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Give Outdoor Furniture a Paint Zoom Makeover

by:Boom Home     2020-06-30
Are you like most people I know that like to entertain in our outdoor space whenever we have the opportunity? Keeping the garden furniture in good condition often falls down on the list of my priorities because of time constraints, if this sounds familiar this article may be of interest I was chatting to a friend the other day about that very subject, we started to add up the cost of everything we had bought over the past couple of years, it was an eye opener. When you think about it, the cost of tables, chairs & extra benches or seating areas that you have strategically placed in a favorite spot. In the shade or overlooking a particular view, all benefit from a touch of tlc. You wouldn't leave the inside of your house for months without giving it a clean or a lick of paint would you? Well you may want to ask yourself why should your garden furniture be any different. Here are a few tips Cleaning If you do nothing else a regular clean is important. When you bought it, whatever the material, any item should have had some cleaning instructions attached. Care is of course needed, you don't want to go hosing gallons of water over your metal or wicker items, but a good vacuum or dusting can work wonders. Repair & Painting Metal With general wear & tear, you will often find your metal furniture, bolts, screws & other fixings come loose. Keep then tightened, lubricated with appropriate oils & greases & change when necessary. There are many paints available that are suitable for metal & giving them the once over with a paint sprayer will give them a new lease of life, & you won't need to take a holiday to do it. Wood Most wooden items will need an annual treatment, depending upon the type of wood, you may want to varnish, stain or paint it. You could spend your precious time with your brush, lovingly painting every strut & leg in sight. My favored alternative has been to fill up my Paint Zoom & in no time at all I can stand back & admire my handiwork. Before you start any painting job, preparation is time well spent. Whether you are working with wood or metal, a gentle rub over with sandpaper will ensure you have the best possible surface to work on. You may also want to consider using stains or other treatments that act as preservatives & minimize the effects of the weather.
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