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Dentist in Reston - Don't Brush Off Your Toothbrush

by:Boom Home     2020-07-08
With the continually growing awareness about germs, bacteria, and all of those pesky microscopic creatures around us, many are giving attention to their toothbrushes. In the beginning of such discussions it was easy to brush off the rumors flying, but after hearing them over and over, it starts to make you wonder. For instance, there is a growing concern about the importance of where you should store your toothbrush. People are now rethinking how and where to keep them. You should ask your dentist in Reston for the real facts, and you can use what you think of as rumors as a starting point with your questions for the doctor. Ask your dentist in Reston if it is true that your toothbrush is not safe too close to the commode. It is a great thing to have the real fact about it, whether you have a germ phobia or not. The popular word is that it should be at least six feet away, but ask the professional in dental hygiene for the true bottom line on the subject so that you can make adjustments if needed. You may have heard that a toothbrush should be replaced every 3 months, but if you are taking measures to regularly rid your toothbrush of germs and bacteria, is such frequent replacement still necessary? In a city established nearly fifty years ago, it should not be hard to find some real facts from your dentist in Reston. Plan to ask questions on your next visit. Many are making a habit of disinfecting their toothbrushes, which seems like a reasonable idea, but there are quite a few thoughts going around about how is the best to do that. Some feel confidant that putting their toothbrush in the dishwasher each time it is ran is a great way of maintaining it. It is believed that the heat will kill the germs, but not everybody knows that their dishwasher is getting hot enough to take care of the job. Others are comfortable with soaking their toothbrush in an antiseptic mouthwash and you may like rinsing yours with peroxide. Run these thoughts by your dentist in Reston to find out if any of those practices would be a better idea, and don't forget to ask if any of those things would change when you should replace a toothbrush. A new trend might be wetting the toothbrush and putting it in the microwave for one minute. It sounds like a good idea, but if it were, what would be the best amount of time for truly killing germs while keeping your toothbrush safe? Your dentist or your dental hygienist can answer all of your questions about how to properly care for toothbrushes, where to store them, and if regular disinfection is recommended. Don't rely on rumors; ask the advice of a professional.
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