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Gardening In The Winter

by:Boom Home     2020-07-02
When winter comes around the common thought is that you can leave your garden alone until spring but this is not the case. Winter is the time for change in your garden and it is up to you to input any dramatic changes that you may have planned. Any problems that you have in your garden can be solved during the winter so when it comes to the summer you can finally enjoy the garden. During the winter many plants are lying dormant and half dead so it is your opportunity to restructure your garden. Many gardeners consider structure to be one of the most important things about the garden as it is the base of the garden and everything is based around this. So during the winter it is a good time for you to lay a new path or put down some decking as the garden will have time to recover whilst winter carries on. When you are doing this however you should make sure that the ground is not frozen because if you begin digging it up whilst it is frozen then it will take much longer to recover and it can leave you with many problems. At this time you should monitor the health of your grass to make sure that it is healthy so that it can continue to grow during the coming summer after. Many people only use lawn care products during the summer but if you use them during the winter then you will definitely have a healthy lawn. But you should try digging a small trench in part of your grass so that you can look at what is going o underneath the surface. When you have done this you need to check for moss, weeds and dying parts of your grass. One you have done this you need to take action. You can do this by continuously weeding your grass and mowing it throughout the winter so that it can continue to maintain its health and then when winter finishes you will have a nice bright lawn. In addition to the lawn care products mentioned above you should make sure you are feeding your grass throughout the winter because a lack of food can kill your grass which obviously is not a good thing. The paths and patios in your garden should also be focused on during the winter so you can take them back to their beautiful state that they had when they were first installed. As summer went by it was likely that your paths accumulated a few weeds, some moss and a lot of dirt and winter is the time to fix this. You should get a good heavy duty brush so you can thoroughly brush your path. This is only the start because you should then clear the gaps between slabs to make sure there is no moss bringing up your slabs and then you should make sure the whole path is still level. Once you have done this you then need to pressure wash your path. This is a tiresome job but once you have started you will not want to stop because you will notice how good it can make your path look. You can also pressure wash and statues that you have so they look restored. When it comes to the wooden parts in your garden you need to make sure that the wood has not deteriorated from the rain and woodlice. You may need to replace some of the wood and then after this you will have to paint the wood again and this will also protect your wood for the winter as well. These are just some of the things that you can do in your own garden during the winter and it is extremely important to make sure that you do this for the sake of your garden. When it is done you can then enjoy the winter and look forward to fun with your family in the summer which is the way it is meant to be.
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