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Ellfamily was injured in a drunk driving accident;
Autopsy showed that the cause of Pittman\'s death was drugs.
A friend of Farah Fawcett\'s memoir; Killer Ratings? ;
Beef Buttafuoco;
August 12, 2009 heroin explosion broadcast in China
ETTHIS is a hurried transcript.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated. (Start Video)JANE VELEZ-Host Mitchell (voice-over)
Tonight, a family torn apart by alcohol and denial.
A man is on the New York highway, and when his sister is drunk and smoking marijuana, his three beautiful little daughters are speeding.
Now the scabs-faced father is calling out that he is not just blaming his dead sister.
According to the New York Post, the family was angry with the driver\'s husband, who refused to accept the fact that his wife was drinking before the terrible car accident.
Did drugs kill Billy Mace?
In his autopsy, he even mentioned that the family of the famous TV host was dissatisfied with drugs. But now it\'s a world.
The famous forensic doctor said the coroner did not do far enough.
He believes drug use is a direct cause of his death.
Don\'t call Joey butaboko an anti-social person or you may be prosecuted.
But he sued his predecessor.
Because she wrote a new book. Unbelievable.
The first butafogo cheated his wife.
Then his mistress shot at his wife\'s face, but he was the one who played the victim.
Plus another sad twist in the tragic legend of the Hollywood Prince.
Michael Douglas\'s son has been put under house arrest on ice poison charges.
It is said that his girlfriend was caught while trying to sneak him heroin?
Can we come to the conclusion that \"there is nothing more to show that I love you than the poison mule that became your boyfriend?
Now the problem begins. (END VIDEOTAPE)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Tonight, a family torn apart by alcohol and death.
The family of three little girls was killed in that terrible mistake.
The traffic accident caused by their drunkenness
Aunt Diane Schuler, who was driving, reportedly cut off all contact with Diane\'s husband, Daniel.
Diane\'s upset brother, William Hahn, reportedly entrusted his sister to his precious child, was angered after the accident and killed Dianeyear-
Daughter and three men in an SUV.
William ace found that Diane had the equivalent of 10 alcoholic drinks and smoked pots that morning.
But that\'s not the only thing he\'s unhappy about.
Listen to his brother-in-
The law has the courage to say. (
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Diane\'s husband, Daniel Schuler: I know, my heart is clear and she\'s not drinking.
She\'s not an alcoholic. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: It\'s unbelievable.
The Hance family cut off contact with Daniel and sought comfort from the Bastardi family in an unusual place.
When they had a head injury, they lost their father and brother in a terrible crash.
In Diane\'s van.
Bastadi also did not believe what Daniel Schuler said.
Listen to what they said on Monday\'s Today show. (
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I don\'t believe everything we hear from the Shule family.
You know, when he says his heart is clear, my heart is broken at night, okay?
I lost my father and brother.
My family was shocked by this.
But I think if he-he`s in denial.
Because somehow somewhere along this line, you have to know that someone can drink like this. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: according to the news daily, Daniel told the police that sometimes Diane Schuler drinks and smokes.
He knows she has a problem, is it possible?
But what exactly happened that morning?
Daniel said she was fine when she left the camp.
She reportedly had a meal at a McDonald\'s on her way home.
So, when is everything really bad?
The only survivor of the accident, Diane\'s son, 5-year-
Old Brian is now recovering from a serious head injury, can he reveal any information on that fatal morning?
We will analyze all this.
Go directly to my wonderful Group: Brenda Wade, a criminal psychologist;
Criminal investigator, Steve cadean, founder of the University of Defense;
Darren Kavinoky, lawyer for criminal defense;
Stacey Honowitz, Florida prosecutor;
Matthew Lysiak, The Daily News reporter.
\"Matthew, you \'ve been telling this story since the first day.
What is the latest?
Matthew Lysiak, Daily News reporter: Jane, thank you for inviting me.
I just spoke to a close friend of the Shule family on the phone and flatly denied reports that they had cut off contact with Hances. VELEZ-MITCHELL:Wow. LYSIAK:Yes.
I have also spoken to the lawyer for bastades, who is also in dispute with the reports quoted and published, saying--
The sentence he gave me was \"absolutely wrong \".
