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Collecting Lady Head Vases

by:Boom Home     2020-02-29
I did it--again!Just when I thought I was no longer collecting (yes, yes!My husband will laugh because of that!I decided to start collecting Lady vases.
Yes, I was bitten by a vase worm.-Do they have an anonymous bottle?No?They should!Anyone who has collected a vase knows what I\'m talking about--It\'s like being bitten by a vampire.-Once the vase worm bites your teeth, it won\'t turn back.OK--Don\'t say I\'m not warning you!;-
It all started with buying a 1960 piece of paper.Girl with lipstick....Then I bought some Christmas vases....Then I bought a jewelry Elf Girl....After that, I had no hope.No hope at all....
I bought a lipstick holder girl because she only had $15.00--a great price--Because of her uniqueness.Her eyes were affectionate and looked as if she had just come out of Margaret Keane\'s painting.
I bought the Christmas girl head vase because I love the vintage Christmas collection, especially Napco.
In order to decorate my bathroom, I bought a vase for Lefton Elf Girl head.But one is not enough.-Now I\'m a real vase fan!
How did I get there?Scroll down to see and read the information that is going on about my vase acquisition....Also include some interesting and useful information about the vase-Just in case these beauties happen to provoke your fantasies....

Although the head vase actually started in Europe in the 1800 s, the head vase that most of us are familiar with was born before World War II.When the war is over, AmericaS.Low import startsCost projects from Japan;The most popular among these importers is ceramics, including vases.
In the United States, there are also many companies that produce head bottles on a large scale, including: original Joseph, Betty Lou Nichols ceramics, Royal Copley, Shawnee Pottery, ceramic art studio, Florence ceramics, Roseville, Royal Hogg, Stanford pottery and Weiler.
The flower shop uses the head bottle to strengthen their arrangement, which can also be used in five-and-dime.The vase becomes more and more delicate over time;The most popular are fashion models and movie stars.
Unfortunately, with the rising labor prices in the United States, the profit of American companies making vases is getting lower and lower.By 1950, vase production in the United States has become the past.
By the age of 1960, the vase market has reached its peak, and the vase has become smaller and smaller in order to reduce costs.The vase then lost popularity.With the arrival of the 1970 s, the end of an era, the production of vases has become the past.
What kind of vase did I collect?
I am mainly attracted to vases in my teens, but I also like some of the more complex ones.Buy whatever I like.-If a vase can\'t move me, I will walk over.
I am working hard for quality.I would prefer to have several high quality vases than a few problematic vases (cracks, debris, repairs, heavy paint loss, etc.I realized that since the vases I collected were vintage, they wouldn\'t be perfect ---Time has solved the problem.-But I want them to be as perfect as possible.
Update: May 2, 2016--After carefully collecting the head bottle for more than four years, I changed my style a little.Since then I have bought a few vases at very low prices and need some small touches like fresh paint and new earrings, there are even some small pieces that I filled and repainted with putty.It is very beneficial to restore the vase to its original beauty.I\'m still looking for a vase in good condition with no chips or cracks and no slight cracks, but if I can find a fixed one --The price is cheap. I will accept it.
This photo shows a variety of head bottle sizes.The lady at each end measures 10 \\ \"high;The big lady in the center is 10 1/2 high \\\";The Lady with lavender flowers inserted on her hair is 4 1/2 tall \\\";The nurse is only 1/2 tall, while the girl of the butterfly is only 1/2 tall.
In my new love of collecting vases, I did my best to learn, and I found the art of Betty Lou Nichols, an American artist who was considered to make vases popular in the United States.S.
Betty Lou\'s successful career in art has a surprisingly humble beginning;She began to expand the shape with clay and rolling pins on her parents\' kitchen table.Betty has always wanted to be an artist and learned how to create ceramics while studying art at fuller ton Junior College in California.When her husband was stationed overseas during World War II, she began to put ceramic knowledge into work and began to try various designs.When her husband finally got home in 1947, Betty came up with a vase of her own design.
Betty\'s unique head vase brand was warmly welcomed by the public;By 1949, Nichols had his own business, with 30 employees.Although Betty Lou is best known for her Vase, she is a woman with many interests and talents and finally participates in a variety of interesting projects: nichols developed a huge Christmas line and other decorative statues.She made fruit sauce jars and syrup pitchers for Nott\'s Berry Farm, and even made ceramic statues based on the animated movie Fantasia at Anaheim Disneyland, California.
With the increase in labor and production costs in the United StatesS.Starting from 1950, it has become increasingly difficult to compete with foreign companies.On 1962, Betty Lou Nichols ceramics decided to close the door.Nevertheless, versatile, creative Betty did not sit on her ass: Then she picked up the brush, painted portraits, still life until she died in 1995, 72.Today, the paintings are sought after by collectors and have received high prices at auction.
No two vases of Betty Lou Nichols are exactly the same.Unlike most of the head bottles at the time, they were not based on celebrities, but created in a gay style, with generous folds, bows and curls, wide-brimmed hats.Although Betty made the head with a mold, details such as lace, folds and bows were hand crafted with real Tennessee and Kentucky clay.These ladies usually have very plump, coquettish lashes, no eyebrows and high cheekbones on their faces.

This gives people a new understanding of the vase.After years of collecting spider webs in the dusty attic, the head bottle suddenly turned into a valuable collection.In the 1990 s, Betty Lou Nichols\'s first bottle was very popular.Unfortunately, Nichols was unable to enjoy her new fame-She had several strokes.-Died soon.
Today, Betty Lou Nichols\'s vases continue to be favored by collectors, found on online auction sites such as antique stores and eBay around the world, and bid at well-known auction houses such as Christie\'s.Nichols\'s works can also be viewed in art exhibitions across the country.View a list of your local locations, times, and dates.

Vases, etc.The art of Betty Lou Nichols.
The book can be purchased on Amazon.And other websites.
Vases, etc.
By Maddy Gordon, Betty Lou Van and 22-
Vases, etc.
50 in detailThe career of artist Betty Lou Nichols.
Nichols\'s colorful work has more than 600 photos on record, many of which are rare and examples of works she has never seen before.
Even though Betty Lou\'s head vase was petted, her portraits, statues, landscapes and still life paintings were also included, which made her fans very happy.
This is the book by Catherine Cole that triggered the vase frenzy (version 2nd )!

Catherine Cole, when I consciously collected the vase for the first time;It has proved to be a valuable reference since then.I \'ve seen so many vase collectors throw their money on a replica head vase.Thankfully I have this book to help guide me and teach me the basics of collecting vases.It has great photos and relevant information to teach you how to be a savvy vase collector.

