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Electric toothbrushes… and 9 other things that you think are good for your teeth but aren’t

by:Boom Home     2020-02-25
You may be proud of your care for your teeth.
However, an expert warned that many of us unknowingly use our daily habits that we think are beneficial but actually harmful to destroy our gnashers.
Dr. Tariq Idrees, dentist and owner of the Carisbrook Dental Clinic in Manchester, said that if electric toothbrushes are not used properly, they are \"useless\", whitening toothpaste is \"rough\" and dental floss
Here, he reveals ten things that you think are good for your teeth-not butarun. 1.
This may sound strange, but they can be useless if you don\'t use an electric toothbrush properly.
With most electric toothbrushes, all you need to do is touch your teeth with bristles.
If you push too hard, the effect is not good.
Bring your electric toothbrush and ask your dental practitioner for a presentation. 2.
Whitening toothpaste like bicarbonate or whitening toothpaste will wear your teeth and cause sensitivity.
They may also dim your teeth when enamel wear and internal Amber
Colored teeth become visible. 3.
After brushing our teeth, rinse with water too fast. we all clean our teeth with water, but after brushing our teeth too quickly, we rinse out a large amount of fluoride with water, which reduces the effectiveness of toothpaste.
If you feel you need to wash your mouth after brushing your teeth, use non-alcoholic mouthwashBased on mouthwash.
You should not eat or drink for at least half an hour after brushing your teeth. 4.
If you brush your teeth too hard, you will grind the sides of your teeth and leave V-
Shape defects near the edge of the gums.
Also, don\'t always start brushing your teeth in the same place. Mix-
Improve your brushing skills so that all areas are fully covered.
You should brush with circular motion instead of from one side to the other. 5.
Mouthwash alcohol
Mouthwash based can be harsh and long term
The use of the term is related to the development of oral cancer.
Excessive use-three times a day-poses a risk to health, the study found.
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The wrong technique of cleaning with dental floss, such as sawing, can cause damage and depression to the gums.
You should slide your floss gently. and-
Between your teeth. 7.
Brush your teeth at the wrong time and too much time, don\'t brush your teeth directly after eating citrus fruit or drinking.
The enamel is softened by acid, and brushing your teeth directly after brushing your teeth will wear your teeth.
On the contrary, waiting for 30 minutes, the acid will be neutralised, and even fluoride mouthwash can be used to help with the acid. 8.
Overall toothpaste is becoming more and more popular, but unfortunately they often lack a scientific basis.
I would not recommend toothpaste if it does not contain fluorine.
There is no doubt that fluoride has been shown to prevent tooth decay.
Whole toothpaste without fluorine may help prevent gum disease but will not lead to tooth decay. 9.
A hard toothbrush can cause excessive wear and decay of the gums. 10.
The survey showed that up to 43 patients had only 45 seconds to brush their teeth.
It\'s not long enough to give them a proper cleaning time.
You have to brush your teeth for at least two minutes.
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