Never said. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, I know they said they would give any money from the Foundation ---
I\'m talking about the Hance family. -
For the bastades, they also plan to meet and comfort each other, as they all lost their loved ones in this terrible crash.
What do you know about those published reports?
Completely correct.
I spoke to their lawyer yesterday. Great loss
Very sad.
And their hearts go out to the Bastardis.
They are another victim in this matter, and they want to show the expression of mutual sadness.
They thought maybe they could get together sometime in the future.
No dates have been arranged yet, but they want to get together and comfort each other about what happens.
Try to understand from this point. VELEZ-
So Brenda Wade, there\'s a lot of public coverage.
The story has attracted national attention.
Here are some conflicting stories.
Of course, we would like to invite the Hance family to clarify this fact.
Obviously they are grieving and we understand that they may want to maintain their privacy right now.
But if they feel they want to discuss all of these nuances, we would be happy to have them go ahead with the discussion.
But we heard that they were going to visit with bastadis and that basadis lost loved ones when the minivan crashed into their SUV.
So you two comfort each other. . .
Brenda Wade, a clinical psychologist: That\'s right. VELEZ-
Mitchell: but it seems that the guy who didn\'t attend that little meeting outside was the driver\'s husband.
Wade: it\'s his husband.
That\'s the husband.
That makes sense, Jane.
Because at the end of the day, we have several complex dynamics. No.
1. the husband is guilty of communication.
His wife is the perpetrator of the killing of the young children of the Hance family, and the son and father of the batadi family, as well as their passengers.
So when people are sad, the first thing most people feel is anger and anger in addition to shock.
How can this happen?
We want someone to take responsibility.
Now, I open my heart to all of them.
Because you see, this is a man, he may be outside, but he lost his wife and daughter. And his 5-year-
The son is in the hospital.
So everyone is injured in this situation.
But I must say that I know to deny it when I hear it. And so do you.
He is deep in the river in Africa. the spelling of the river is N-I-L-E. He is denying it.
It is impossible for him not to know that there is a problem with his wife.
You can\'t live with someone who can effectively hide the level of drinking and cannabis use. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, I think--
I would like to discuss it because there are some drinkers in the particularly smart closet that we say they are related.
He\'s not really guilty, maybe it\'s just a press conference. . .
No, he\'s innocent. -
But the other found him guilty.
This is how the other family sees him. VELEZ-
Mitchell: everybody stays there.
I will have more on this terrible mistakeway crash.
Eight people died, with more waves in 30 seconds. (
Business break)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Let\'s come back and discuss this terrible mistake. way crash.
There are conflicting reports tonight, and some of the public reports claim that there is a rift in the family, because basically Diane Schuler drove her to the dead three nieces, and those dead nieces are now meeting with family members who have lost their loved ones in the crashed SUV.
This is a head. on collision.
According to the toxicology report, Diane Schuler was drunk and walked the wrong route for nearly two miles.
This is a cautionary tale.
What we\'re talking about here is does the husband know she has a problem?
He said she had no problem. She was --
Barely drunk, but there are reports that Stacey Honowitz, when they first interviewed him, said something different to law enforcement.
According to a report published in the news daily, he told law enforcement for the first time that she sometimes drinks and smokes.
That\'s not what he said at the press conference.
Florida prosecutor stacey honowitz: No, I don\'t know when he decided he really should step back, you know, don\'t make any recognition.
But I think it\'s difficult. -
I mean, apart from the terrible things that happened, people say to themselves, if he knew she had a problem, would he let his child be affected by her behavior?
Do you know what I mean?
For example, if he knew she had this terrible drinking problem and she was drunk, why would he put his own child in the car with her?
So I think the analysis should be like this.
How much does he know?
How did she go from a social drinker to the amount of alcohol she said she had blood alcohol levels?
It\'s just a terrible way to look at things around you.
I don\'t think you will ever understand-
As for whether he knew she was an alcoholic, he said less. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Let\'s talk about the timeline.
Schuler insisted that his wife was sober that morning and everything was-
When his wife squeezed into their car with their four children. (
Start Video Editing)
Shule: she\'s fine.
