is able to produce food without any contamination. The drying process, with high enough drying temperature, helps kill bacterial contamination. Made of lightweight wood, the product is easy to carry.

All the staff of our teamWooden Brush will make unremitting efforts, and bravely climb the peak of boar hair brush industry. Please contact.

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