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Let it go.
This is what Huang Jinhua, general manager of Wintech metal processing Sdn Bhd, learned to do as an entrepreneur on the road.
Wong, 44, has been a manager at a sheet metal factory for about five years when he decided to start his own business.
However, he did not know what to make.
Retreat to his best understanding of the Imperial Investment Company was established in 2000, with the capital RM200, 000-as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
For companies that need metal frames as part of the end
The product ranges from air compressors and switch boards to conveyor belt systems and stainless steel gates.
\"We have to be cautious because of the tight funding and we won\'t be able to borrow additional liquidity from the bank because we don\'t have a record yet,\" he told Metrobiz . \".
His company, which invests in two second-hand printing machines, started operations at a 2,000-square-foot rental shoe Farm in Anbang, Kuala Lumpur with 10 employees.
As customers become more and more familiar with the quality of his products, more orders have emerged.
\"It\'s hard to find skilled workers, so we started investing in more machines-this time with bank loans.
Some Japanese customers checked our factory and knew that we used high-precision machines and were able to do fine cutting, which gave us more work . \"
A bigger project they handle is to manufacture protective housing agencies for more than one million air-conditioning units in the UK.
The shell was manufactured in the factory here and exported to the UK.
On 2007, Wang Jiawei received a request from Russian customers to make metal cabinets.
They provided him with specifications and asked for hundreds of cabinets to be put into three containers to run into Russia every month.
Until 2009, orders stopped when the global financial crisis broke out.
This is a dangerous period for the company because Huang\'s investment in raw materials and equipment is dormant and bank loans still need to be paid.
\"This is what I have been worried about.
This is a competitive environment where we rely on customer orders and do not have our own product line.
We have to change, \"he said.
In the same year, Huang decided to re-develop the metal cabinets he had been working on and started his own product line.
He felt there was potential for durable metal cabinets.
His team then showed the cabinets at the international trade show, and in early 2010 the company began exporting to Libya, Nigeria, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore.
Due to an increase in orders from existing customers, as well as recommended new customers, they export about 3,500 cabinets per month on average in 10 containers.
Today, the company
The acre factory in Selangor Banting has 150 workers, including sales staff, engineers and factory operators. To-
To date, the company has invested 20mil in mechanical equipment.
According to Wong, this investment is crucial because these machines not only reduce their dependence on foreign workers, but also allow them to perform very precise cutting and other manufacturing activities.
\"Transportation costs are high and we don\'t want to export \'Malaysia Airlines\',\" he joked \'. \".
The metal cabinet of the company is pre-
Fab, manufacture shipping in the most efficient way possible.
When their overseas customers receive the container, they are able to quickly assemble the container and send it to the terminalusers.
With the increase of production capacity, Huang Guangyu also began to pay attention to the local market.
\"We know that the cabinets are of good quality and our foreign importers like it, so why do Malaysians not have the same product as well? ” he asked.
Cabinets are designed in over 100 ways and are sold by select dealers.
The company also does projects-
Based on the design, the value ranges from RM500, 000 to rm1.
5mil, sold to customers in their residential and commercial development through construction companies.
Some of their projects include providing customized fires
Anti-cabinet for data storage of oil and gas industry companies.
Looking back on his 15 years in the industry, Mr Wong said that survival in a competitive market was to balance prices, quality and services to meet the needs of customers.
\"If you can satisfy the three well, the customer has no choice but to give you the order,\" he said warmly . \".
This may sound like a traditional point of view, but there are also times when your point of view has to be different from that of a competitor.
For example, manufacturers often do not like to keep extra inventory, especially with the emergence of Toyota\'s \"timely\" concept.
Whether it\'s cash or space, it\'s similar to binding capital.
But Mr Huang is not opposed to doing so.
\"We have a lot of finished products in our warehouse.
\"We often have customers who want these products in a short time,\" he said . \".
Huang is proud of the company\'s development.
In large projects, he said, there were cases where they were asked to apply to commercial banks for a performance bond to ensure they delivered the project on time. “To-
\"Dating, we didn\'t fail,\" he concluded confidently . \".
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