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Homemade Wedding Favors

by:Boom Home     2020-06-28
Butterflies are beautiful and romantic and they are a fond memory of spring. Butterflies are a wonderful addition to your wedding theme of spring, and they can be added to your wedding favors too. This article will provide detailed instructions for making some homemade spring wedding favors with the theme of butterflies. Photo Frame A simple homemade wedding favor is a picture frame, photo frame and this spring theme will include the beauty of butterflies. For these homemade wedding favor you have a regular picture frame, glue, scissors, scrapbooking paper, a pencil and a brush. Starting this spring wedding favor using some butterflies on the scrapbooking paper. Use the scissors to cut them and paste them to the frame. Make sure the brush to use a thin, even layer of glue applied to the paper. After you have dried your handmade butterflies spring wedding favor is complete, and your guests will love it. Keepsake Box Another spring wedding favor that is a keepsake box features butterflies, these homemade wedding favor for you small wooden boxes, scissors, a piece of cardboard, paint, stenciling brush, paper towels, paper plate, tape, and acrylic sealer. Start this homemade wedding favor by drawing a small butterfly shape on the cardboard and cut out the shape, but make sure the stencil to leave intact. Then use the tape to the stencil onto the top or side of the box. Pour some paint onto a paper plate and dab your stencil brush into it. Blot the brush on the paper towel so it is somewhat dry. Then dab the brush in an up and down movement along the edges of the butterfly stencil. Fill in the center of the butterflies and let the paint dry. This easy homemade spring wedding favor is fun to make and your guests will enjoy your use of the butterflies. Butterfly Bush A cheap and easy homemade wedding favor that is perfect for a spring wedding, a butterfly bush. You can purchase live plants or you can make your guests with seeds in a pot. Either way you decorate the pot accordingly. For these homemade spring wedding favor craft use a terracotta pot of green paint markings, a hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, feathers and fake butterflies. Starting with the green marker to draw lines through the center of the pot, starting from the bottom, this is an easy way to grass to symbolize. Use the hot glue gun to butterflies and moths that attach to the rim of the pot. For this spring wedding favor you can use the seeds in the pot or transplant of the butterfly bush. Alternatively, instructions for care at these homemade spring wedding favor.Butterflies are harbingers of spring and they are a beautiful sight to see. They make a great theme for a spring wedding, butterflies and a wonderful addition to homemade wedding favors, homemade wedding favors is that you try for the spring wedding.
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