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furnace tuneup cuts bills

by:Boom Home     2020-03-20
Q: My income is fixed. my heating cost was very high last year.
Can I adjust my old gas stove myself to make it run more efficiently?
A: Even if you don\'t have a limited budget, it\'s a good idea to make a simple stove adjustment every year.
It can not only reduce your heating costs, but also extend the life of your stove.
Saving $100 a year is not unreasonable for your adjustment.
If you have central air conditioning
Air conditioning, it usually uses the same blower and air handling unit as your stove, so the adjustment also helps to reduce the cost of cooling.
First, turn off all the power to the stove.
There are usually circuit breakers dedicated to heating units.
You should be able to hear 24-
The voltage transformer that supplies the thermostat and controller stops buzzing when the power of the furnace is off.
Look for any gas leakage on the accessories.
Put a few drops of soapy water (
Use liquid gel)
On all gas line fittings.
Even small leaks start to form bubbles in the soap water.
If you have not replaced the stove filter in the last two months, please replace it and continue to do so within two monthsOne month apart
It still filters well when the stove filter gets dirty and is actually better, but it creates too much airflow resistance.
Efficiency is affected if the airflow is reduced too much.
The blower part is the main area you can clean.
There is usually a cover on the side of the stove that can enter the blower motor.
Use the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to remove all dust on the internal surface and on the squirrel cage blower.
If there is an oil Cup on the bearing of the blower motor, just spray one or two drops of oil.
If there is a belt drive, check the tension on the belt.
Under proper tension, the center of the belt should be bent about half an inch.
Tighten or loosen the motor by adjusting its position.
Replace the cover on the side of the stove and tighten the screws firmly.
It is important that the lid fit closely so that it does not breathe in the air.
You want to breathe in all the air from the return pipe.
Check if the air inlet of the furnace port is open.
It should be clean with no soot.
Ash deposits indicate incomplete drafting of combustion and/or post.
Every two years, the safety and savings of gas or propane furnaces shall be checked by qualified technicians.
The technician\'s equipment can detect existing and potential problems that you can\'t find. Write for (
Or download the update announcement number immediately. 959, a do-it-
55-adjustment guide for your own gas stove
Gas stove fault-
Take a picture of the guide and stove size.
Please include $3 and a business. sized self-
Address seal of envelope and mail to James in Dooley Los Angeles Times Ohio Cincinnati Royal green Avenue 6906, 45244.
The attic vents should remain open in the winter. Q: I installed extra loft vents last summer to help reduce air quality
Adjust fees.
Should I cover them too, since the hot weather has passed, to reduce my heating costs?
A: You should have A year of attic ventilation.
Round so do not cover the vent.
If you have enough loft insulation, a cool loft will not result in a significant increase in your heating costs.
In winter, attic ventilation is required to remove moisture from the indoor migration.
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