There are more than 3,000 vases in her name?Maddy Gordon, of course.Maddy, author of vase etc: Art of Betty Lou Nichols, has been trying to collect vases for more than two decades.
How did she start this unusual hobby?Maddy saw the vase for the first time at a local antique show.Madi was fascinated by some little ceramic people sitting on the steps and asked the seller what they were.Although she had never heard of the vase before, Madi finally returned home with three vases, supposedly for the sake of a friend\'s house --warming gift.Friends have never received a gift. The rest is history.
When you enter Maddy\'s home in Scottsdale, New York, you may have the feeling of being watched, you are like this: in every room of the house, there are head vases on the wall-Bathroom and hallway included-At any given moment, there are thousands of eyes on you.
Why did Maddy\'s husband put up with all these strange occupants?Some of Maddy\'s vases are worth thousands of dollars;As they get less and more people collect them, their value is likely to continue to rise.So, Maddy\'s head vase is not only an interesting talk piece, but also a huge investment.
In 2002, Madi and her vase appeared as part of the \"ultimate collector\" of the hgtv TV show.When asked what the vase she was interested in was, Maddy said that the subtle differences were the cause of her interest;There are not two identical vases.There will always be slight changes in lips, eyes, Rouge, etc.\"I like to see people\'s faces,\" Maddy said .\".
She has more than 3,000 vases in her hand and you will think that Maddy\'s mission is complete-wrong!As a collector, this is the thrill of hunting, \"find one for yourself at a high price\", which gives Maddy the greatest pleasure.One of her most exciting purchases was the purchase of a rare Mary Poppins head bottle from a toy dealer for $25;Maddy later found it worth $500!Stop collecting vases?Not your life.As long as there is a chance to find a vase at a high price, Maddy will be there.
In addition to appearing on the \"Ultimate Collector\", author David Barron spent a whole week filming Maddy\'s chin, and Maddy\'s head vase series came up with another remarkableThe collection of his comprehensive book, head bottle: A Guide to Identification and value, was discarded.
Maddy Gordon has been a busy lady for years, between writing books and the global search leader joining her collection.Maddy also established and organized the 17-year annual headhunting conference in Florida and wrote the headhunting newsletter.She stepped down in 2010 and is now enjoying a leisurely trip and time with family and friends.
Have you ever heard of Maddy Gordon\'s head vase?Originally known as \"teenagers\"Age Girl,\\\" E-The head vase made in the 8027,1960 s looks like Maddy in his teens and is called \"Maddy head\" by collectors \".Manufactured by Enesco, it can be found as a vase, or a combination of a vase/lipstick holder with a hole in the top for placing cosmetic mirrors.You will often find this treasure on eBay for sale (Buy it now) or for auction.
Tammy Polson Stephens was actually born with a brush in his hand.Not only did she fix the vase, she also dabbled in many other hobbies, including: doll house building, scrapbook, quilting, crochet, carpet making, furniture restoration and jewelry making.\"I think I\'m lucky because I was creative when I was born and I still like to learn new things after 54 years.In some ways, this is a curse you know!I would always rather \"play\" than do adult work!
The four-year art course has brought ten times the return to Tammy.She honed her painting and pottery skills there.When Tammy discovered the vintage vase, she applied the skills she had learned to fix her beloved lady.
Collectors may have a vase passed on to them by their loved ones, which is very special for them.It will wear out for years and can even be severely damaged.Tammy came in from there.Tammy is a vase doctor.She \"cured\" these broken ladies and made them beautiful again so that they could be appreciated by the new generation of admirers.
Tammy\'s service charge varies depending on the complexity of the work at hand.The client sent her the damaged vases and she fixed them and posted their latest progress.When the work is done and the customer is satisfied with the work, the customer will pay for Tammy\'s service and return the restored vase.Is there a head vase that needs to be repaired?For more information, talk to Tammy Powelson Stephens on Facebook.
Did you know that many vases are in closed places when making vases --eye or open-eye versions?Further changes to this theme may include different hair colors (girls at the center of attention) and clothing colors;For further versatility, up to six head bottles of different sizes are sometimes manufactured!
J.S.Passionate vase friend I met on Facebook, \"collect ladies vases, flower pots and Statues\", really enjoyed finishing the vase set.What does Set mean?Usually advertise the purchase of the first bottle in the dealer\'s merchandise catalogue.For example, the beauty above is advertised as a vase/flowerpot category for \"girls with hands.Not only are there three different ladies in this group, but buyers can buy them with their eyes wide open or closed!
J.S.Recently completed his \"girl in hand\" setting by acquiring open-Blue eyes lady.Personally, I like both versions!
It never stopped to my surprise that some vase collectors managed to find a clever way of space for their growing collection of Lady heads.
When J.S.He currently has more than 200 \"heads\" (one abbreviated as \"head vase\") and has no room to show his ladies at first, and he came up with a plan: he cleverly placed rows of racks on his \"50\" theme rec room wall to accommodate them ---A clever concept.Not only did the ladies look great together, but their appearance also made J.S.\\\'S rec room is active!When J.S.Entertaining here, he and his guests have a lot of eyes on them!That\'s the way they like it!
The wall is full now, but it\'s J.S.worried?Not at all!According to J.S.: \\ \"I finally have a place to show girls!Imagine that I would be surprised when I realized that not all of them are suitable for this space!The good news is...4 Walls in most rooms!!!
Brian and Leslie Rogers recently moved into their dream home and they are currently customizing it perfectly.I love all their improvements, but as a collector of the same vase, I was especially blown away by smart eyes --Brian has prepared a new presentation for his wife Leslie to show her vase in a smart style.There is a beautiful graphic on the wall of the monitor, which is printed by Brian himself, multipleBold clocks on the horizontal shelves and walls, perfect accents tie them together.I have to say that I am also in awe of the impressive lineup of-And the rest vase!
Paula larghate, who collects vases, wall pockets and vintage mirrors, decided to combine them, decorate the dresser with lovely vases, and cleverly hang the mirrors and wall pockets behind.I like Paula\'s eyes very much.CAPTURE display;The results are excellent enough to compete with the best interior decorators on Earth!
Isn\'t that too smart?A good friend of mine, wishing to remain anonymous, covered his background with an elegant cloth;Then, in order to add luster, artificial diamonds are cleverly displayed around the vase.These girls look amazing!
Isn\'t this a cute and creative exhibition?This is the arrangement of Christine Blair, the head of the vase is Michelle desat.
