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Here are the best electric toothbrushes to try right now, according to reviews

by:Boom Home     2020-02-24
As long as we go to the dentist, they keep telling us to brush our teeth --and do it well.
Experts from the American Dental Association recommend brushing teeth at least twice a day to prevent tooth decay.
While this seems to be common sense, we are surprised to find that ignoring your teeth can cause more serious problems.
A study published in the Journal of Cancer Prevention Research found that poor oral health can increase your chances of contracting oral human HPV, which may lead to the occurrence of certain oral cancers
If you have been thinking about changing an electric toothbrush to scrub for you, we suggest you change oneof-the-
Philips Sonicare\'s Line Brush (pictured below).
Sonic electric toothbrush essence ($24.
99, originally $49. 95; amazon. com)is a No. 1 best-
Sales model on Amazon.
More than 5,000 positive evaluations give this model a 4. 4-
Star rating, you can be sure that this toothbrush has been tested to make sure it is a highHigh quality products.
What\'s special about this toothbrush?
First, Philips Sonicare sold this model to be able to remove plaque that is twice as high as a manual toothbrush.
This brush has patented sonic technology designed to clean between teeth and the gum line, and will undoubtedly give you a fresh, clean feel.
To help you judge if you have brushed it long enough, there are twominute timer.
As a replacement for Philips Sonicare, we also focus on the mouth
B white Pro 1000 ($49.
It was originally $65. 99; amazon. com)
The price is quite the same. Also a best-
There are 4 sellers on Amazon. 4 out of 5-
White Pro 1000 is another good option for those who want to improve oral hygiene games.
According to the Oral-B CrossAction pro-
B. This toothbrush can \"remove 300% of the plaque on the gum line\" than the ordinary manual toothbrush \".
\"Another great thing about this model is that people who want more floss action, tooth sensitivity, etc can use a variety of replaceable toothbrush heads.
For example, these oral
B replacement of toothbrush head with Cross action ($21. 49; amazon. com)
There are tilted bristles designed to fall between teeth and hundreds of reviews on Amazon and a 4. 7 out of 5-star ranking.
Note: The above price reflects the price tag at the time of the retailer\'s announcement.
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