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Electric toothbrush fails to sparkle

by:Boom Home     2020-03-16
Researchers said yesterday that most electric toothbrushes are no better than traditional toothbrushes in preventing tooth decay and gum disease.
The largest study of its kind found that only \"rotation-
The \"oscillation\" action is more effective than brushing your teeth manually.
Even so, the reduction in plaque and gum disease is \"moderate\", while the benefit is \"marginal\" in the long run \".
Professor Bill Shaw, Department of Orthodontics, University of Manchester Dental College, who led the study, said: \"People who like electric toothbrushes can rest assured that it is at least as effective as traditional brushing, there is no evidence that it can cause more damage to the body chewing gum.
\"This review is from the Cochrane Oral Health Group, an independent expert group that compiled the results of 29 clinical trials of electric toothbrushes, involving 2,500 people.
Colgate\'s old formula electric toothbrush is divided into five types according to the movements of the head.
These include the sideto-
Side Action, round action, ultrasonic vibration, \"Rotation-
Oscillation \", in which the round head rotates back and forth in a rapid burst, and in the\" counter-oscillation \", the bristle cluster inside the brush rotates in different directions at the same time.
\"The only thing better than brushing your teeth manually is spinning --
Professor Xiao said.
\"They removed about 7 percentage points of plaque, causing gum disease to be 17 percentage points less than a manual brush.
But these are short-term trials for months, so we can\'t say what the long-term benefits are.
\"Fluoride toothpaste also reduces the number of tooth decay by 24 percentage points.
Dr. Gordon Watkins, chair of the Health and Science Committee of the British Dental Association, said: \"What kind of toothbrush do you use is a matter of personal choice.
Some people feel more comfortable using a manual toothbrush.
Others are electric.
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