Christine Blair bought a cute bottle of flower from Michelle desat and later found a matching head vase thanks to Michelle\'s tips.Does everything look great?I am covered with all the textures, shape details and patterns in this arrangement: a hand vase, vase, bottle, tea cup plate, flowers, China, various works of art, etc., etc.Kristin even uses a wash board as a shelf, just to show you a little imagination that can go a long and long way on the decor!
Marin Martin, founder of the Facebook group, \"the world of Ladies vases, \\\" is very proud of the art of the head bottle recently purchased by Michelle desat, he posted pictures of Michelle\'s paintings and matching head bottles for everyone to enjoy.Please note how Marin\'s retro rolling pin series in the background adds oomph!
I love the Umbrella Girl painted by artist Vickie Wade (minus the umbrella )!The painting is a bit of an Impressionist style, and the color is beautiful!Vickie draws oil paintings on canvas.
Vickie likes to be with family and friends, which is reflected in her work;Her works are nostalgic and charming.I like Vickie painting her \"rose and vase girl\" when she finds her\"-Give her the umbrella.Very down-to-earth, beautiful!
Vickie began painting at the age of 11.Her desire is to bring happiness and beauty from the heart through her work.Wade is a talented and versatile artist who has created a series of amazing works.My favorite is her Christmas paintings, the \"Fat Chef\" series, and of course her \"rose and vase girl\" paintings.
Her works include original works and fine arts.

See more cute work from Vickie.
The painting was created with acrylic resin on the stretch canvas, big eyes artist blonde Bryce (that\'s me!) Decided to combine her love for the art of big eyes, Bryce dolls and love vases.It turned out to be a doll.Like the big-eye version of the love vase, she has a lot of cheerful flowers on her head, posing at the pink background hem --Striped wallpaper.I want to make a real version of the love vase and then think, \"No, you\'re a big-eyed artist ---You need to make a big eye version.\"So, here you are!Posters of the painting and other items can be purchased at the Blitzle store with blonde eyes: www.zazzle.Com/blonde_blythe.
Recently, in Facebook group \"Lady vase world\", I met Michelle desat\'s most beautiful vase on a plate.Michelle called them \"plate paintings\" and has been creating them since 2013.
Michelle drew from an early age with a bachelor\'s degree in fine arts and has been running her own business since 2000.She started using acrylic on the canvas, then turned to colored pencils and ink in 2005 and started her unique plate painting in 2013.
While creating her plate painting, Michelle draws on a board with matching melamine attached to it-type plate.The result has an incredible similarity to what is real, in the middleAll the flavors of the century.
Michelle also draws on plates and bowls;Her paintings range from 2 inch to 12 inch wide.She has created more than 100 plate paintings with more ideas in her work and is currently working on a portrait of \"Pearly Girls\", a collection of rare and elegant vase sisters, this will definitely be a hot topic for her fans!I can\'t wait to see it!
What else do I collect?
I have collected a lot of different things.-I have a variety of Napco and Lefton statues and planters and have a complete set of Napco 1950 th birthday Angels-Between January and DecemberI really like vintage Valentine\'s Day cards and Halloween postcards, especially the 1920 and earlier ones.
I collect \"instant relatives\" (meaning old photos of unknown people) as well as dolls, artwork, 1920 s souvenirs, perfume bottles, big-Things in the eyes, and more-You might say anything that surprised me.
I also got an interesting mid seriesTo compliment my vase collection, the statue of the century, the stone prints and the lucite sculptures.I was attracted to this lovely and unusual thing.
Another interesting item I have collected is the \"link\" statue.Most of these statues are made up of a female animal and her baby locked together, but there are also statues where a lady walks with one or two locked dogs, there\'s even a Christmas statue with a chain in the bank.Unlimited possibilities!
I\'m so excited to get this gorgeous Napco head vase for Ms Christmas!She was auctioning on eBay (about 1999--2000), the head of the vase was high and I found myself in a bidding battle.I was very stubborn when I wanted something and I was very, very determined to get her so I went out of my way!I did win her but paid the price!I paid too much for her, but I never regret it.
I didn\'t consciously buy her at the time because she was a vase ---I bought her because she\'s a vintage Christmas collection, not to mention she\'s amazing!Even better, she was made by Napco, my favorite Christmas collection maker.
I found this cute little girl at a big month Antiques Show in Atlanta (I think it was 2000?).
Obviously I am a huge fan of the Napco 1950 and Christmas collection in 1960s.The young girl is so cute, the details and quality are unbeatable!I paid under $50 if I remember correctly.This lovely 00.
Genie ton 6 1/4 \\ \"elf-Vase (3517 )--January 17, 2012 acquisition-
I blame this vase for turning me into a vase fan!I bought the lady with jewelry before I consciously decided to start collecting vases.
When I saw her on eBay, I realized that she would be perfectly integrated with my \"I dreamed of Jenny\" themed bathroom.Only a few seconds left to bid her and I found out I won her and I was happy!
Since it took me only a few hours to drive from an eBay seller I bought her from a thrift store, I arranged to pick her up there;Don\'t worry about her being damaged in transit.
She is in good condition and looks fresh from the factory-No cracks, debris, bells or lost paint.The book collection Vase: A Guide to Identification and value by David Barron depicts her in three sizes: 4 1/4, 6 1/4, and 8 1/4 \\\".
Her messy hair is dotted with jewelry-like hair accessories, which definitely reminds me of Jenny in the retro TV series \"I dreamed of Jenny.As expected, she added wonderful content to my \"My dream Jenny\" themed bathroom.

\"I dream of Jenny\'s room\", a tribute to Barbara Eden and \"sitcom after 60\", \"I dream of Jenny, \\\" is a magic (like the bathroom can--lol!) World or elf, fantasy, magic bottle, imagination and fun!
There are all kinds of bottles and rainbows of various colors scattered on the counter.The best time for my IDOJ bathroom is shabby chic!While I don\'t claim to have a degree in interior decoration, I\'m a fan of gadgets, bracelets and beads!
Of course, the best part of my \"I dreamed of Jenny\" room was my leffton elf --Like a vase, it is shown right next to my \"I dream of Jenny\" and there is one of my \"I dream of Jenny doll\" on the bottle (my big-The eye version of \"Jenny\" hanging overhead.
In all the bigEye Art patterns and interesting things on the wallNots, everywhere, bathroom occupiers can get entertainment at least while in custody!;-
Relpo teen in Hood head vase (k2 6069--January 17, 2012 acquisition-
I purchased this beautiful 5 1/2 \\ \"head vase from a seller on eBay and her price tag is $99.00 BIN with \"quote\" option.I bid $75.00, she was very happy when she accepted it.
