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Electric cars are a short circuit

by:Boom Home     2020-03-12
My editorial machine wisely suggests that every time I review an electric car, do not take up my third available space and explain why they will never meet a fraction of our personal traffic needs, I should summarize the facts into a separate column, and then I can refer to readers who want to know the truth. Here you go!
From recent events in the state of excitement in the United States, it is clear that the fact is not only irrelevant in the field of public and political discourse, they may even be harmful to any cause you are trying to promote.
But unlike lawyers, politicians, and bureaucrats, their existence often depends on ignoring the fact that I-
As an engineer and journalist
I am still very grateful to them.
So here are some facts to consider about electric cars.
Contrary to at least one thing in common --
If not popular
I don\'t hate electric cars.
They never did anything to me.
I often say that electric motors are a good way to power a car.
We know that electric cars were quiet, fast, simple and durable before Baker electric cars stopped production in 1914.
This is the issue of power supply, which has been the case since Baker Electric ran out of juice.
I don\'t even hate batteries. powered cars.
It\'s science that hates batteries. powered cars.
A friend of mine works on an electric car.
1. GM\'s first shot at modern batteriespowered car.
When he left the project, the parting gift he received from his colleagues was 75-foot-
Long extension lines that I find very interesting.
He also said from that experience that there are three types of scammers in the world: scammers, damn scammers and battery engineers.
Since the poor old Baker passed away, they have promised us \"battery break\" and we are not far on this road than that.
Of course, the progress we have seen in the oil sector is far from enough --fuelled cars.
At present, the best battery life-
Among the new Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles, the 383-kilometer power car is available even within the affordable range.
Although, as I said a few months ago when previewing that car, the scope of Winnipeg in February may not have been announced yet. . .
In addition to being quiet, if there is a modern diesel engine on the Bolt, there is nothing better than this.
It will be three times as much as it, you can fully \"charge\" in five minutes instead of 9 to 60 hours, delivery infrastructure that already exists from all over the world and doesn\'t need you (
Or maybe your landlord for most city residents)
To install multiple
The place you live in is a Level 2 charging station for thousand yuan.
\"Yes,\" shouted the fanatic electric car enthusiast, \"but diesel is fossil fuel! ” True.
But, depending on where you live in North America, there is a good chance that your electricity is very good because it is generated by burning things --
It\'s usually natural gas.
Burning fossil fuels to power electric vehicles is far less powerful than burning them directly to power cars.
That name would never tarnish my column, but the weird creature who managed to lose the election in the South but still got the presidency said he would bring the coal back.
So, good luck in this regard.
I can\'t deny that the tailpipe of an electric vehicle is zero emission.
But emissions have become a problem for almost the last century.
According to Environment Canada, cars and light vehicles
Our private transport fleet
Only 12% of greenhouse gas emissions.
As the old car is phased out, the new car is getting cleaner and cleaner, and this ratio may fall.
So even tomorrow morning, all the cars in our fleet are magically driven by the great power of Elon Musk\'s ambition, and the problem will still be here.
Electric vehicles (ho ho . . . )
Market share is hovering around ten per cent.
Let\'s assume the wildest dream of the battery.
In the next 10 years, the market share of electric car fans has increased tenfold.
This accounts for ten percent of new car sales.
But keep in mind that modern cars usually take 10 years or more.
Two of my VW diesel cars have gone far beyond that).
People don\'t throw away their perfect three at once. , four-, five-or even 10-year-
Old car for battery-
Electric cars, so it will take about 10 years for our entire fleet of cars to become batteries --powered.
Therefore, from now on, 20 years later, we will reduce the total contribution rate of our cars to greenhouse gas emissions by 1 out of 10. i. e. ,1. 2 per cent.
Start planning a parade!
All the cost of installing a charging infrastructure, not to mention the millions of dollars that taxpayers have --
The funded bribes are mainly for the rich to buy the third or fourth car parked next to Adelaide for 1 pound.
Our atmosphere has improved?
I have a grandson.
I want a cleaner atmosphere than anyone else.
Is this the best explosion? for-the-Can we get the money? Not even close. The low-
In areas such as concrete production, fruit hanging accounts for carbon dioxide emissions, according to some credible estimates.
So, how ridiculous it is to have water and electricity available for spare Quebec to buy electric toys for those rich for $8,600 and give them $2 at the same time.
A billion grant to build a concrete factory in Gaspe with zero demand for concrete?
Like I said politicians and facts
Even in the transportation sector, if we build the roundabout in every conceivable place with the taxpayer\'s billions of dollars, we will save more fuel and reduce pollution faster than electric vehicles.
At the same time, it saved thousands of lives and billions of dollars for hospitals and car repair costs.
So, the fact is, the battery
The impact of power vehicles on our atmosphere is actually right. issue.
There are other environmental factors to consider.
Where did the battery come from?
Today and for the foreseeable future, most car batteries are based on benign elements such as nickel and lithium.
Most of our nickel is still from the Sudbury area, where diesel mining is used
Power equipment.
It was shipped with diesel.
