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control brushless motor using arduino

by:Boom Home     2020-03-21
I thought about controlling ESC. k.
The electronic speed controller of the brushless motor without transmitter and receiver, or there is a project in which you want to use a simple circuit or Arduino to control the speed of the brushless motor, and then, we can do this with Arduino micro controller.
This includes using the arduino\'s PWM signal to control the speed of the DC motor through ESC.
This will save you the cost of purchasing a servo tester or an RC transmitter and receiver.
Let\'s get started! !
What you need: first connect the three terminals of the brushless motor to the three terminals of ESC.
Screw the motor onto a similar heavy-duty board to maintain stability at high rpm.
Download and flash the available code at the bottom of the page to arduino using a usb cable (
The code is explained later in this page).
Connect ESC\'s main white or yellow signal line to any PWM pin Arduino, I connect it to the D8 pin and specify pin 8 for it in the Arduino sketch.
You can control many motors using multiple pins.
Connect the potentiometer to the vcc or 5 v pins of the Arduino and ground.
Connect the third terminal of the variable pin to the analog pin 0, and you can power the Arduino using BEC (
Battery canceller circuit)
Appear in your ESC.
To use BEC, simply connect the red thick wire to the Vin pin of the Arduino.
It can provide 5 V.
Not all ESC have BEC, in which case you can use the external 5 v power supply.
After powering the Arduino, connect the Lipo battery to ESC now. You are Done! !
Now slowly turn the potentiometer knob to start and increase the speed of the motor.
In this code, we just map or reference the maximum value (1023)and minimum(0)
The simulation value at pin 0 reaches the required maximum value (2000)and minimum(1000)
Operate and control the value of ESC speed.
You may need to change the maximum and minimum values of ESC I.
Different values for E 1000 and 2000, in other words, you may need to calibrate it because different ESC may have different starting and ending points.
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The code to control the esscservo esc using the servo library includes //;
/Create a setup with the name esc void (){esc. attach(9);
/Specify the esc signal pin, esc here.
Seconds (1000);
/Initialize the signal to 1000 serial. begin(9600); }void loop(){int val;
/Create variable val = analogRead (A0);
/Read input from analog pin 0 and store it in val = map (
Val, 0,1023, 1000,2000);
/Map val to min and max (
Change if needed)esc.
Seconds (val);
/Use val as a signal to esc
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