We had a cup of coffee in the morning.
We packed up the car as usual. We headed out.
Just like we go there every other weekend or every weekend. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Diane Schuler broke up with her husband around 9: 30 that day.
She and the children stopped at a McDonald\'s 15 miles from the camp.
They left there at about 10: 30.
The staff told the police that she looked good.
About 1, 8 of Schuler-year-
The old niece called her dad and said that Shule was funny to talk to and it was hard to see.
About thirty minutes later, Schuler\'s car hit the head. on with an SUV.
Steve Cadia, there are some strange things here.
You\'re an investigator.
She was there. -
She gave up her phone, okay?
This leads me to believe that this is a crazy theory.
I have no evidence.
Could this be suicide?
Criminal Investigator steve kardian: well, Jane, I don\'t think it\'s a suicide.
I think it\'s a fallen indifference to human life and murder.
I think she is already drunk and may be a habitual drinker. When you --when you --
You mix marijuana with alcohol and you can increase the effect of alcohol by five times. VELEZ-
Yes, you can!
The key is that everyone says he has to know;
Husband must know.
That\'s what I think about this issue, Darren cavink.
I\'m a recovering alcoholic who\'s been drinking for 14 years.
I always told the audience that.
I happen to be the kind of person who goes out for drinks, bars and restaurants.
But I know that I have spoken to alcohol drinkers who are secretly drinking, and they will hide the bottles.
This has been happening.
They even hide from the closest people.
Wade: Jane, that also means-
This means that someone ignores the symptoms because everyone who drinks has a mood change.
Darren KAVINOKY, criminal defense lawyer: No, no need
Wade: or they get too tired in the morning.
There will be many symptoms. . . VELEZ-
Mitchell: Remember, he works the night shift!
He works the night shift.
I have a problem with this. VELEZ-
Mitchell: he\'s not there at night, so he probably didn\'t see her drinking.
But there are a lot of people--
In my professional practice, this is a criminal defense, I focus on cases involving alcohol and drugs, and I often see the consequences of these criminal arrests. And I can`t. . . VELEZ-
Mitchell: What are you talking about?
KAVINOKY: a lot of people come to me and say families they don\'t know.
It\'s very effective for people to hide. LYSIAK:Jane --
Jane, can I get one thing here soon? VELEZ-
Mitchell: very fast.
LYSIAK: We \'ve been looking for anyone in at least 30 bars who can say to see this woman drinking.
We haven\'t found anyone yet. I just think we should step back.
There is still a lot to tell about this story.
This is obviously a cautionary tale.
But you can\'t judge this very quickly. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Okay.
Well, Matthew.
More information about the error
It collapsed in an instant.
Is the driver\'s husband worth the heat?
Give it to me, 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-2977. Weigh in.
Then an autopsy was performed on the famous Pitman Billy Mees and found that he had cocaine in his body.
His family disputed the findings.
An experienced forensic doctor will sort out the facts for us here.
He\'s seen the drug report.
But first wrong.
Way crash has sparked a heated family dispute.
However, some people say no, family grievances are exaggerated.
They won\'t cut this guy off.
What is the truth?
Conflicting reports
The driver\'s husband strongly denied that his wife was drunk and drank too much. (
Start Video Editing)
Schuler: My heart is clear, I know. she didn\'t drink.
She\'s not an alcoholic.
Unidentified male: are you trying to say that you don\'t believe that she doesn\'t have a drunk toxicology report?
Woman: That can\'t be true.
Unidentified male: Are you saying she can\'t get drunk?
Woman: No way.
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Woman: OK.
Tell me what happened.
Woman: I don\'t know.
I woke up just now. I went to see him and turned him over. His lips were purple.
Are you with him now?
Woman: Yes.
Woman: How old is he?
Female: 50 years old.
Is he awake?
Woman: No.
Is he breathing?
Woman: No, and he\'s cold. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Billy Myers\'s wife called 911 on the day he died.
But now, Meles\'s wife says his autopsy results are speculative.