I \'ve seen this young man sell on eBay over the years and I think she\'s really beautiful.I was not a vase collector at the time, so I passed by her;But not this time!
She is my fourth vase and my first teen vase.I fell in love with her big-Her dignified face was framed by bangs, her blond hair flipped a little, with a sweet hat on top of her head.She\'s a beautiful woman!
Relpo 7 with purple bow vase \\ \"Girl (2004 )--January 24, 2012 acquisition-
I just won a vase on eBay!Her face reminds me of the rare \"love\" (TP-Head vase of Brinn 2444 ).I LOVE her!
I thought I lost her.I went to auction her when I had 20 seconds left and I found out I hadn\'t signed in yet.Then, most importantly, I entered the wrong password!Can you believe it?I thought I \'d die.
And a lot of people want her.-She has 24 bids!Since she is an original vase and sells well, I don\'t mind paying a little more than I \'ve seen at other auctions.
Update!February 1, 2012--I received the vase yesterday.Check, it took a few days to clean up), I was impressed with her!She looks new, has no flaws, and doesn\'t even miss the paint!Seller valpink3 33 answered all my questions promptly and politely and shipped her out soon.She was packed very well when I received her, with a lot of foam packs and peanuts to protect her from breakage.
She was my first 7-head vase, along with her other vase sisters, and looked beautiful in her cupboard.In honor of the seller, I named her \"Valerie \".
Inarco 6 1/2 \\ \"vase (E-2967)--February 3, 2012 acquisition-
I won a cute young girl vase on eBay three days ago.I love her quirky look and the beautiful flowers on her hair really made me win.Maybe it\'s my hippie--lol!I like her too. she looks like a fairy.-There are no wings.
Although the auction photos for the first bottle are not the best, the seller does have 100% feedback and a lot of feedback.Before bidding, IMail to seller to ask if there is any debris, cracks, cracks or paint loss in the vase.She said no to everyone, so I went.
She was shipped-So she should be there any day.She is 3/4 tall and made by Inarco.Is she not sweet?I already have her name.-She looks like an \"Ariel \".
Update: 2-10-2012--Little hippie fairy Ariel\'s home--
Unfortunately, Ariel had to go back to where she came from.I heard from the seller that the vase was free of debris and cracks, but guess what?When she arrived, it was clear that there was an obvious fragment on one of her leaves;Several of her right cheeks were missing.I did notice a little spot on her right cheek before buying her, but I think it\'s because of poor photography and camera glare.She also has some crazy, but not bad.
I e-Mailed to the seller saying the vase was misrepresented in the auction and I would like a refund.I also told her that I don\'t think I should pay the shipping cost because the head of the vase is distorted.The seller apologized and told me to send back the bottle and she would refund the price of the shipping cost for the bottle.Miss Ariel is on her way back.
Lesson learned?Never buy a vase without a clear picture.
Enesco\'s \"Miss Grace\" 5 1/2 vases--February 3, 2012 acquisition-
When I was bidding for another eBay sale two days ago, she slipped off my finger and lost, but now I got her back ---Another seller this time.The auction results showed that the vase was intact.Sellers have great feedback with a 100% rating.
I saw the same seller selling the vase a few days ago, but he wanted $47.00 + $8.00 shipping.While searching on eBay today, I saw the seller cut the price from $47.00 to $27.00 bin (buy now), so I bought her after reading the auction description and pictures--yay!I have to pay $8.Her freight is $8.00 more than requested by other sellers, but this is-OK with me!
Update--February 11, 2012--Miss Grace arrived today.When I looked at the box, I was worried that the vase might be damaged.Small, pieced togetherThe box was broken and opened in the spots.The vase was poorly packaged when I opened it.She was stuffed into a very thin bubble bag and put in a small box with very few newspapers to pad her.
Thankfully, she was not abandoned because it would be a disaster.Despite her dangerous journey, the elegant lady is in perfect shape.She looks great in the antique cupboard between her two purple sisters, the lovely \"Princess Di\" and \"Valerie.
I did e-Mailed to the seller to express my disappointment with the packaging, saying that he needs to pack fragile items more safely in the future.
Lark 7 \\ \"head vase (JN-4113)--February 6, 2012 acquisition-
I just grabbed a beautiful blonde in purple.-Her state is primitive!

Head Vase: A Guide to Identification and value.
What do I like best about her?She reminds me of the beautiful Princess Di!
Update--February 11, 2012--My beautiful Princess Di vase arrived today!I\'m very happy with her.-Absolutely gorgeous!
Inarco 5 1/2 \\ \"vase (E-2767)--February 14, 2012 acquisition-
I just won a big blue bow in her hair!This is the cute thing I came out again.Lol!I got her for a reasonable price of $36.00.
The photos in the auction look very good and the seller says the vase is in good condition with no debris, cracks, cracks or paint missing.
Update--February 18, 2012--Pick up the \"blue bow girl\" head vase of P.O.I am very happy with her today.With no debris and cracks, her paint is bright and beautiful with a little shine.\"Sisters\" in Curio\'s Cabinet welcomed her with open arms!
Guest girl \"Eve, 1917 brush beauty\" head bottle--February 26, 2012 acquisition-
I have been admiring this beautiful redIt\'s been a while now and I decided to buy her today (bin on eBay ).Although I like vintage head bottles a lot, Eve is pretty, so I thought I \'d try the new one.
I bought her from the franchise and topWonderful eBay seller Crystalmina.
I will let you know how much I like her when she arrives.
Update--March 1, 2012--I picked up Eve in the was well-Packed, to lightning-Fast speed and perfect conditions.Very beautiful vase, lovely details--From the red poppies that decorate her curls, to her jewelry and the silver \"carved\" brush.I also noticed that this vase (made of bonded porcelain) is much heavier than ordinary porcelain.She entered the cabinet with her seven \"sisters.
\\\"Teen-Rific \"month 1/2\" head vase by enesko--August 2, 2012 acquisition-
It\'s been a while since I bought a new head vase.In July 25, I just saw something I always wanted to buy;I bid and won her for only $26.00, plus $8.05 insurance priority delivery.She is 1/2 tall and is my first mini vase.She is called a teenager\"Rific, \\ \"can also be found as a lipstick holder.
I received her very quickly, packed up very well and in good shape.I \'ve seen other sellers auction this head several times before, but I didn\'t bid because they all had a lot of paint loss.
