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Decorating Wooden Picture Frames For Winter Holidays

by:Boom Home     2020-07-09
The holidays are an ideal time to decorate your home. While the generic store bought stuff is bright and cheery, it does not exactly strike a chord with originality or really strike up conversation nearly as much as something homemade. Should you be the kind that is into arts and crafts, design, or unconventional design, a homemade project is a great choice. For these you can use wooden picture frames. They are easy to use for do-it-yourself projects and they do not cost very much either, so you are in a win-win situation. Most of the projects will require the same basic materials. You will need a bunch of wooden frames, large and small. You will need wood stain, a brush, fabric, paper, cardstock, some sort of rag, wood glue, and a regular semi-permanent glue or pack of adhesive sheets. If it tickles your fancy, you can pick up scrapbooking supplies and decorations because those can also be used for some of the projects. You also need your creativity, as the more projects that you begin; the more you will repeat ideas. You can find the majority of these online or at a local craft store. For the more professional-grade materials you will need to go to an art store. Okay, so first things first, you will need the picture settings. Buy a variety of shapes and designs, from traditional to modern wood picture frames. Buy some already painted and others blank. Some should be very intricate and others very simple. Wall picture frames make an awesome form of decor. It's time to 'winterize' them. Take rolls of red and white paper. Try to find semi-glossy white paper if possible. Using a scissor or exacto knife, cut strips of the paper. Using adhesive paper, stick them in a pattern of your choosing to mounting paper. Let it rest weighted down with a heavy hardcover book to dry and seal. When it's ready, place it in a frame. You can tailor the project to include glitter, cotton (representing snow), twigs with holly berries, pine needles and other winter-themed decorations. Another idea is to take some kind of flexible fabric and adhere it directly to the back of the frame. Take out the glass and frame backing. Select from the more interesting prints. Lace, scrapbook, and decorative papers are ideal. Trace the edge of the frame so it has an exact fit. Cut out the paper and using the wood glue, adhere it to the back of the frame, with the design side facing frame-front. You can also sand down basic frames, add a new wood stain and place your favorite winter art pieces in them. There are limitless options when you design things yourself. Do whatever you must to create something truly individual.
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