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Don't ignore the small comb for hair care!

by:Boom Home     2019-12-14
Comb, a simple household item. Nowadays, from face care to hand care to hair care, people have paid more and more attention to their own care, which has also made people from all walks of life have higher requirements for their image. In recent years, the large-scale rise of barber shops has also made people aware of the importance of hair. At the time of hot dyeing, I also go to the barber shop to care for my hair. In addition to entering the barber shop, we can also care for hair in our daily lives, that is, through combs. We comb every day, but do we really know the big secrets in the small combs we use every day? ? 1. Hair carving comb The sculpted hairbrush comb sounds like a tall and beautiful combing artifact. With a hair styling comb, it will play a certain role in protecting the hair. In particular, if the conditioner is placed on a comb for combing, it will smooth out the dryness of the hair and improve the color of the hair. Clean or dull hair can use this comb to achieve the effect you want! 2. Mane comb Mane comb is a very soft comb. We know that soft things can reduce friction with hair. And this mane comb can do it, it is mainly used to comb away the dirt on the hair. In addition, when combing, it can send sebum from the scalp to all parts of the hair, and these Sebum can produce a protective film for the head, which can better protect the hair from damage, and it can also increase nutrition. 3. Nine rows of combs Nine rows of combs, I believe many people are relatively unfamiliar. The nine-row comb here does not mean that there are as many as nine combs. What about this comb? It is mainly capable of intensive care of hair. General combs have a certain thickness, and this comb can be used to comb hair everywhere. Of course, during the process of combing, you must treat it gently, and do not comb indiscriminately and damage the hair. 4. Wide tooth comb Wide-tooth comb, when is it applicable? When the hair is wet, you can use this comb for grooming. In general, the hair of this comb is about 1 cm before. 5. Round aluminum comb Round aluminum comb, it is a great artifact to create a layered sense for hair! Because it chooses aluminum as the material, it has a certain metallicity. During the combing process, air is also easy to enter the hair! 6. Large plate comb The large plate comb is used in our daily life. It can make our hair smooth and smooth, and it can also massage the hair and scalp. It can also prevent hair loss. Suitable before shampooing. ? 7. Massage comb Massage comb, literally means that it can provide massage for the scalp. What is the purpose of massage? Promote blood circulation. And in the process of combing hair, when it combs through the hair, it will also add air to the hair, which is also beneficial to the hair!
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