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\'Foxy Knoxy\': Sex, violence and media hysteria

by:Boom Home     2020-03-04
Editor\'s note: Sarah Stillman, visiting scholar at Arthur L, New York University
The Carter School of Journalism won their first report Award.
She recently published the invisible army in the New Yorker.
Look at her website.
Sarah Stillman-what\'s special about cnn is that beautiful white girls, bloody knives and the slightest amount of sex make the international news machine buzz like anything else.
The three factors erupted Monday in a crowded appeals court in Perugia, Italy.
There, in front of hundreds of journalists and other audiences, 24-year-old American college student Amanda Knox was cleared to murder her research --
My roommate abroad, Meredith Kercher.
Crime Motive four years ago
The rights to feature films for Knox\'s story are already on the rise, and book publishers are salivating.
Until recently, the general explanation of the guilt of the \"cunning keloxi\" was surreal.
Italian prosecutors say there was a big problem with a rough sex game that night on 2007.
The young American student, her boyfriend and a local immigrant man are behind this unusual ordeal.
Tabloids and well-known newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic have similar reports.
Ended in the bloody death of Kercher. This orgy-
The lawyers in the Italian court talked about the central narrative, like \"She-
Devil and witch.
\"But is there anything true?
The prosecutor, based on a set of increasingly unstable confessions and problematic forensic evidence, imprisoned Knox four years later,for-late-
The night version of the crime this week was finally killed.
Knox, who is now officially released, will return to Seattle.
All of this makes the media a little embarrassed to ask: the mainstream theory about Knox\'s guilt is mainly slate.
Com\'s Katie Crouch argued last month over our collective desire for a quirky story?
It turns out that there is indeed some historical significance behind this assumption.
Since the advent of Penny publishing about two centuries ago, American journalists have done some of their most astute business in selling the story of unlikely female offenders --
The weaker, the better the mirror.
With a decade in a row, the \"girl killer\" type of real crime reporting is getting closer to d-
List porn: a sloppy mix
Number of stock characters (
Lesbian, lesbianslasher, etc. )
Over Easy-
The climax of the rush, or, on the contrary, to the long, drawn-
Even the most focused peeps test their stamina.
To put it simply, there are four women in the history of the United States whose murder and assault trials, like Knox\'s, have become tools to satisfy our most basic collective desires, and sometimes, the whole industry is spawning in its own hands, often reflecting a greater cultural struggle. 1.
Alice Mitchell: on January 25, 1892, a young Memphis teenager named Alice Mitchell allegedly attacked her former \"girl lover\", Radar ward, with a knife, cutting her throat. Her motivation?
According to fanatical news reports that started locally but soon spread across the country, abnormal love diseases.
It turned out that American readers were fascinated by the prospect of female sexual metamorphosis at the turn of the century, when young women entered public life collectively as workers for the first time, and consumers and sexual agents increasingly changed the rules of traditional gender roles.
The trial triggered the production of hundreds of sensational articles about the couple (
\"Girls kill girls \"! )
, Medical research on Ward\'s crazy controversial topic, a series of other cultural products detailed in ballad and Lisa dugen\'s brilliant Savo slander: sex, violence and American modernity.
In the end, Mitchell was convicted, and she was subsequently treated for mental illness, which the judge described as \"the most brutal and vicious crime committed by women \". ”2.
Only one year later, 40 black girls in the United States were drawn to a more sensational trial: young woman from Fall River, Massachusetts, Liz Boden is accused of killing her father and stepmother with an axe.
Borden\'s case has also sparked a veritable industry of comment, with hundreds of journalists covering every twist in the trial and dozens of books on Borden\'s surprising acquittal.
Similarly, post-trial speculation about Bolden\'s sexual identity is common (
Is she dating Nancy, the heroine of the silent movie? ! )
And her sanity.
More than a century later, Boden is skipping nursery rhymes in children (
\"Lizzie Boden took an axe and gave her mother forty lashes . . . . . . \")
, Academic papers, Awards-
Award-winning documentary theme bedand-
Breakfast and a well
Look back at the punk rock musical \"Lizzie Boden: musical tragedy in two axes\".
HBO recently announced the development of a mini TV.
A series of murders starring Hollywood it
The girl, Chloe Sevigny, apparently thinks Borden is an \"anti-cultural idol \". ”3.
Patti Hearst: the kind girl is fully armed, how Patti Hearst crosses the line from a perfect girl --
The victim of an unforgivable girlperpetrator?