She was angry because the coroner\'s office said cocaine was a factor that led to his death and they found traces of Vicodin, oscomin, Anding, Andino and alcohol
Is this another case of blaming the messenger, and Meles\'s outspoken wife, as Daniel Schuler claims his wife is drinking and taking drugs --
Full toxicology report is totally wrong, just make yourself worse?
Go back to my excellent group, but first look directly to my Honorable doctor of forensic pathologist, Dr. Cyril Wecht. Dr.
You\'re famous, Vichy.
From the assassination of Kennedy to the death of Anna Nicole Smith\'s son, you have weighed everything.
You saw this autopsy report.
You are saying that the cause of death is not heart disease, but an acute combination of drug toxicity. Toxicity.
Doctor, did that mean a cocktail killed him? DR.
Cyril Weicht, forensic pathologist: Yes.
He has six central nervous system inhibitors, one of which is alcohol.
As you said just now, hydrogen ketogenic, oxkangding, Antino, Anding and Tramadal are another anesthetic.
So when you have six brain-suppression drugs, they accumulate to suppress both the lungs and the heart.
I think he is more vulnerable because his heart is somewhat enlarged and there is a local atheroma, a major coronary artery hardens.
But when you can lead to cocaine death directly, he doesn\'t have the discovery you did encounter. Expand. . . VELEZ-
Mitchell: Can I ask you a question about cocaine? Because there\'s so much controversy? WECHT:Yes. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, he didn\'t use cocaine the day he died.
There is evidence that he used cocaine in the days before his death.
In general, what is going on here?
Well, that\'s what they\'re talking about.
There is no evidence that he took cocaine shortly before his death, so I think my point further confirms that cocaine did not really work in his death.
Cocaine is a stimulant.
It\'s not doping that killed him.
Those six kinds of pressure-reducing drugs.
Cocaine can lead to death in rare cases, usually due to coronary spasm, sometimes even stroke. VELEZ-Mitchell: I can--
Doctor, can I jump in and ask you?
Yes, please. VELEZ-
Mitchell: I guess the biggest dispute is whether he\'s on cocaine or not?
As you can see in the tox report, does it indicate that yes, there is evidence that he was taking cocaine, whether it was causing him to die or causing him to die? WECHT:Yes.
The presence of major metabolites of cocaine.
Cocaine itself has broken down the main metabolic product in Billy Mez, benzalichanin.
But, as you have already said, it suggests that he may have taken it in the last 48 hours. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Stacey Honowitz, did the family come out and say \"this original forensic report is bad\" and it makes the situation worse?
Now we have a report on drug use.
I don\'t know if they make things worse, but I mean, you know, it sounds sinister.
No one is willing to believe that anyone in their family is involved and has all the drugs in their system.
They don\'t want the public to know what they know in secret.
Can I ask the doctor a question? VELEZ-MITCHELL:Sure.
Horowitz: doctor, I would like to ask, do you know if he is taking this medication on an ongoing basis like every day last month. . . VELEZ-
Mitchell: Time\'s running out. hurry up. HONOWITZ:. . .
Is this a cumulative effect or how does this happen? Was it a build-
Did you take medicine or a day?
This is a good question.
No, no cumulative effect.
These drugs are usually metabolized and discharged by the kidneys and urine after the liver breaks down.
They will not accumulate. VELEZ-
Mitchell: doctor, did you do that? -
Are you doing this for fun or are you hired? Just yes or no. WECHT:No, I --
I haven\'t been hired yet. VELEZ-MITCHELL:OK. All right. Thank you.
Thank you, doctor. Wecht. Come back soon. I`m a big fan. A jaw-Story of falling-
Thank you to the other members of my group.
Brazilian police investigate a television presenter suspected of killing people for ratings? (
Business break)VELEZ-
Mitchell: In tonight\'s spotlight, Farah Fawcett struggles with the pain of cancer and her close friends who accompany her until the end.
Alana Stewart\'s new book The Journey of me and Farrah records their decades of history
Long friendship, from the glory of Hollywood to the hard day and night in the hospital.
Stewart spent the past three years with Farah, trying to help her survive.
She wrote all the most personal feelings about it into her book.
I would like to welcome my special guest, Alana Stewart.
Thank you for joining us.
