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CHICAGO-Jessica godbogan HarlanBeverages-
From coffee and tea to smoothies and soy milk
In the introduction of this year\'s International home furnishing fair, she is the focus. The single-
There is no sign of stopping at Beveragecategory, and professional hot water kettles and tea sets promise to increase interest in tea.
At the same time, beautiful finishes and stylish designs make these appliances a proud display on the countertop.
Adagio Teas S3664, a new product of Adagio ea, is an electric teapot with optional temperature control that can easily brew green tea at lower temperatures a member of an electric team with three
Part system for boiling water, pouring tea and filtered tea into glass bottles.
Retail prices are $49 and $75 respectively.
The new company is on display here for the first time, creating akitchen garden appliances called AeroGarden.
The product is designed to grow herbs, lettuce, flowers or small vegetables easily through the science of aerodynamics, where the roots are suspended in wet air and provide nutrients and moisture.
Computerized Systems Program machines according to the growth of plants to provide the right light, nutrition and moisture, and users can choose from many different seed pods provided by the company.
The AeroGarden retail price is $149. 95.
Ascaso l13123 Ascaso is showing Ascaso Dream, a coffee machine that is both retro and stylish.
This dream can be used with ground coffee or ESE coffee pods, it is full of safety features and done in fun ways like love red, pink, yellow and crazycow.
Retail price is $749. 99.
The $599 Ascaso Arc Fun is small but still full of features like an electronic temperature fuse and a dual temperature control system.
Ascaso also shows the i1 grinder with brass grinding set
Working flat blade, as well as precise adjustment of grinding quality and consistency. It is $649.
Come 99, either polished aluminum or red.
At the same time, the i2 grinder has a regenerative grinding set, a tapered blade and a convenient nozzle.
It cost $499. 99 to $599. 99.
Going back to basically, the L13131 innovative feature is getting a lot of attention on the booth of basic, where AutoServe moothie manufacturers have an automatic
The electric distribution function automatically engages the motor when the glass is pushed against the lever.
At the same time, coffee solutions bring orders
Serving traditional glass bottle coffee machines
Coffee can also be distributed by pushing the Cup to the lever.
Double smoothies allow consumers to make two snow cones at the same time and use regular ice cones to make snacks.
The company\'s new soho product line offers a style coordination line
Conscious appliances including breakfast, food processor, manual mixer, toaster and coffee machine cost $14. 99each.
Bodum s4 10 adds two new kettles to Bodum\'s coffee, tea utensils and accessories range.
The Curl electric kettle is beautifully designed, stainless steel
Steel finish and cordless properties.
Capacity is about 47 ounces, see-
Through the water level indicator, there is also automatic turn off of curl-
The price is $119. 95.
The Ibis electric kettle has a tall oval shape and uses the least counter space to boil 50 ounces of water in about 4 minutes.
$99 retail.
95, with automatic
Turn off function when water boiling and water level indicator.
Known for its high-end appliances, Bosch Lviv 15 Bosch now offers a stylish look
Built-in wall appliances
At Benvenuto gourmet cafe.
The design of Benvenuto grinding and brewing coffee or espresso is integrated into the walls and cabinets of the kitchen.
Features include a simpleto-
Use digital display, hot block pressure system and automatic cleaning of scale removal.
The manufacturer of the product suggested a retail price of $1,149. 99 to $1,499. 99.
Another new Boschproduct, Barino coffee maker, costs $229. 99, there\'s a simple-to-
Use steam nozzles and removable 40-
An ounce of water tank makes it easy to prepare espresso or cappuccino.
• Brier North America l13questionnaires space
Save on hot block coffee machine and 10-
The cup coffee machine can be used with freshly ground coffee or coffee pods and is equipped with a turbo jet foaming machine to dry steam for the thick milk foam of cappuccino and latte.
At the same time, Briel\'s One group Block is made of highly polished stainless steel, providing custom control for commercial coffee machines.
Its 15 bar pumping pressure produces the perfect espresso crema every time.
The latest addition to the Braun L11715 Braun design series is to take advantage of the a400-
Watt motor for various cooking tasks.
The Turbo boost feature allows for instant maximum acceleration and features five
Speed settings can be adapted to a wide range of technologies.