Around nine o\'clock P. M. on February 4, 1974, 19-year-
The old heiress of the Hearst family\'s publishing fortune was kidnapped at an apartment in Berkeley, California, where she sat in a blue bathrobe and her fiancé.
After ten weeks in captivity in the hands of the militant Symbionese People\'s Liberation Army (SLA)
Hearst was photographed participating in an armed robbery at a bank in San Francisco;
In an amazing transformation, she seems to be a self
Declared \"city guerrilla.
Followed by a sensational court drama, which many see as a \"trial of the century,\" in which Hurst was convicted of bank robbery, despite being brainwashed and suffered by the SPLA
Her case helped to popularize the psychological theory of \"Stockholm syndrome\" and sparked a national debate about its legitimacy as a legal defense.
In Patti\'s \"take a gun\": Patricia Hearst of the United States in 1970, William Granner, the biographer of Hearst, believes that the case was brought, because it provides a convenient symbol for the audience to show what many Americans, especially the right wing, are most worried about the anti-mainstream culture of 1970s:F]
The emotions of feminism are out of control, armed and sexy;
Pathology of left-wing politics;
The arrogance of rich elites;
Doting on criminals and so on. 4.
Kathy Anthony: \"Toth Mohm\" is the latest contender in the women\'s fat category of the century, and Kathy Anthony is still very fresh in American consciousness.
Last summer, the young single mother from Florida was accused of killing two of her children. year-
Old daughter, Kelly.
When Anthony was acquitted at the beginning of July, many authorities saw clearly that they were convinced that an evil \"mother tote\" had escaped the punishment she deserved, and that the cable news star, Nancy ·
Anthony lost his temper with the virus.
But Anthony\'s legend, and all the attention it has caused, has also triggered a backlash.
Trend: outspoken and often eloquent criticism of the 24/7 news cycle, which makes the story of young white female victims and perpetrators a profitable cause, while ignoring countless other cases of equal moral importance
For example, for non-white, non-poster-
Population of Children).
So maybe there\'s no last word for kink.
Knox was acquitted in the Italian court of appeal, at least for the time being, which marks the failure of a vivid narrative of a privileged liar --
Be prepared to \"let\'s imagine ifs\" in a solid fact \".
It may even foreshadow that in good accountability
Public cases like her
What\'s even more surprising is the recent Troy Davis case.
It is now more vulnerable than ever to global intervention, not just lawyers and mainstream journalists, but more and more bloggers, social media users, and all citizen journalists are aware that, justice is not always in line with the best stories.
The point expressed in this article is only Sarah Stillman\'s point of view.
The justice system in Italy is very loose. . . .
They like Americans very much. In fact, they like everyone. . . . .
That\'s why we tried to follow the Italian example. . . .
They think the reason why AK and her Italian boyfriend are involved must be deeper.
In addition, there were six judges in the case. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
These six people may have been under the spell of the prosecutor? dont think so. . .
It is surprising how the poster \"edits\" the first sentence, does not understand or is unwilling to solve the actual problem: \"beautiful white girls have something ,. . .
\"In a white privileged backpack, there are a few special shots that prevent any media recognition, evaluation and obsession with crime and\" beautiful \"white women.
Unlike Iran, it has nothing to do with religion (
So no comparison, please).
Stick to the story at hand.
The Italian prosecutor and the trial judge are unforgivable for what the poor girl has done.
I hope they will be punished to some extent.
I can\'t imagine what it would be like to have my child imprisoned for four years and falsely accused as a murderer.
She should go on a holiday in a place where she will not be recognized and pestered by the media, such as Phuket, Thailand.
I hope she can recover quickly from this unwanted trauma.
This is a typical case where police, DA and paparazzi have all gone bad and they have managed to manipulate a court case to meet their agenda.
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Mod = viewthread & tid = 409663 this is the Burberry socket that Isabel Maran sneakers forced Burberry to export bags, magic and even death, and want to go with it!
Nine ancient gods, purple magic grab!
Chapter 1119 silently checks the explosion, Zhong Yi we broke out magic and madness on the ancient tower Spider and did not have the first four. Samsung burst into a strong fusion, which is the existence of nearly nine ancient magic!
At this moment, in fact, Taga has lost to Green cream, Burberry\'s direct selling store, GHD, without any qualification to get green cream meat, waiting for Burberry\'s direct selling store, only in
However, Taga was unable to reconcile, so that Burberry\'s direct sales shop sold even to death, and died together in front of Wang Lin!
Even if it is dead, it must be played out from the ancient devils. These gods are the strongest!
In order to interfere with Tagar, Wang Lin can kill Fu with Xeon power before its outbreak.
