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Dr Bass Brushing Technique - How The 30 Second

by:Boom Home     2020-07-06
Great ideas over the years and many breakthroughs in the area of science and technology have created better and more efficient ways for people to do things nowadays. Tooth brushing has also assumed a new and innovative dimension with the invention of electric toothbrushes like the 30 Second Smile. Through painstaking research, Dr Charles Bass discovered the best technique for brushing in order to have optimum and perfect teeth cleaning. Dr Bass' teeth brushing technique often called The Bass Method or Circular Vibration Brushing recommend that a toothbrush should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the teeth during brushing among other brushing rules. Other Bass method or brushing rules include the strokes rule and the gum-tooth margin and angle filaments rule. While the traditional toothbrushes do work well with The Bass Method, it is quite difficult for most people to use the technique for perfect teeth cleaning for many reasons. To help everyone keep to Dr Bass teeth cleaning method, electric toothbrushes like the 30 second smile were invented to make brushing your teeth a lot easier and for a perfect dental care on a daily basis. Using the 30 second smile to enable you keep to the recommended brushing technique is a lot easier since the design of the electric toothbrush has taken into consideration the usual flaws associated with the use of the traditional toothbrushes that makes it difficult for most people to keep to Dr Bass brushing technique. When you use the 30 second smile for brushing, you do not have to worry about remembering the details of Dr Bass technique. Just place the 6 micro brush heads of the 30 second smile straight on your teeth and you are good to go as it starts working, cleaning and removing the bacteria plaques and all leftover food items from your mouth within 30 seconds with your hand helping in directing the brittles into all the different parts of your mouth. A device like the 30 Second Smile sounds too good to be true, to find out the facts take a look at the 30 Second Smile Reviews on the net.
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