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Discount Cosmetics Products Brush Set You Must Have

by:Boom Home     2020-07-07
Having the right make up is one thing, but along with that you need to have the right kind of tools to apply the makeup with. One of the most important tools used to apply any kind of makeup is the brush and there are a variety of this, in different sizes, in different thickness and made of different materials. How many times have you wondered when you see those beautifully made up eyes, 'just how does she manage to do that, wonder what size brush she uses for it'. The range of this items available in discount cosmetics products Melbourne is simply so vast, it really surprises you. Every Item has a specific purpose to serve. Here is a list of brushes and ways to use them to help you get the right look. Foundation brush - Used to apply liquid foundation, this is one of the most basic tools needed in your makeup box, available at a very affordable price from discount cosmetics products Brisbane. Dab few drops of the liquid foundation on cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. Next, with upward strokes, blend the foundation into the skin with the brush smoothening out the jawline mark that may appear. Concealer brush - Used to apply the concealer on problem areas like under eye region and blemishes on the face, this thin slightly broad helps you reach the difficult to reach areas. It will help you get a smooth result. Once you blend the product into the skin never wipe if you think there is any extra, the concealer will come straight off. Small powder brush - This can be used to complete two tasks. Get a youthful glow by applying mineral powder on top of liquid foundation, don't forget your eyelids, you need to set the base there too. And secondly to apply blush on the apples of your cheeks Eye shadow brush - Load a bit of dark eye shadow on the tip of this brush, with even strokes apply under the eye starting from one corner reaching out to the other corner. These Items to get an even blended finish. When applying under eye hold some tissue under the eye to prevent the eye shadow from falling onto your face. Crease brush - This is a great product to define your eyes. Taking the darkest eye shadow on the tip of the brush draw a line on your eye's outer area, with even light strokes blend it into the crease. The other brushes in the discount cosmetics products Melbourne brush set includes smudge, angled for under eye and eye shadow, eyebrow and angle for applying bronzer on cheek bones and around temple and the lip brush.
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