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high style at california gift show : kitchenware: a 20-quart ice cream freezer, a lasagna pan and a pressure cooker are some of the more noteworthy items .

by:Boom Home     2020-03-24
Cooking showroom in Los AngelesA.
Mart welcomes buyers with new kitchens and tables
Top Products at 110 California Gift Show recently.
As for showing something really new and different, the representative of the manufacturer does not show anything unusual like Japanese bread
The machine introduced two years ago.
However, many of the items on display offer functionality and high style and are mixed with durability.
Here are some interesting examples of kitchenware to note. (
The article for next week will feature a table-Top accessories. )A 20-
Quart ice cream freezer is expected to be an interesting solution in a warm environment
Please make your own ice cream fan\'s weather party time.
Leo Neeleman, vice president of kitchen concepts, introduced monster ice
Cream maker and its normal smaller version.
Built by one of the first companies to build wooden bath freezers, this is a huge Manual
White Mountain cold cabinet company with crank model.
Carrying the old nostalgia
The vintage appeal, but with its bright water duck bath color and electrical mode features, shows a modern approach.
Known for its patented three-action ice cream freezer
Since 1853, about when the first ice cream makers invented it, Baishan gear drive has been building high-quality wooden basin freezers.
Caroline dinetti of the kitchen concept says the perfect lasagna is finally here and she launches the lasagna designed by the new chef (
$55 cooking rack, $50 cooking rack).
Made by Wisconsin aluminum foundry
The professional weight black pan is made of hand-cast aluminum with a wide lip on each end as a handle.
What makes it perfect?
Pot size, 12x10 inch, three
Inches deep, very deep, to avoid the overflow of those common lasagna, and large enough to save trimming long and wide pasta.
The solid baking tray is also non-
Easy to clean Rod surfaceup.
Join the resurrected pressure cooker Arena is an efficient pressure cooker from the American bra company
Also represented by the concept of kitchen.
This stylish 18/10 grade stainless steel cooker is made in Spain with triple heating
Layer diffusion base and security features that prevent handling errors.
Carlo Gianni\'s upscale new barbecue tool set ($80)
Presented by Tom Blake, representing Italian kitchen tools.
The fine tool set is packed in a long suitcase consisting of forks, spatula and pliers.
A long barbecue brush costs $25.
Blake also recommended Rialto Infuser by Italian designer sampinelli, introduced by Carlo Giannini last year.
A French press or blister made of stainless steel and boron silicon glass is not only effective for coffee, but also for herbal brewing and tea.
Other interesting works from the new coffee demitasse collection in Giannini ($35)
With heat preservation, keep that espresso hot and beautifully designed stainless steel Rialto teapot ($90).
Los Angeles cookware experts offer a range of attractive 18/8-
Advanced stainless steel kitchenware from Sitlax Limited
Displayed by showroom owner Darrel Stone
The polished Sitlax steel group includes a gas tight tank Group, a spoon leak Group, a cocktail tank, a champagne barrel, a vase, an oil tanker, a tray and a charging board.
On behalf of Alessi, Niel Sheffield, vice president, marketing, Gallant
Friedman showroom brings some bold springto-
Summer products from Italian companies, add them to their highly successful collection of home accessories for architectural design.
Starck juicer is a future gadget ($75)
This requires a little thought to identify.
A single juicer similar to a space-
The age Knight standing on three long legs is a product of France post.
Modern architect Philip Stark
The gallows are made of polished aluminum, shaped like twisted cones, so that when the citrus is squeezed to the top of the circle, the juice flows along the spiral stripe and flows into the glass under the juicer.
Sheffield said: \"It really works, and I tested one orange after another to prove that the juice really flows directly into the glass.
\"Another dramatic design of the same architect is the overall Philip Stark kettle ($125). A one-
The aluminum teapot consists of a large cone structure
There is a finer slate blue cone on the top as a handle and spout.
Would you like to buy a scoop for $300?
No, it\'s not silver. or gold-
Plated or copper
But this does not prevent buyers from choosing the product.
The Starck colander of Alessi is made of carefully crafted stainless steel, but elegant on three shiny brass feet.
The holes of different sizes have unique patterns that make this Scoop unique.
It is an upscale item that deserves to be treated as a decorative fruit bowl or a rare plant stand.
In another cooking showroom, Marjory Duncan has high hopes for the cold --n-
Buy nylon picnic bags from Go Lightly manufacturing($19.
A small snack bag is between $95 and $56.
A gourmet bag 95).
These food and beverage picnic bags are strong, comfortable to carry and light in weight.
Another climax is that each comes with a simple
Enclosed compartment with reusable chill-
Package, can be taken out and frozen until ready for use.
Frozen packaging keeps the beverage cold for 7 hours.
For quantity orders, bags can also be customized for printing with your company logo or event.
Another project is cold. n-It (from $13. 95)A light table
Keep champagne cool at the table for up to two hours with the highest cooler.
Duncan also recommended a new BBQ or Chef Apron made of machines --
Washable leather.
Like the original mitt product, aprons are made from American leather products ($78. 95)
Designed by Sandra Asbel.
Duncan said she got a good response from the buyer, most of whom ordered black aprons.
Other colors are rust, mink and gray.
According to Darrel Stone, a cooker expert, a product is well received by buyers, that is, Halves Inc.
Preservation of wine ($39. 95).
It replaces oxygen, the enemy of open wine, which releases flavor and aroma in unconsumed bottles.
Wine preservation is a simple ink cartridge system for spraying nitrogen onto the surface of the wine. Non-
Toxic and tasteless, nitrogen protective blanket can prevent wine from spoiling within 30 days of application.
A nitrogen gas cylinder will handle about 20 bottles of wine including port and snow wine.
In addition to preserving wine, the system can be effectively used for specialty oils and vinegar, exotic teas and coffee.
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