Manual mixer with a40-
Oz large mixer/cutter with removable stainless steelsteelice-
The broken plug-in retails for about $79. 99. Bunn L13312-
L13314 Bunn has upgraded the product line of home coffee brewers
Easier to clean end case and attractive pollution-free panel. The 10-
The cup brewers include an internal thermostat, a rapid heating mechanism, and a patented Bunn brewing system that water coffee on the ground to produce optimal turbulence.
The products include GRX Basic, BX Classic and nx x generation, all of which are black or white;
There is also black hot fresh BTX. High-
There are also models of altitude.
Capresso L11102 Capresso launched some new coffee machines at the exhibition.
Therm team Therm is the first coffee/burr grinder combination that also includes stainless steel
Steel vacuum glass bottles that keep coffee hot for several hours. The 10-
Cup CoffeeTEAM Therm has steel tapered burr grinder and programmable functions.
Retail price is $299.
At the same time, CapressoST600 10-
The cup-shaped stainless steel coffee machine is also equipped with a vacuum thermos cup. it is simple in design and has a sculpture style and a simple lighting display screen;
The programming button is hidden under the lid.
It comes with a gold tone filter and a charcoal water filter that retails for $229. TheJura-
Capresso impresssa Z6 is the successful foundation of the first automatic coffee center ImpressaZ5 to produce foam
Just press the button and the milk drink has Chrome
Aluminium plated facade, mirror screen and stylish look. A stainless-
The steel vacuum hot milk container can keep the milk cold and prepare for the foam for up to eight hours.
This fully adjustable machine puts coffee beans, steam and foam, milk, tamps and brewed coffee directly into the cup.
The machine retails for $3,599.
Cuisinart L12131 ring moon brewed by new Cuisinart-
The cup coffee machine is of moderate size and is an ideal choice for entertainment.
Convenient facilities include 24 hours
Brewing start option one hour in advance, beep sound, signal of brewing completion, 60-
Reset reset and progress for beer brewing, auto-off and auto-off for the second timeCleaning function.
The retail price of the coffee machine is $185.
The popular Griddler series is extended through Panini & Sandwich Press with 11-by-17-inchnon-stick, non-
Removable grill board, water drop mouth and charming stainless steelsteel housing;
And gridler express ContactGrill has been a month-by-9-
An inch baking sheet of steak, hamburgers, chicken, etc.
The appliances cost $75 and $105 respectively.
Cuisinart has also introduced a stand-alone can opener with a brush-less bezel that matches today\'s countertop electrical trends. It hasan extra-
Wide base to prevent tipping and slipping and-touchoperation.
The tank opener costs $75.
De \'longhi L11321 de \'longhi is adding a top
The first line of kitchen appliances is varied.
The company is also expanding its metal collection with four new products.
Including a toaster oven with asix-
Can also accommodate two slice toast capacity of 12-inch pizzas;
There are two extra cartoonswide and extra-
Long toast slot and defrost and bagels function;
Indoor Grill with cast aluminum grill plate and aluminum grill for cooking;
And an extra Fryer. large, 3-
Pounds of food capacity and movable heating elements for fast, brittle results.
The retail price of the product is between $59. 95 and$149. 95.
Deni/Keystone Mfg. Co.
At the Houseware show, Deni launched the largest number of products so far.
There are three, 2 stainless steel self-service servers/insulation trays. 5-
Removable stainless steel
Steel tray with lid and adjustable thermostat with three settings.
Food slicer made of mold
Cast aluminum that can cut boneless meat, cheese and bread from wafer slices
Thickness from thin to nearly an inch.
In addition to Deni\'s dessert line-yogurt maker, Deni can make up 1 quart of homemade natural yogurt to make six different flavors at a time.
The stainless steel food steamer is equipped with a digital timer, an external water indicator and 9. 5-quart capacity.
The stainless steel pressure cooker can shorten the cooking time by 70% and has a fully programmable timer that can be set up 8 hours in advance.
The convection oven saves time and power while giving home cooking the ability to bake, bake and steam.
Deni will also expand its products in ice making machines and vacuum sealers.