Alana Stewart, author of my journey with Farah: Thank you for inviting me. VELEZ-
Mitchell: I am very, very pleased to hear part of the proceeds from the Farrah Fawcett Foundation. Good for you.
It\'s been less than two months since Farrah was lost.
Does this help you with the missing things: talking about it, documentaries, diaries, all of this?
Is it helpful to you?
Stewart: You know, I think it\'s hard to talk about Farah so quickly, because time is obviously not what I planned.
But when I read the first book of the book, I was happy that I did it because it brought her memory back to my heart and mind so clearly.
I hope it can do this for anyone reading it.
You know, sometimes you go through an experience that\'s so important, and over time, memories get blurred.
I don\'t want this experience to happen. Too much life.
Change for meVELEZ-
Mitchell: you also helped make the documentary \"The story of Farah\" that aired on NBC\'s May, which includes some very tough, bitter moments.
Let\'s listen to a clip. (
Start Video Editing)
Actress Farah Fawcett: I\'m just thinking how much I miss the rain sometimes.
I wonder if I can experience it from heaven. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Alana, it\'s a hard thing to do, and I see that it\'s done, of course, in the form of a diary.
As the condition becomes more and more obvious, if you leave something out, you will say, \"This is her privacy. I cannot --
Can\'t I share \"?
Stewart: You know, as far as the documentary is concerned, Farah has a great grasp of her decision and sometimes she decides to make it a documentary.
It was only for her personal use.
She handed me the camera and said, \"Here you take a picture of this meeting with the doctor so I can remember.
\"That\'s how things started.
Once she decided to make it a documentary, she made the decision so she could help others and get her message across there.
That was when she started her foundation. VELEZ-
Mitchell: What\'s her message?
What is the main message she wants to convey?
Stewart: Well, she wants people to know that there are other treatments.
She wants to talk more about her own cancer, a cancer that many people are embarrassed to talk about. Anal cancer.
Most importantly, she also wants to tell people not to give up and keep fighting anyway.
I believe that\'s what she did.
I think she is so inspiring. VELEZ-
Mitchell: What did you learn?
I remember a friend who passed away. I was moved by her courage.
I think of this whenever I have a problem.
What did you learn from this experience?
I learned a lot, Jane.
I know, because of Farah\'s strength and bravery, I find that walking along this path with her, I can find a strength in my heart that I don\'t know I have.
I mean, believe me, I used to faint when I saw a nail.
It really changed my life. And I also --
Learn to enjoy every moment of life. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Thank you, Arana.
You will be back soon.
We don\'t have time.
I really like this book very much. (
Business break)JANE VELEZ-
Mitchell, host HLN: Don\'t call Joey butafuko an anti-social person or you may be prosecuted.
Butafoko sued his predecessor.
Because she wrote a new book. Unbelievable.
First butaffy cheated his wife, then his mistress patted her in the face, but he was the one who played the victim.
Plus another sad twist in the tragic story of the Hollywood Prince: Michael Douglas\'s son has been placed under house arrest on ice poison charges;
His girlfriend was allegedly arrested while trying to sneak him heroin.
Tonight: An incredible real crime story you won\'t believe.
A television crime show has a high ratings because the police say the host of the show has been ordering hot shows;
Like killing people. That`s right.
Brazilian police say the host of a television crime show is under investigation because he may order the killing so that the TV camera of the show can become the first person to appear on the scene. Thus increasing the popularity and ratings of the program.
This gives a new meaning to the old saying \"killer ratings\" on TV.
The top police investigating the case slammed the TV host Walter Sousa without mercy (ph)
Said they were investigating him for as many people as possible. -
Are you sitting down? -four, slayings. (
Start Video Editing)
Thomas Augusto Vasconcelos, director of Brazilian police intelligence: To be honest, he even ordered the crime to be committed to create news for the project. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-MITCHELL:Wow.
The host of the show is also a state councillor and a former police officer, although it is a shameful policeman.
Prosecutors say they are also investigating the television presenter\'s alleged involvement in drug trafficking and gangs.
So what did this host say to himself?
Well, he said he was innocent and all this was just his political enemy to get him.