\"Twisted Hair\" vase in Inarco (E -)2966)--August 9, 2012 acquisition-
Well, well, well!I got a surprise when I got home from work today.I find that I have finally won the twist vase that I have been paying attention to for a long time;This time, she didn\'t slip through my fingers as she used.
I bid on her before I go to work today because the auction will end when I work.I set my highest bid at $300.00.I am the bidder who bid for $224.72, but I didn\'t expect to win her, because there are still 1/2 hours left at the auction ---She made a list for $600.00.But I thought, \"Why not bid?you never know.\"After all the bids were received, I got her for $296.29, barely squeak!Oh, and this.-She has a giant 1/2 tall!Mamma mia!The biggest vase I had before that was 7 \\ \"high.
Update--August 16, 2012--The husband picked up Miss twist at the police may have been sitting there for a few days as we usually only get emails there once or twice a week.Anyway, she\'s in a big box with a lot of foam wrap and padding inside.
I was blown away when I finally untied her!Her face is beautiful, her eyes are bright and her lips are beautiful.Believe it or not, I don\'t see anything crazy.Oh my God, she\'s amazing!I have to take a picture of her with my smallest vase to show you the difference in size.It was a bit dirty because she was used as a vase, but it didn\'t matter.I packed her up.She\'s beautiful!
P.S.This should satisfy my temporary vase addiction.-).
This photo shows the difference in the size of the head bottle.In this photo, there is a vase smaller than a small vase ---2 1/2 \\ \"micro size (originally sold with toothpick )--And a larger vase than the big vase in the picture ---Very rare size 14.If you want to collect vases but have limited space, you may consider collecting mini vases.
Orange hive girl-My second paper.Mache lipstick holder--August 28, 2012 acquisition-
It\'s not a vase, but it\'s very similar.I know, I know--I said that after I bought that beautiful \"twisted hair\" girl, my vase addiction would satisfy for a while, but for a long time, I \'ve always wanted this lipstick holder to be used with my other one, and the honeycomb hairstyle she decorated with a big bow is really cute!
My convoed Etsy seller, EarlyBirdTwo.\"Would you consider selling it to her for $25?00?\\\" I asked.The seller agreed with pleasure and reached an agreement.
I \'ve been looking for this hive beauty on eBay and Etsy and found out that she has five colors and my favorite is blue, gold, green, pink and orange.In addition to the Orange I bought on Ebay for $59, the cheapest orange I see.99 free shipping, she has a defect: there is a letter next to her nose.The only flaw I see with this is the lack of paint;It will be easy to decorate these areas with a little acrylic paint.
She was made in the 1960 s and marked \"Hh\" at the bottom, 10 \"in height;She has three compartments with lipstick, two compartments with eyeliner, or maybe one with the old eye shadow tube.Her total price, including shipping costs, is $35.00.She will keep my other piece of paper.Mache lipstick holder girl company on my dresser;love those big-head girls!
Update--August 30, 2012--The hive girl is waiting at the post office today.Boy, this is the fastest thing I receive from the internet!The seller shipped on the day I paid and arrived two days later--awesome!In addition to the expected age, she is well packaged and in good healthrelated damage.I\'m going to touch her and then take another photo to show off her makeup.
Update--September 3, 2012--I washed the hive girl with a cotton swab and a soft towel with a bit of water, but couldn\'t wash off some traces.For fear of hurting her, I am afraid to use something stronger.Although these marks are small, do not detract from her charm.I then modified her base with a variety of different colors of acrylic paint: real red, apricot and a little bit of burnt umber soil.I also found some missing spots on her hair.I am very satisfied with the results;To be honest, you can\'t say she was moved and the paint was perfect.
After touching the hive girl, I decided that my other lipstick head would need a little help as well.I added a little acrylic paint to her bow with Razzle Berry and Azalea Blush.After I took her picture, I decided that her lips needed to be painted as well, so I added some cuckoo blush to them with a brush.
US imports of unmarked 7 1/4 \\ \"head vase--September 16, 2012 acquisition-
I don\'t usually buy dirty vases, but for $25.The price was so cheap that I decided to take a chance.This vase has no fragments and no cracks.-Just need cleaning.With $8.00 delivery, I paid a total of $33.A vase valued at $200.00.
I believe I can clean the vase with a little water.If not, then what?I will not extend an arm and a leg;I have nothing to lose.Is she not beautiful?
Update--September 29, 2012--
Pick up the beauty of Victorian times at P.O.a few days ago.The packaging is the best I have ever seen: there is a box in the box with a lot of foam packs and newspapers.It took a while to open her heart, but it was well worth it.
She is in good condition and has a slight madness.When I gave her a cotton swab with water, I cleaned her up.The dirt came off and she looked beautiful in my antique box with the other vases.Seize an opportunity that truly pays off;I know a lot about this!
Rubens head vase (1/2)-4135-October 15, 2012 acquisition-
Last night, just before going to bed, I last checked the newly listed vase on eBay.As I scroll through the list, I say to myself, \"there\'s nothing to look;I\'m going to bed.\\ \"So, except for the girl\'s head bottle that Rubens had long admired, what should have appeared before my eyes.Guess what?She \"bought it now\" for only $25.00!I did two shots and wondered if I was right.Let me tell you that I read the auction quickly, checked the pictures and checked the feedback from the buyer.All seemed A-Okay, so I shot the kid before someone else caught her!
I broke my own rules when I bought her because I usually go and buy vases with good shapes.She\'s a little dirty and needs some paint-In a few places, but it\'s okay.I\'m not going to sell her.I bought her because I really like her!I paid $31 in total.00, including delivery.I \'ve always wanted to buy this head but so far I \'ve seen her the cheapest is $125.I really don\'t want to pay that much.The vase looks like a beautiful Swiss lady or a Scandinavian beauty;She is so delicate and beautiful, she is also my 13 vases!;-
Update--October 21, 2012--
I got my lovely knit girl a few days ago.She has some minor defects, but this is to be expected as this old thing once had a plant in it.
I cleaned her up with a little bit of water on the cotton swab and was able to erase traces of her hair and face.
There was a black spot in front of her dress and the paint was gone.I touched the green on her clothes with acrylic paint and touched several spots on her lips.
The flower on her hair has a small fragment, which is called a \"rough point\" in the eBay description \".I filled it with acrylic paint and then applied it to match the rest of the flower.Isn\'t she looking great?I usually look for the best quality vase for $25.I know I can\'t make a mistake.