The new Chef\' schoice products of edgelil11947 edgelie include the Hef\' schoice International cordless electric kettle, which can pump water in a few minutes and has
Steel body and concealed heating elements.
The retail price is $59. 95.
Other new products from Chef\'sChoice include meat grinder and egg pot. Euro-
New deal with lancer 22
In Europe, shops that make electrical appliancesPro.
Professional Slushie manufacturers can quickly make smooth slush and foam drinks in a matter of minutes, and the central metal cooling room provides quick results.
The company\'s suggested retail price is $49. 99. Euro-
At the same time, Pro\'s three spoons of delicious ice cream and frozen treatment manufacturers can prepare three different flavors of ice cream or ice cream at a time, for example, using a separate jar, users can add different ingredients to make ice cream and sorbet at the same time.
The product costs $79. 99.
Flavia is known for its commercial single
The beverage system is launching a home product.
The styling and trendy colors of the Flavia Fusion beverage station hassleek include ice blue, red and black.
Using the company\'s filter bag, users can make a variety of hot drinks, such as specialty drinks such as coffee, tea and chulati and mocaños.
Fusion, which retails for $119.
95, equipped with a filter bag, syrup, sprinkle and a travel cup. Francis! Francis! L11120 Francis! Francis!
, It\'s part of the home products division of illy caffe North America
Add the X6 trio Black to its series.
This streamlined machine comes with chrome platingplated accents;
Body of steel and plastic;
Comprehensive innovation in design.
Extraction technology enables users to create long, normal, or strong espressoupur.
The recommended retail price is $430.
Hearthware Home products L11054 Hearthware Home Products will show Nu-
Wave Oven Pro, who has just won the best performance award for American culinary chefs.
It obtained test results superior to other anti-infrared cookware. The Nu-
Wave Oven Pro has a patented cooking system that combines conduction, convection, and infrared heat to achieve better cooking results.
The company has introduced retail packaging for this product, focusing on dishes that can be prepared in it, from roast turkey to lobster.
Grindmaster introduced the model of Gpod precision brewing single cup brewing system, which utilizes the company\'s commercial-
Infusion technology.
Coffee and tea can be done in less than a minute, and the beer control flavor selector can be done well-
Adjust the strength of each cup.
The device also has automatic
The off function turns it off after 36 hours of inactivity.
Holmes group L11731 Holmes has introduced many new small appliances for parties or simple daily dinners at home. Entertaining-
Products include tanks-
Carnival pot, $29. 99, a sombrero-
Dishes with the shape service of a central container, which can keep the dipping sauce and sauce warm for several hours;
Competitor\'s drink fountain, $69.
99, which holds up to 3 gallons of punch cascade down three-
The first fountain illuminated by a rotating color wheel;
And the competition of the chocolate fountain creates a warm flow of liquid chocolate that guests can dip in fruit, biscuits or other food.
Other new products for dessert lovers are rival GelCanister electric ice cream manufacturers, which cost $49.
99, make up for 1.
Eat 5 quarts of ice cream in less than 30 minutes;
Competitor electric 4-
Quart ice cream maker using rock salt for $19. 99;
And rival novelty snow cone manufacturers, who scrape ice cubes to make snow cones.
The company has also launched 6-
A cup of rice cooker with steamer and modern red finish;
Competitors cool touch/cool area deep fryer;
A space-saving oven for competitors to cook 18-poundturkey;
Competition AccuRoast II oval oven with temperature probe to ensure perfect results
Inch frying pan with remote control.
Two new grids include a digital grid with a removable platform and a folding shop grid with additional features
Large cooking surface but spacesaving design.
Jarden Consumer Solutions L11331 Jarden Consumer Solutions series will be available in its Sunbeam, Oster and Mr. Coffee brands.
Sunbeam has two new hot drink manufacturers, including tea drop hot tea manufacturers, which can block loose tea or tea bags with an adjustable strength mechanism, as well as hot drinks, heated 16 ounces of water, compact in size, suitable for travel or office.
In the category of iron, Sunbeam\'s traditional iron has a retro look, but it also has modern features, including automatic
Off function, readylight, the indicator when the iron is cooled enough to be stored, and the vertical steam function for steaming and hanging clothes.