A power train to the west coast, loaded on the bunker. C-
The fuel tanker is then shipped back to China, where it is loaded back to diesel-
Power the train to the battery factory.
The battery returned to diesel after completion
The power train to China\'s east coast was loaded onto the bunker. C-
Tankers filled with fuel are shipped back to North America, where they are loaded onto diesel again
Power the train and ship it to the car assembly plant.
Nice, clean. Lithium?
Hello Galaxy Note 7. . .
In the past few decades, we have had a lot of good time with OPEC.
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Wait until they\'re from OLEC-
If there is a lithium exporter, the organization will currently be composed of Bolivia and China, with Russia applying to join. Oh, goody —
Let us place our future on the fortress of freedom and democracy.
The next environmental issue we have to deal with is, what do we do when the battery of the car is finished?
In bolts, for example, there are 450 kilograms of toxic sludge.
There are a lot of opinions about how long electric car batteries will last, but no one knows exactly because they are not long enough.
The most experienced company is Toyota.
They say that the battery is basically \"the life of the car\", which is another saying that \"the car is the same after the battery is completed.
But this is not the case because there are many examples of Prius getting new batteries.
Life and warranty seems to be 10-year/320,000-
Km area, also less than my VWs, cost thousands of dollars less for replacement.
So, for an old car, though for a young year, this is unlikely to be a viable option. wise but high-
Mileage apps like taxis may work.
This is not enough for a hybrid to do all the heavy work.
Pure electric, who knows?
We know that the life of the battery depends on how many charge cycles it goes through and at what temperature.
Pure battery-
This is how electric cars are set up, so they are not fully charged or fully discharged, because any extreme will greatly shorten the battery life.
Similarly, Chevrolet\'s Bolt electric vehicle provides a clue about life span, which has eightyear, 160,000-
Km warranty for battery.
It doesn\'t seem to be very long for me, mileage-
Especially wise, but that\'s all they have to do for you.
After that, you have to rely on yourself.
But the bigger problem for society is
What happens to all these toxic chemicals when the battery is finished?
We know how to recycle every mg of traditional cars, and probably someone will come up with solutions and facilities for the battery.
But we don\'t have them yet, and we certainly wouldn\'t need them if the electrical did become a big part of our fleet.
They will not; jus’ sayin’ . . .
Another topic that electric car fans don\'t seem to want to talk about --
Where does electricity come from?
Do you know how much oil our transport fleet consumes every day?
It must be in thousands of barrels.
However, I would like to remind you that it still accounts for only our greenhouse gas emissions.
Where do so many \"alternative\" electricity come from?
Nuclear energy is the cleanest option.
But how many new reactors will be built in your backyard after Three Mile Island, chernobeili and Fukushima?
And electricity is not good, so they have to be near the population center. B. C.
There are cheap water and electricity in Quebec and some other parts of North America.
How many-
The most likely aboriginal land will be flooded to build more land?
People driving Teslas today may have a house large enough and rich enough to install solar panels on the roof.
What about a large proportion of Canadians living in apartment buildings?
Where are their solar panels going?
There will never be enough windmills to make up for the difference.
Even if we do generate electricity, how do we bring it to people?
A few Christmas ago, we found out how powerful the distribution infrastructure is in Toronto;
A snowstorm closed the city for a week.
Let\'s plug in 500,000 cars every night to see what happens.
What happened, the city was burned.
In addition, as mentioned earlier, the business model of electric vehicles depends on the government bribing potential customers with your taxes.
In Ontario, it\'s $14,000, and I think it\'s the highest bribe in North America, mainly for the rich, who can afford to buy whatever car they want?
As mentioned above, the social benefits are about zero?
Why are there no riots on the streets?
Not to mention using these bribes to encourage the purchase of electric cars, and then have the highest electricity price anywhere?
It\'s better to reread Premier Wen Adam Smith.
Look, if you want to spend your own money on an electric car and pretend you\'re saving the planet, fill up your boots.
Again, if you want to spend your own money on a Porsche, pretend to drive on your way to work.
Just don\'t expect me to be happy with the government using my taxes to help you achieve any illusions.
When any battery-
Electric cars can compete in a fair competitive environment without taxes
Give me a call on the funded bribe.
So for now, the battery-
The proportion of electric vehicles in our fleet is getting smaller and smaller, which is impossible.
Of course, for urban delivery vehicles with scheduled routes and which can be easily inserted overnight. Car-
Shared services? Maybe.
Of course, both are still limited by how much power is delivered safely and economically to the charging station.
Dieter zejin Daimler said recently that he saw Mercedes-Benz-
Mercedes eventually became an electric car of up to 25 cents.
Last time I watched, the score of the basketball game was 75 points.
The 25-year-old team lost a lot of time.
Like I said, the battery is the best.
Electric cars make up only a small part of our team.
Now, there is a technology solution to achieve our common environmental, transportation and economic goals.
It\'s a hydrogen fuel cell.
This is the topic of another day.
But technology and infrastructure are closer than most people think.
This is the only viable long term. term solution.
The more time and resources we waste on expediency
Circuits like batteries
Electric vehicles, the farther we are from achieving these goals.
Can\'t we go on?
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