Go directly to my panel of experts: come back to me, Darren cavink, criminal defense lawyer and Florida prosecutor Stacey Honowitz.
Darren, we all know that TV is a movie.
But this is ridiculous.
Darren kavinoky, criminal defense lawyer: You know, Jane, you have to give this guy some creativity.
It\'s a slow news day and no one likes to sit there waiting for things to happen.
You have to implement it. VELEZ-
Mitchell: You know, I \'ve been a journalist for years, and I used to fantasize that I\'m a live journalist driving around the street looking for news, and I would fantasize, why do I always get the news after the news breaks?
Why do I always chase what has happened and I\'m playing catch upup?
KAVINOKY: There\'s a big advantage in being the first person to show up on the spot, and this guy obviously took advantage of that fact.
If these facts are true, it\'s amazing.
Obviously, this is outrageous, but he claims to be innocent.
We have to wait for the justice system to fix that. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Counsel for the alleged Brazilian television host Walter Sousa says investigators have investigated his client-nothing. Listen to this. (
Start Video Editing)
Francesco Ballero, defense lawyer for Brazilian television hosts: all investigations undertaken by the public sector and the police in this task have so far failed to provide any evidence. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Maybe it\'s a bad reality show. we\'re all stuck in it.
The House of the TV host Walter Sousa is scrolled by the camera, which is the actual search you are looking.
Look at those bullets.
They found ammunition, they found weapons, they found thousands of dollars in cash in the safe.
I don\'t know a reporter with this.
I know that anyway.
So far, no charges have been made against him in these murders.
Stacey, I have an opinion on these allegations.
You know, you tell the story first.
Television is what you call a collaborative business, so there\'s a lot of people involved.
So there are photographers, homework editors, journalists, and producers.
If I were a journalist, he had been sent to the murder scene before the police arrived and before someone knew it, after a while, I will start to wonder if my assignment editor is a psychic or a madman.
Florida prosecutor stacey honowitz: Yes, I mean, that\'s why they think there\'s something wrong here just because of the fact that you just mentioned.
Somewhere inside, it was revealed to the police that the killings occurred at the request of the television host.
That\'s what we\'re talking about.
If you arrive there before the police arrive and you have arrived there four times and the same incident has happened, then it is clear that there is an internal job.
I think he found something at home. -
You said, I think they\'re investigating him, too, probably because of drug trafficking and some gangs.
Related events.
So it\'s all a big survey, and of course, I\'m sure he thinks his competitors are trying to get close to him. VELEZ-
Oh, my God.
You have to ask yourself. -
Let me go on, because it\'s definitely very attractive.
These days, we\'re dealing with a crazy TV scene in the US and you have to ask yourself what\'s going to happen next.
Of course, we all have our own real crime shows in the United States like the police.
This may be a bit too realistic.
But these allegations that the Brazilian TV host ordered the murder of the show, uh, have--
A pioneer in pop culture.
Do you remember the movie \"Internet?
\"Do you remember where the protagonist Howard bill was (ph)
, The TV program anchor was killed in the live broadcast for the ratings?
This is the irony of Internet TV a few years ago.
A lot of people looked at it and said, oh my God, could this be a prophecy about television, the vast wasteland, as they said at the time.
A lot of people think this is a cautionary story and we are on a bad path and it is becoming a force of evil rather than kindness.
KAVINOKY: Well, I just wanted to ask if the audience wanted to see if the idea of these murders would bother others.
I mean, really. . .
Horowitz: It\'s definitely a rating. grabber.
This is a terrible story, if any.
But if he wants his ratings to go up, they will go bankrupt. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Yes.
I mean, but he won\'t have a show when he\'s doing life or getting an electric chair.
Stay there, Stacey, Darren.
We have made dramatic developments in the relationship between Long Island\'s most notorious former couple, Mary Joe and Joey butafoko.
The butafcos family was a household name in 1992. -
You remember this. -Joey`s 16-year-
The old mistress, Amy Fisher, shot his wife in the face. (
Start Video Editing)
Amy Fisher filmed Mary Joe butafoko: I had an affair with a married man, and Joey knew what I meant about his wife and he encouraged me. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Mary Joe survived and she stayed with her for about ten years before her husband resigned.