The simple PressIron also has similar features at $24.
99 price points, including auto-off, self-cleaning and steam functions, can easily eliminate wrinkles and creases at birth.
Sunbeam\'s retro traditional collection also includes a manual mixer with a horizontal bracket and accessories, which has six speeds and a brushed stainless steel
Steel finish, \"explosion\" function and various accessories;
Manual mixer with vertical bracket;
Cold with Chrometo-
Toaster with extra touch
Wide slots and various features.
Retail heritage for $29. 99 to $59. 99.
At the same time, under the Oster brand, new products are part of the product line. The feature-
The products include coffee machine, toaster and oven.
They retail for $39. 99 to $99. 99.
Meanwhile, Oster\'s BrushedNickel series includes a mixer with a button, a mixer with a food processor, and a mixer with a rotating dial.
In the theOster Pro Series, the company highlighted the beehives beverage manufacturers, carried out reforms from the classic Oster design and was equipped with 1/2-
Horsepower output.
Stainless steel brush products include
Toaster and digital oven, convection oven, pizza oven.
Finally, Mr. new.
Coffee products include Mr.
Coffee shop/café
Coffee maker, family Cafe, simple beer, single cup coffee and coffee are available.
Coffee shop/café sports hot drink manufacturer. Keurig Inc. L11000 Single-
Cup Brewing Company Keurig has expanded its product range through twonew home brewers, elite and special editions, which represents an open-
High price-
Final addition to the company\'s existing ultra version.
The elite Brewers retail for $129. 95, has an 8-
Beer size and removable 48-
Oz reservoir.
Special Edition with retail price of $229.
95, there\'s a blue one, back-lit LCD panel;
Choose from 6 beer sizesto 10-ounce cups;
Lighting reservoir;
Water temperature control.
The machine has a chrome accent.
All keurigmachine can be patented with the company K-
Cup packaging.
KitchenAid L12902 is the leader in kitchen color trends, KitchenAid Introduces New spring colors in its stand mixer: Blue and Shell, which will be KitchenAid Professional 600 series stand up
The Green Apple seen on the Artisan series Vertical mixer;
Glossy cinnamon and blue willow trees can be seen on stand mixer and other kitchen countertop appliances.
At the Houseware show, KitchenAid\'s New slow cooker is also new with stainless steel, onyx Agate black and glossy cinnamon.
It aims to maintain healthy food temperature standards by quickly meeting USDA
Recommended temperature and alarm function, error code is displayed if cooking temperature is below recommended range.
There\'s a new toaster in KitchenAid.
Warm features and the choice of bagels toasts, which leads to a side of the crispy slices baked, with light brown at the bottom.
LC premium Limited
L13156 toast can be personalised with LC Premium\'s pop art toaster;
The toaster comes with a removable plate, and the \"brand\" will form shapes and information on toast.
The modern plastic shape has two removable art boards or six art boards that can be exchanged and removable.
At the same time, the retro chrome shape has two removable plates.
Nespresso L12337 makes its appearance in the shape of a strange coffee machine, Le Cube.
Le Cube has a minimalist styling and futuristic style, as well as a wealth of features, including the top
Loading capsule insertion system, internal copper storage and heating unit and 19 high
The pressure pump and thermoblocthat ensure the perfect taste of espresso.
Le Cube uses arcticwhite and titanium for $299 or $349.
The company also got two new color cues from tropical areas like Miami and Capri, and joined the Nespresso Essenza Manual series.
The machine, which retails for $179, now has lemon zest and fizzy purple.
For coffee lovers who want to enjoy their coffee on the go, the Essenza Carrier features new spring tones and shoulder straps for easy transportation of coffee.
Finally, the new Essenza Flow Stop offers fully automated, programmable features that make the right coffee for the right mood.
There are two models for this machine, piano black, Titan Gray or arcticwhite, retail for $249.
Industrial designer Oliso l12135 designed an Oliso iron with automatic pop-up
Legs that don\'t scorch or fatigue your wrist.
When the user releases the iron, the sensor on the handle causes the leg to be activated;
Grab the handle again and retract back to the leg to continue ironing. Other well-
The design features include an easy-to-place reservoir and control panel, automatic
The off function, as well as the approximate spacing between the body and the plate, makes it easy to iron the buttons and cuffs.
