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Domestic Cleaning - Not An Ordeal

by:Boom Home     2020-07-07
No matter what we do during the day, we start and end at our home, with our family. Coming back home, from work or vacation, is always blissful. It gives a peace of mind, a sense of belonging. But what if you find your house is been intruded by rodents? The roaches feeding on your kitchen gives you a heart sinking feel. You never want to share your wardrobe with termites. Keeping all the intruders away from your home requires regular domestic cleaning. Domestic cleaning is a tedious and never ending job. Kitchen, living room or bathroom, not even a single corner of the house can be left unattended. Following some tips and practices makes the job less dreary. Cleaning begins with sweeping out the dust and the weapon used here is a brush or a hoover. The tip is: pick the correct brush. Choose a long handled brush for wiping off all the spider webs from the corners. The rotating brush is perfect for cleaning the carpet. A small, handy and soft bristle brush works wonders on window panes. Keeping in mind the lack of time, markets are dwelling lot of automatic, user friendly, light weight sweeper equipments. Also, available in the market are the scrubber drier machines which are suitable for cleaning floors from oil, dirt and sludge. After the dust has been removed the second step is placing the stuff at a right place. Assigning a proper place for everything from buffer stock to domestic supplies helps in keeping the home in order. All the family members should be instructed for putting the dirty clothes in the laundry bag. Children should develop a habit of cleaning their rooms before leaving. A practice of weekly organising and methodical housing the stuff in wardrobe, on shelves and in cabinets makes the place look clean. The next measure is the heart breaking task of clutter removal. Decide the number of clothes that can be neatly housed in the wardrobe. Do not let that number increase. Parents should manage the toys and games their kids play with. Throw away all the furniture, appliances and utensils that are no longer in use. Pets in house should be toilet trained. A light mop in the kitchen, over the worktop, prevents the roaches and ants from stowing in our eating place. The wooden furniture should be periodically treated for termites. Following a hand full of rules will completely change your vision of domestic cleaning. These practices can make you a proud home maker and your home beautiful and healthy.
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