But neither in his sermon nor in ancient families did Burberry Outlet sell online, Christian Louboutin Outlet, to come to the ancient tower with enough time, show everyone that even the direct sales of Burberry have been excited and looking forward to the magic!
The roar echoed in Tagar, and Burberry\'s direct selling body was once again dignified. in a twinkling of an eye, it became a huge human being, but there were almost no two physical essence, full of dark feelings.
The body, the head of the magic corner, plus the red eyes, the ancient tower, all night a terrible smell, a little shocking the world. Ziqi!
The tagar roar of the whole body immediately changed color in the dark magic gas, and half of it turned purple in a twinkling of an eye. inside and outside surrounded the body, with tagar\'s hands up, before the ten fingers crossed to form a diamond pattern, burberry outlet\'s online sales of purple all over the body suddenly popped out, and the diamond pattern fell straight in the sales process of Burberry stores.
In a twinkling of an eye, a purple diamond in his hand suddenly flashed out! Magic robbed!
Tagar roared, immediately swirling above his eyebrows, flying out of its interior into a withered shape, suddenly making the Diamond Light deformed! Go die!
Tagar leaned forward, Zhou Yangjie sold it, pushed his hands to Wang Lin, and Burberry\'s direct sales shop went online. suddenly, purple diamonds would fly with lightning immediately,
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\"At 22: 31, Jordan Airlines sent a faint cry for help in the steep small gap in the most favorable pan Longdong.
The search and rescue students quickly gathered in the steep cliff gap and only heard a faint cry for help. Oakley did not see Sally\'s figure. at that time, the students were scared and worried. Karen Millen
\"119 Street\", sanoutlet store!
23: 04 Jingtai fire squadron immediately dispatched 12 fire fighters and 2 rescue vehicles to the scene after receiving the alarm. First of all, louboutin pas cher was involved in the rescue.
At 0: 40 on April 4, the Hollister fire brigade in Paris arrived at the scene of the accident, and the commander louboutin immediately carried out-
On-site investigation found about 150 deep valley.
At this time, the temperature has dropped to about 0 °c. in order to ensure that the trapped students have enough physical strength, the firefighters from the top of the Valley hang in the water and food with ropes, supplement Nutrition for trapped people.
Subsequently, the commander ordered firefighters to wear personal protective equipment and rescue equipment and rush to the location of the trapped personnel.
Through narrow trails, Hollister, caves, reach the location of the trapped Hollister in 20 minutes, rescuers and highly skilled people.
Unable to move trapped, scarapé Hogan exit, rescuers will be stuck on a stretcher, rescuers pull on a rope stretcher at the top of the valley, at the same time, many people take a step on the cliff --by-
Hollister\'s online store carefully carried a stretcher.
50 minutes later, the trapped man Hollister was rescued by a bundled fixed stretcher and rushed to the hospital for treatment.
On April 5, the reporter learned from Jingtai County People\'s Hospital that the injured mulberry was in stable condition and was recovering.
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At present, the nest shocked by Bee siege is a new frustration for addicts bar hogan outletThere. Last night there was pain relief across Leeds, and even in Islamabad there was anger after Thursday\'s UEFA semi-final
The last 2nd calves between Brian O\'Leary and Galatasaray need to compete for Elland Street without watching enthusiasts.
After Western world Yorkshire law enforcement officials said they could not guarantee the safety associated with tourists in Galatasaray, all Turkish sports federations demanded that the game be transferred to some place with insufficient pronunciation.
In these short periods of time, it is obviously impossible, even in the case of Uefa getting the preferred outlet Hogan, it will not eliminate the relationship with the admirers, because of the death of a pair of Leeds admirers Hogan, Kevin spoport, and Captain Christopher Lofters, the earliest low-
After a while, Nike ran salg freely.
There will be a minute of silence, and even the two groups may slip away in the dark
Colorful armbands, usually the earliest entertainment will not pass.
But a Uefa statement also stressed that the organized form of galatasaré would not undertake any task for the murders that took place in skappe Hogan outlets, Islamabad,
Leeds, an important Turkish government minister offender, tried to use any killings as a way to promote the remaining cannabis to UEFA, adding that the UK basically does not have the ability to host a typical 2009 online
\"They are looking to change specific kills within the margin of advantage to match successfully,\" explained the conversation about Minister Fikret Unlu, who is using sporting events hogan
Deputy to Galatasaray.
Chairman Mehmet Cansun realized that his/her company will now be in their 2-
0 lead, reported a \"disgusting \".
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