The price of the iron is $99.
The new Saeco L11926 coffee machine from Saeco means coffee lovers can be their own baristas.
Incanto rs sbs will adjust the amount of water pressure so that each cup can be brewed from a mild American beer to a suitable strength and consistency
Delicious Italian coffee.
The fast steam function makes the milk bubble easily, enables quick switching between brewing and foaming liquid, and the machine also has a water filter system. The S-
At the same time, the Incanto Rondo rs sbs Class has a brewing dial where users can choose from 1 to 8 ounces of espresso or coffee to brew the pre-
The selected number of cups. Abuilt-
In the ceramic disc grinder, the grinding is uniform and the removable brewing group gives a strong taste.
Saeco will hold presentations and tastings at their booths throughout the show. Salton L11302-
There is a lot to see at the booth at 11315 Salton, where many of the company\'s brands have introduced many new products.
The company has developed Food Network star Rachael Ray for some appliances, including a uniquely designed food processor and a microwave with Bronner.
They retail for $89. 99 and $129.
99, respectively.
The new fromToastmaster is the latest addition to the \"inside and outside\" ovenline, which features a completely removable liner for easy cleaning.
This version has 60-
Minute timer, fully adjustable thermostat and four rack positions.
The name of Farberware appears on two new convection ovens, one is the fac900 r type designed for the extended family and the other is the compact FAC860D type.
The three new breakfast utensils are part of Russell hobbsccollection.
They include a toaster, coffee maker, and cordless kettle, all of which have premium features and a unique look.
From Westinghouse\'s point of view, hot color iron will automatically change the color according to the temperature of the bottom plate, so the user can see when the iron reaches the temperature in various fabric settings.
Popular George Foreman Francie extends beyond the Grill: The brain storm is a blender that integrates \"fuzzy logic\" that automatically adjusts speed and direction to make ice
The boxer\'s signature grill collection is also expanding. TheG-
Broil is a new medium-priced grill with an unusual grill board on it that can be locked over the food, melted cheese or heated.
A new series, H3 is healthier, richer, home-
Cooking including indoor cooking
Outdoor table top dome Grill for grilled food.
Finally, fitness master Richard Simmons will enter the app with Richard Simmons steam steamer, which can steam three different foods at the same time, with a special timing system, can ensure that they at the same time complete.
Sanyo\'s latest rice cooker, in ECJ-
N series, two new rice cookers with different design and capacity.
Features include porridge/soup function, steamer and ease-to-clean parts.
Both of them came in. 5-cup or 10-
The capacity and features of the cup are apastel floral pattern or the appearance of metal and white.
The price is between $69. 95 and $79. 95.
Meanwhile, ECJ-
There are nine different cooking methods for the F50S Micom rice cooker and steamer, including rice, soup and stew, and steamed food. It is$139. 95.
Simple man known for its good N8309
Designed waste basket, simple humans have entered the pod brewing category and will show itto-use single-
Coffee machines are available at the exhibition.
Coffee can be in 8-or 5-
The sushi cup can accommodate two different sizes.
The company\'s proposed retail price is $129. 99.
Tiger American company
L13147 Tiger brand new home electric grill generous, 143-square-
Cook the surface in inches for hungry home BBQ burgers or steaks.
The surface of the grill is resin.
The coating is easy to clean up and has an adrip pan that can be filled with water to eliminate smoke and increase moisture in food.
The retail price of the grill is $89. 95.
Also new fromTiger, month. 5-and 10-cup JAG-
B The rice cooker/heater is designed to continuously monitor the cooking progress of the rice, with eight different menu options for all types of rice. A re-
The heating cycle will bring the rice back to the optimum eating temperature, and the time can be programmed to delay cooking for 12 hours.
Rice cookers cost $159 and $179.
Finally, the Tiger launched the ultimate kitchen appliance, a fourin-
A cooker containing induction-heated cooking for the preparation of rice, steam vegetables or fish, baked bread or cake, and slow meals
Cook meat and vegetables.
The equipment has a fully designed
A 12-story cooking boathour timer.