Mary Joe has just written a book about her ex.
She called him the anti-social husband.
Angry Joey is suing his ex now.
The wife accused her of slandering his good reputation.
I recently spoke here with Mary Jo butafuko about a few issues and she talked about the moment the light bulb came into her mind and she realized ---
According to her-
Joey is an anti-social person.
The predecessor of Joe butafco, Mary Joe butafco
Wife: My son gave me a look. of-
\"Mom, he\'s a social Road,\" he said.
He will never get it and will never change.
I don\'t think so.
I think anti-social people are crazy, killing people.
I went to check it online because I was upset to hear it.
I read the list of features and the bell rings in my head and I say, \"Oh my God, this is where I \'ve been living all these years. \" (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: So, what\'s behind Joey\'s recent lawsuit?
Is he really worried about slander, or is this just another strategy for him to bring his name back to the news again?
Back to my wonderful Group: Stacey Honowitz, Florida prosecutor;
Darren Kavinoky, criminal defense lawyer.
Okay, Stacey, we\'ll start with you this time.
Joey butaffy is suing for defamation.
Does he have a case?
I said good luck to you.
I mean, the bottom line is, you know, he\'s worried about his reputation.
Let\'s go back and think about all the things he did in the news and let\'s worry about his reputation.
I don\'t think he has anything to worry about.
To be frank, it would be better for him to prove that her statement is false.
If she believes this is a fact, she studied on the Internet what the anti-social is, and he is in compliance with this bill.
She put it there, she published it, and again, he won\'t have a case.
So I think it will be really difficult.
I don\'t think there is any damage to his reputation, and of course you have to be able to prove some kind of damage. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, I secretly suspect that Joey butafoko doesn\'t mind showing up in the news again, even if it\'s for a bad reason. Exhibit A --
This time it was true that he appeared in Fox\'s celebrity boxing match.
Yes, China is a woman.
He\'s hitting a woman.
This was a few years ago.
This is not the behavior of a person who wants to live a prudent and decent life.
In fact, it could be her exhibit A if Mary Joe was brought to court, \"Maybe I have A little bit. \"Darren?
KAVINOKY: I like it because I like the opportunity to agree with the prosecutor. This is great --
We have Joey butaboko, who is accused of anti-society.
I also did some research on the Internet.
It means not just putting two scoops of crazy in your breakfast cereal.
This means that you do not care about the impact of your actions on others.
When you go back and look at Joey\'s history, and when you look at additional marital relationships with underage girls and acknowledge statutory rape, insurance fraud, prostitution, illegal possession of ammunition, you\'re sure to think, god, what can he find here, except for propaganda?
The idea that he will really get money loss from the jury is ridiculous. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Honowitz Stacey. . . HONOWITZ:Right. VELEZ-
Mitchell: go ahead.
You know what, Jane? Excuse me.
That\'s what he did.
This is really nourishing the self he has.
So she filed a lawsuit and he may be very excited about it.
Because like you said, he will be in the news again.
Bad Media, that\'s no different.
It\'s propaganda for him. KAVINOKY:Right. Absolutely. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, you know, what I find interesting is that we \'ve all seen these divorces that have been going on for years, but, in terms of the duration of the fight, this one has to be accepted.
It\'s like a professional wrestling match with a serious divorce.
This person should really get into some kind of Hall of Fame because he is sick and divorced. Thank you both.
This is something of human behavior. it\'s very attractive, isn\'t it?
An NFL superstar accused of rape fought back.
Ben rotherger now claims that his plaintiff is bragging about having sex with him.
The son of the Hollywood royal family continues to get out of control. Kirk (SIC)
Douglas\'s son has been arrested for drug use and is now accused of using his girlfriend as a drug dealer? (
Business break)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Michael Douglas\'s son has been accused of selling millions of dollars worth of meth.
Now future generations of the Hollywood royal family may face jail time.
Let\'s discuss it.
But first of all, tonight\'s \"top of the block\": a legal thunderstorm, an NFL quarterback accused of rape, has escalated his charges against the plaintiff.