Enessco 4 1/2 \\ \"Maddy \\\" teenagers-Rifle head vase--November 4, 2012 acquisition-
I\'m happy to win \"Maddy\" (she\'s dark --Beauty with hair on the right );It\'s been a while since I wanted her.The girl also has a larger size of 1/2 and is also made as a lipstick holder with a hole in her head to take the mirror.
I waited a little.-Shipping leaves New York and is delayed due to Hurricane Sandy.But let me tell you-She is definitely waiting!Her packing is very good. There are a lot of bubbles and peanuts in it.Her Enesco sticker is still intact and in its original state.She\'s perfect and I\'m happy too!
Blue honeycomb girl lipstick holder-November 26, 2012 acquisition-
I found myself another hive girl.-It\'s a blue bow this time!She is actually one of the two lipstick holders in the eBay auction;The other one is orange.
I contacted the seller to ask if she would consider selling her separately as I already have the orange one.She agreed. I found her yesterday.
Several of the paint on her base was missing and I touched it with three different colors of blue paint.She looks really cool with her sisters.
There are five tubes for each lipstick holder girl-Shaped lipstick holder close to the fold tray--3-pack standard-size oral red tube, 2-pack small oral red tube or oral red tube of eyeliner.
5 1/2 \"Black Cat and Moon head vase/flowerpot made in Germany--March 14, 2013 acquisition-
While this is not a lady vase, it really caught my eye when I found it on Ruby Lane, a person interested in unique antiques and vintage itemsI like the black cat, I like the moon!What a good combination!
This cute little greenThe Cat in the eye with a hat seems to be playing mandolin.The moon was created with Blue tableware.This is my first time to buy Ruby Lane.It arrived very fast and the shape was very good.
Lark head vase 7 1/4 \\\"--July 2, 2013 acquisition-
Is she not beautiful?Her swirbob Bob, with a lavender decorative comb overhead, looks like a girl of 1920 or 1930 years old.I have been staring at this head for a long time and am watching eBay auctions every day;My wish has finally come true!
She was a lot more than I wanted to pay for, but I made a proposal that I never thought would get her and that proposal was accepted!I can\'t wait to introduce her to the sisters in the cupboard!
Update 7-13-2013--I found her about a week later.-The July 4 holiday slowed shipping.She was very well packed with foam wrap and foam plastic and placed in a box in a very good condition.She is near mint and has a slight madness.She was a little dirty inside so I was going to put the vinegar water in her and have it sit for a while to clean her.
Relpo K1612 vase 7 1/2 \\\"--September 22, 2013 acquisition-
Is she not cute?I have been wanting to buy this girl for a while.I like this blue one best.I was the only bidder to win her for $75.I love her fluffy hair style and it has a full side strike and flip end.She has beautiful blue eyes and fashionable gold --Wrinkled collar.This has some weight for her.When I first picked her up, I was surprised by how much she was.
She arrived very quickly and was in good condition and the packaging was very safe.
Wreath marked vase 6 1/4 \\\"--October 21, 2013 acquisition-
I named this \"Debbie\" after the character of Candy Clark in the 1973 film \"American Graffiti \".The vase is blue instead of the more common pink color.I bought her for less than $50.00, the price is very affordable!She went public for $125.00.
She arrived soon and was in good shape.I got her from eBay seller timetapher.
Inarco 7 \\ \"ghost sister \\\" vase6210)--December 3, 2013 acquisition-
I like this vase. I have been buying her for almost two years.Due to her soft colors, she is often referred to as one of the \"ghost sisters.Her eyes (pupil and eyelid) are painted in a soft brown color instead of a typical black color.
I \'ve been looking at a green one (on eBay) and it\'s in good shape, but since I really want a blue one, I decided to wait and it really pays off.Shortly after the end of the Green Auction, another seller listed the blue auction.I asked the seller some questions before bidding and she answered them quickly and politely.Then I bid to win this beauty.I was ecstatic, especially since I got her for a third price less than the green cost!She was transported very quickly, the packaging was very safe and arrived in perfect condition, which gave her a sigh of relief.I love her heart.Side-shaped face and sultrySweep your hair.She\'s so beautiful!Seller suzanneh17in eBay seller.
Napco 5 1/2 \\ \"head vase--December 24, 2013 acquisition-
My husband and I decided to have lunch outside on Christmas Eve and then visit some of our local antique shops.Since I rarely see head bottles in these stores, I didn\'t expect to find them;When I do this, they are usually duplicates.Well, what should come up with my confused eyes, except for a few vases on a booth!One seems to be made up of unknown manufacturer chalkware, and the other is just a teen vase with a Napco 5 1/2 \"1960\" style hairstyle with a green bow hanging on it.I think she is too expensive, so I don\'t have much hope.When I turned her around to see the price, she was only $19.95!My husband told me it would be crazy not to buy so I would be happy to take his advice.
She is in good shape and has little paint loss.She apparently had a plant once, so her interior was a little dirty, which is not difficult to correct.I\'m thinking of touching her paint a little.We\\\'ll see.She and her sisters look great in the cabinet.\"I am proud and excited for my rare discovery!
Napco 6 \\ \"head vase--January 8, 2014 acquisition-
One day when I was browsing eBay items, I happened to meet this charming Napco head vase BIN for $26!I think it must have a problem, so I checked the description but found no damage, only typical paint scratches, expected to be around 50.The seller (gru2569) has 100% feedback and is at great risk.I took the baby off very quickly and she came a few days later.In fact, she herself looks better than in the picture;What I want to say is that I made a very smart purchase!
Miss New York 7 \\ \"head vase--January 17, 2014 acquisition-
I am happy to win this rare beauty!She\'s on eBay.-\"Buy Now\" or \"quote \".\"I made an offer but was accepted!
She was my first vintage Lady vase with closed eyes and my first raised hand with a \"emerald\" ring on it.The hairstyle she carved was so cool!
I \'ve made a spot for her in my cabinet and the \"girls\" are eagerly looking forward to their new sister!
Update: Miss New York showed up a few days later and in good condition!She\'s a little dirty, so I used Q-Tip and water then take some photos of this charming girl to show off her.
I bought some new vases yesterday.19-2014) for my enjoyment.These books are old and outdated in values, but they are still very helpful.The first is the Encyclopedia of vases by Catherine Cole (1996).The second is the world of vase growers by Mike Posgay and Andian Warner (1992.I am particularly interested in the second one because it has pictures of vintage vase ads and information from early manufacturers and sellers.Looking forward to getting them!
Update: I got the book in a few days and both arrived in good condition.Lots of great photos and information-In particular, the book \"vase planting world\", which includes photos of vintage vase advertisements, I found this book rich in content and helpful.I like to know the manufacturer of the head bottle and the various manufacturing processes used.
