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estee lauder professional brushes

by:Boom Home     2020-03-25
Estee Lauder has just launched a series of new professional makeup brushes, including nine special makeup brushes of high quality.
Good brushes are things that people often ignore when making up, but when you use them, you really notice the difference in the effect of your makeup.
These brushes are made with the highest level of hair selection to ensure a seamless application of makeup.
They all have Navy wooden handles with golden details.
Each of the nine brushes has a separate purpose.
The powder brush is designed for the full surface application of the powder, such as Flash, hot stamping and loose powder.
The powder foundation brush is specially designed for full surface application of pressing or loose powder foundation.
It looks more polished than a powder brush and covers a wider range.
Foundation brushes are one of my favorite collections.
It has a flat and soft head that can easily deposit liquid or cream-based foundation on the skin.
The brush has a tapered edge that blends the foundation seamlessly and provides a very smooth surface.
The cover brush is also gorgeous, with the shape targeted at smaller areas such as the side of the eyes and nose.
This blush brush is perfect for applying color to cheeks and depositing cosmetics evenly and neatly.
There are three eye brushes, a contour shadow brush for all applications, a mixed shadow brush for softening the appearance of the eye, and eyeliner/eyebrow for applying eyebrow powder and eyeliner cream or gel
Finally, there is a lip brush to apply lipstick on the lips
Give great control and shape.
Estee Lauder\'s professional brush collection can be bought at Estee Lauder\'s national counter.
Powder Brush 35 euros.
50 foundation brush 32 euros.
50 foundation brush 32 euros.
Brush 24 euros 50 cover conce.
50 blush brush 32 euros.
50 profile Shadow Brush 27 euros.
50 mixed shadow brush 27 euro.
50 eyeliner/eyebrow brush 24 euros. 50 lip brush for 24 euros.
50 makeup brush cleaners for 16 euros.
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