Two new products from Toastess Lviv 13 Toastess are targeted at the popular Beverly category.
The eco-kettle has two water chambers that can boil a proper amount of water quickly.
Features include cooking
Automatic drying protection
Off, cordless power base and built-in power supply
At the water level window.
TFC personal coffee machine-
25 t is a new product of toastis brush stainless steel profile collection
Steel appliances.
It includes a 15-
Ouncethermal travel cup, permanent nylon filter and coffee spoon can make hot water for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup, etc.
There is also a cordless electric kettle with 1 in the silhouette line. 7-
Text capacity and security features.
Toastess also launched a stand-free
Deep enough steel convection oven/broiler for a12
One-inch pizza or nine slices of toast.
Healthy eating is the focus of Tribest\'s attention.
The company is introducing a soybean soymilk machine that can grind soybeans into healthy soy milk.
The product can also be used to make milk from other beans and rice, as well as porridge, rice paste, sesame paste and porridge.
Another new product is a personal mixer, which is a super
A powerful mixer that makes a single serving of smoothies, protein drinks, salsa, baby food, soups and other foods.
The food is mixed directly in one cup and there is no need for another container.
Waring L12142 Waring re-introduces the mixer design from 1947, with Pro RPMBlender having a 550-
Watt, a 1/2-horsepower motor and its own tachometer, goes from 12,000 to 24,000.
Generous, 48-
Ouncecarafe allows recipes to easily double or triple.
Waring ProPulp pop-up juicer has a power of 850 watts, strong enough to squeeze hard items like snipes and cabbage. A 3-
The inch feed trough can accommodate large items and reduce the preparation time. An easy-to-
Remove the pulp collector to discard the pulp easily.
Other new products under the Waring Pro umbrella are professional coffee makers, ice breakers and roll knives.
Xibend L11702 xibend makes it easier to squeeze coffee in France through the popicversion, which has a fast
Heated water room, a simpleto-
Clean stainless steel filter and auto offoff.
The new product in West Bend is a high-performance toaster for fast service, which can bake bread, bagels and waffles quickly and easily and distribute them through the side panel.
Wilton industry S2407 chocolate is the focus of Wilton industry.
The new chocolate fountain can hold up to 4 pounds of melted chocolate.
The unit is separated for easy cleaning, with two motor settings enabling it to operate with or without heating, plus a liquid level, ensuring that the fountain is very direct before adding melted chocolate.
Retail price is $129. 99.
At the same time, the chocolate Pro chocolate melting pot will melt the chocolate orperfectionery coating in 5 to 10 minutes.
It can accommodate up to 2.
5 cups of melted candy with a simplepour spout.
It costs $29. 99.
Zojirushi L11747 Zojirushi has launched Zutto, a range of products that complement each other on the counter.
The production line includes a neural fuzzy logic rice cooker and heater, a Micom electric dispensing pan and a coffee machine.
This line has streamlined operation and general icon control.
Another new product from Zojirushi is the Home BakeryMini, a table top Baker that can bake three different bread textures (
Regular, strong, soft)
Cake, prepare the dough for cooking and pasta.
There\'s another 3-
Cup rice cooker and heater for couples or small families, Rizo rice cooker and heater with five one-
Touch cooking settings for rice, sushi, risotto. Caption(s)
: Cuisinart leverages the gridler success of its smaller gridler Express. / Euro-
Pro\'s frozen treat makercan can make three different flavors of ice cream at the same time.
/Double IceShaver from back to base to make two snow-cones at once.
/Bunn has upgraded the design of its home coffee winemaker.
The Oster counterform collection has a unique finish.
Nu-household goods/household goods-
The legs of the wave oven/Oliso creative iron.
/Toaster is part of the latest salton products under Russell Hobbs brand.
/Keurigfills its single-
Brewing line with a special edition of the Cup.
/Ascaso\'s Arc Fun espresso maker at love red/adagio\'s \'sutilitea can heat the water to a specific temperature.
The Gpod model of Bodum\'s CurlElectric kettle/grindmaster makes a perfect coffee.
/Breakfast Club members can wake up with a smile in a personalized toaster in lcpremiums.
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