Inarco E-3157 Head Vase--March 7, 2014 acquisition-
I named this vase \"pebble\" because her hairstyle is very much like the Pebble of \"fl Stone.
It\'s been a while since I wanted to buy her, but it\'s hard for her to find.I have seen her several times on eBay and she is defective so I did not bid on her.
One day I was happy when this came up on eBay, as you might have guessed, I grabbed her.This lovely person is in good shape and adds a great deal to my collection.
Artmark 5 \\ \"It\'s hard to find a double nun head vase--March 16, 2014 acquisition-
Isn\'t that cute?I was going through my Dave Barron book when I met Artmark\'s double nun head vase with an umbrella.I think, \"How cute is that?\"I decided at the time that I would buy it the next time it was sold on eBay.I lucked out--Just a few days later, the vase appeared on eBay for auction and usually lost an umbrella.I\'m so excited!
I bid in the last few seconds of the auction and I won!I paid a little more than I thought, but these cute little cuties are definitely worth it!The vase is in good shape and is a great addition to my collection.I love it!
Update--July 11, 2017--
A few weeks ago, I found a cute double nun pot at an antique shopping mall that matched my double nun head vase.Her umbrella is missing, but most of them are missing.I searched the internet for other people and wanted to see what the umbrella looked like, but I only found one and the umbrella disappeared.Because this is a small plantation owner, I believe the original umbrella will be smaller than the one inserted in the head.I love this flowerpot with or without an umbrella, I show the flowerpot and vase in the middle of my blonde hairCabinet of the century.
Napco 5 1/2 \\ \"ponytail girl head vase--March 19, 2014 acquisition-
I \'ve been wanting to buy this cute one for a while, but every time I sell it on eBay, I find it has a problem ---Until this is listed.Wait until the last few seconds to bid, and when I grabbed her for an unheard of $13, I couldn\'t believe it.07!It seems that some eBay bidders \"fell asleep while driving \".
She is 1/2 tall and according to my book The World of vase growers, she was made in 1960.
She was in good condition when she came, but it was a bit dirty, so I washed her clean with water.Now she sparkles, especially the \"engagement\" ring on her fingers!
7 1/2 \\ \"Relpo bubble dress girl--April 25, 2014 acquisition-
When I first saw this lovely lady on eBay, I was completely fascinated by her fluffy hairstyle and started to make her my own.I didn\'t bid the highest until the last few seconds of the auction and barely won her.
Later I found out that I took the beauty from a friend who had made a high bid before.She\'s fine-Still, you will be glad to know that we are still the best friends.;-
Her luxurious fluffy hairstyle, subtly attracted to the dark blue ribbon, is simply sacred, and her sleeveless yellow bubble dress is choking!
Seven 1/2 \"Corkscrew hair vases in Brinn--May 12, 2014 acquisition-
I have been looking for this head bottle for a long time and this is my favorite one and I want her to wear black hair.I caught her when the condition was perfect.In fact, I got her for a very good price, which benefited me from the relatively high price I had previously purchased a bubble girl.
Shipping was slow and the seller explained one by one why she hadn\'t shipped yet, but when the vase finally arrived I was overturned!In perfect condition, there is vivid face paint and nothing crazy!I\'m glad to punch in!
Lefton 6 \\ \"young girl with flower hair ornament head vase--July 14, 2014 acquisition-
This little cute is made by leffton. she is 6 \"tall.I have been looking for her for more than two years!The first time I saw her, she was in a showcase at an antique store and the fare was $85.00.I didn\'t want to pay that much and her paint was gone, so I tried to negotiate a cheaper price but the seller refused to give in.
Every day, I look at the items on eBay for her religiously.It took more than two years for the vase to finally appear.Needless to say, I\'m glad to see her sell.
She bought it for $45.99.I can\'t believe it!I quickly looked at the description and the photos.Everything looks good so I picked up that baby!She was in very good condition when she arrived.-Looks like she just came out of the factory!She\'s one of my favorite vases.-Not only because she is beautiful, but also because she is hard to get!
Cape girl holding flowers 5 3/4 \\ \"unmarked head vase (C6049 )--July 18, 2014 acquisition-
This lovely sea green cloak caught my eye with a polka dot headband on its dark blonde hair.She had the most charming flower in her hand and the sweetest expression on her face.I won her on eBay for $32.79.She is in good shape.The only flaw I see is that there is a gap in front of her left;It looks like it was done in her manufacturing process.She lives with other \"children\" on the first floor of the cupboard.
The blue girl holds a vase with the head of the cat, 5 3/4 \\\"--July 18, 2014 acquisition-
I found this cute little cute in a local antique shop and bought her the same day.\\ \"She was stuffed into a showcase with many other head vases in it and I could hardly see her!
When the salesperson took her out to let me see her, I realized that I had forgotten my glasses so I couldn\'t look at her very well.My husband said he didn\'t see any damage, but I still wanted to see her in person to determine her condition.
The cashier lent me her magnifying glass.It helps but unfortunately not as good as my reading glasses.When the cashier rings on each finger (including her thumb) and tries to help, I flinch and pick up the head bottle, start hitting her with a touch, touch when her gem-like fingers hit her at every turn, and at the same time she announces \"it\'s no problem!\"I want to say,\" you will have a lot of problems if you don\'t put that vase down!Long story short, the \"weird lady\" finally put down the vase so I could take her home.\"Kitten girl\" now lives in several other \"children\" in Cabinet 2.
Relpo (K1939) in black hat and trendy hairstyle 7 \\ \"girl--July 27, 2014 acquisition-
\\ \"Trendy hair lady\" was found in a set of vases that were placed on several display stands at an out-of-state antique mall we visited to find new antique cabinets.I\'m really not interested in other vases, but I do like her and her price is $48.00, better!I asked the salesperson to call the seller to see if she would cut the price.She did not fall too much, only 42 dollars.00 is better than $48.00!
Although I glanced at her in the store, it wasn\'t until I brought her home that I noticed a small chip under her bow.Not obvious, but I may decide to fix it in the future.
By the way, we are also happy to find a new (Antique) antique cabinet in the same antique mall!I show my lady growers in there.
Update--8-4-15--I fixed the chip with a product called J -.I bought B Weld at Lao.It was very simple to use, and it worked quickly.I cut down the amount I need, knead it, shape it, press it where there is a gap, and let it dry.I polished it a few days later (make sure to wear a dust mask) and smooth and shape it in the process.I applied a few layers of matching acrylic paint on it and it looked great!You can never guess that the bow has been fixed!
