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comb of bristles Functional similarities and differences

by:Boom Home     2019-12-16
Similarities: These combs can be used to care for the hair, massage the scalp, close the scales, prevent hair splitting, and make the hair look smoother and more shiny. The advantages of each comb are different: The function of a comb with pure bristles is very similar to that of a mixed comb, but the strength of pure bristles is relatively softer. The difference between pure mane comb (including mixed comb teeth) and bristle hedgehog comb: ① Massage scalp: pure bristles are bristles massage scalp, hedgehog comb is nylon comb teeth massage scalp; ② Stimulate hair follicles: Pure bristles are more effective than hedgehog combs, and can better unclog pores; ③Mane quality: The quality of pure mane comb hair is generally better than that of hedgehog comb. ④ Hardness: Hedgehog combs have greater hardness, and people with more hair comb their hair easily and without stress; ⑤Balance oil: The comb with pure bristles can better bring the hair oil from the root to the tip of the hair, and play the role of natural conditioner. The hedgehog comb has a relatively poor function in this regard. Fourth, the difference in experience Hedgehog comb can comb through hair at one time (very convenient), except for combs with pure hair (and mixed comb teeth), which need less hair, they need to be combed separately to better comb through the hair (relatively troublesome but better ). Partitioning sounds cumbersome, but it's actually very easy to do. Divide the hair into left and right parts and comb them separately. Most people can comb it. Five, supplementary questions 1. Isn't the comb of bristles really static? Answer: Anti-static is only relatively speaking, the bristles combs are indeed very static, but not absolutely. Even pure combs with thousands of yuan cannot guarantee that they will not be static. For example, in dry winter, it is relatively easy to be static. At this time, as long as there is a little water on the comb or hair, there will be no static electricity. 2. Why are the prices of the same bristle combs different? Answer: There are many reasons for the difference in prices. Different hair quality, different comb handle quality, different paint quality, and different craftsmanship will cause price differences. In addition, merchants' purchase channels are also an important reason for the difference.
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