Unmarked 5 \\ \"Umbrella Girl head vase made in Japan--September 15, 2014 acquisition-
The umbrella woman is my second umbrella female head vase, and the first is the double nun.She\'s been on the list and re-listed.Listed on eBay a few times, no bid, but looks in good shape.Her only problem was a missing umbrella rod that was replaced by a wooden ske.I made a quote to the seller (she sold it for $24.95 or bid), got her for only $20.00.My husband cut a 6 1/2 length for her pole from the wire rack and she is as good as the new one!
Britgit Relpo month \"see-Like a vase-September 16, 2014 acquisition-
I am happy to buy this beautiful thing from eBay for $37.66.It is appropriate for someone to call her \"Brigitte Bado.The price of this vase is usually very high, so when I saw the price, I took another look.Apart from her hat, the vase looks in very good condition and the hat is missing a lot of paint.I took a chance to find her for a song.
She was soon shipped out.Brigitte is one of the best packaging jobs I \'ve ever seen, he\'s wrapped in foam, wrapped up with wrapped peanuts, put them in a box, and put them in a larger box, more packed peanuts around-Great!
When I looked at her, I was very satisfied with her condition;She looks better than Auction Photos!I repainted her hat today with liquid acrylic paint and I am very happy with the results!
Relpo (2207) 5 1/2 \\ \"teen vase--October 29, 2014 acquisition-
I got this little cute from someone who inherited the grandmother\'s head vase series.As a man (although I know some people who collect vases), he is not particularly interested in hanging on a vase.
He posted some photos of the collection in our vase group and I think she is cute!I found her within 2 days of payment (via PayPal) and I fell in love with her!I got her at a very high price.-$25, she is a highlight of my collection!
\"Lauren\" 7 \"teen head vase--November 8, 2014 acquisition-
Lauren bid or bid on eBay.I made a quote and the seller also made it and I accepted it.
She was a little dirty so I cleaned her up and I also touched her blue jumper with leaking spots.She is an unmarked vase so I am not sure who the manufacturer is.
I like her look.-It\'s so realistic and beautiful!
This is a photo of courio cabinets #2 and 3.They are mid-Century modern, from 1950--\\\'60s era.One day, when my husband and I went out to visit, I found the blonde cupboard on the left.I want to buy it but he doesn\'t because we don\'t have room to buy it.Long story short, I let him believe that I can succeed when we get home.
A few days later, while I was working, he drove all the way there and came back (a four-hour trip) to surprise me for Valentine\'s Day.When I walked into the door and saw huge things covered with blankets in the middle of the floor, it was so exciting!With its spectacular size, I\'m sure it\'s not hard to guess what it is!I like gold wood.The sliding glass door closed tightly and stopped the dust very well.
About a year later, in another fun antique outing, the dark cabinets on the right were purchased.And sliding glass doors that I like.The bottom is a great place to store my old photos, another obsession for me.As you can see, there is enough space for the new head vase-Now, anyway!;-
The cabinets are in my art studio/computer room where I spend most of my waking hours;My Vase (and other treasures) is therefore very popular.
Inarco (E-2767) 5 3/4 \\ \"little girl head vase--November 24, 2014 acquisition-
This cute little head vase is my second little girl head vase with a blue bow.She bid or bid on eBay.I made an offer for $27 and was accepted.Overall I bought this little cute for $31 including shipping.
I can walk around some of my vases;I think it would look very cute for her to show with another blue bow girl!
Vase with green lark head-December 7, 2014 acquisition-
I decided to include her with her (almost) twin sister instead of posting photos of my latest purchase separately.Don\'t they look great together?Both stations are very high.
I am very satisfied with my recent purchase.I was a little hesitant about bidding her because she seemed to have a gap in the picture.The seller assured me she had no chips.But in the end I retreated and decided not to bid.About a week later, the seller reignited the vase with the added photos so that the buyer might see the edges better.I decided to bid this time and I was the only bidder to win the auction!She\'s in good shape, nothing crazy!Beautiful colors too!I bought her from eBay seller sarasotagto.I love her!
Elegant Lady head vase aquarium-December 14, 2014 acquisition-
One night, while browsing eBay\'s list of new head vases, I found a \"elegant lady\" head vase with brunette sausage curls.This list apparently just showed up because I just checked this list a few minutes ago.I can\'t believe the seller only asked for $15!\\ \"What\'s the problem with it?\\\" I wondered.Needless to say, I quickly read the description, checked the photos and bought the treasure before someone else grabbed it!
I always wanted to buy this girl to pair with my blonde girl.These five are mentioned by many people.\"The tall ellesco head vase\" South Belles.\\ \"Since she looks good with her sister, I decided to release both of them together.This is the second time I have purchased the cheapest vase so far.
Inverco flip the hair head vase--January 5, 2015 acquisition-
This exquisite 7 \\ \"Lady with flip hairstyle was the first vase I bought for 2015.I love her stylish hairstyle and elegant ring.Unlike most of the vases I purchased, this one was not purchased through eBay, but by personal purchase.
She is in good shape and I like her very much!She does have a few tiny spots on her hair that I \'ve touched that lack paint, and a tiny spot on her clothes.Not crazy at all.Fantastic buy!
Purple bow vase girl beauty--January 6, 2015 acquisition-
The vase is a trash can for $39.99--Good price.I have never seen this for sale before, so I was interested from the beginning.She hadn\'t been on eBay for a long time before I took her away.She was not marked so who the producer was a mystery.
She is about 1/2 tall and a little dirty and lacks a few pieces of paint on her eyes pupil and lips.I cleaned her and wiped the paint and now she looks great!
\\\"Teen-Girl in PomPom Hat (E-Head vase-8028-January 18, 2015 acquisition-
I really like this Enesco 5 3/4 \\ \"head vase!According to my book David Barron, collecting vases: A Guide to Identification and value, she made it in 1969 and promoted it in the catalogue as a \"teenager\"Rific.
She\'s a funky girl in a lime green hat with a pink pomPom accent, looks great with her \"teen\"\"Sisters.
I missed another site like her a few months ago and was happy to win this award on eBay.She arrived soon and was in good condition.
Inarco ponytail girl with engagement ring head vase--January 18, 2015 acquisition-
When my lavender ponytail arrived lovely, I decided to do something special ---Since Valentine\'s Day is less than two weeks away, I fixed a special exhibition with a sparkling fantasy mesh panel, covered in a wooden heart shaped trinket box and with her sister
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