Ben rotherger\'s lawyer claimed that Andrea McNulty told her friend that she wanted to have his baby and that she boasted that the sex was agreed upon by both parties.
His lawyer also claimed that McNulty\'s lack of job security and alleged psychological breakdown were only some of the reasons for her false allegations.
Now, listen, I take the rape allegations very seriously;
The only two people who really knew what happened in that room that night were in that room that night.
We will continue to cover both sides of the story.
This is the \"top of the block\" tonight \".
\"Now, the sad legend of the Hollywood Prince has taken an incredible turn.
The son of Hollywood legend Michael Douglas was recently arrested in a drug attack.
Fashion Hotel Manhattan. Thirty-year-
Veteran Carmelo Douglas is accused of owning and planning to distribute meth and the purest meth.
But instead of sitting in prison like many of the accused drug dealers, he was allowed to go to his mother\'s hip apartment, where he was placed under house arrest and monitored by the court --
Appointed as a private security guard
So far.
Cameron was thrown into prison for violating the terms of family imprisonment.
Police say his girlfriend is 32 years old. year-
Old Kelly sout, who tried to smuggle heroin into Cameron\'s mother\'s apartment, allegedly hid 19 packets of drugs ---
Inside the electric toothbrush handle.
But Kelly did not relax at home. No, no, no, no. She --
She went straight to jail.
Worse for Kelly, she was in prison for heroin abuse and high blood pressure.
This is a tragic story.
This is an outrageous story.
Go directly to my wonderful Group: Darren cavenk, criminal defense lawyerk. a.
The voice of reason;
Former prosecutor Robin Bond
There is also Kim Serafin, senior editor of contact weekly.
Kim, this story is outrageous on many levels.
But it is also incredibly sad.
This seems to be another example of preferential treatment for celebrities or the sons of celebrities.
What is the latest?
Kim serafin, senior editor of Contact Weekly: Yes. Exactly.
Now, Cameron lives in the apartment of diandera Douglas, where he is under house arrest.
Apparently, according to court documents, security guards-the privately-
The hire security guard you mentioned heard him ask someone for some personal items, especially this electric toothbrush.
They noticed that when his girlfriend sent this electric toothbrush, he wanted to buy it very much.
They opened this electric toothbrush, 19 bags of heroin.
She said she didn\'t know they were in there.
They reportedly returned to the hotel room she shared with Cameron and found traces of heroin, marijuana and other things. So --
She\'s in prison now, of course.
This is a tragedy.
It\'s terrible.
Hopefully now they can all get the help they need. VELEZ-
Mitchell: This guy doesn\'t look very smart, and even someone is not upstairs, because if you have authorities around you, you have security guards around you, you already have toothbrushes in your bathroom, that\'s what he does.
Growling in the ears of those who look at you desperately need an electric toothbrush, which makes me feel like either you want to get stuck again or you just don\'t want to, Darren.
KAVINOKY: Well, maybe I\'m just a big soft egg here, but it really broke my heart this time, not because of any offers. . . VELEZ-
Mitchell: Would you please break your heart for all the people who are sitting in a prison on the island of Ricks waiting for their case to be occupied by drugs, cockroaches climbing walls and terrible circumstances, being attacked by other prisoners?
This guy is going to his mother\'s apartment.
KAVINOKY: Wait a minute.
I broke my heart for those people
One reason I like to drum loudly is that people with addiction are entitled to treatment, not punishment.
But I see this particular situation as a situation, it just illustrates the depth at which addicts go in order to satisfy their addiction.
I know this very well. First of allhand. VELEZ-
Mitchell: if he was in jail, he wouldn\'t be able to call his girlfriend, who is said to have come over with an electric toothbrush.
What, you can\'t take drugs in jail? (CROSS TALK)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Oh, do you think she\'s going to walk into jail with an electric toothbrush allegedly filled with 19 packs of heroin?
I don\'t think so.
KAVINOKY: No, he won\'t get it there.
But he will get drugs from other sources because you can get them as easily as possible in prison, maybe easier.
Former prosecutor Robin Bond: it is impossible for her to get the drugs in prison because there are detection devices that can detect any drug residue on anyone who comes in.
Contraband will be confiscated.
She will be banned from visiting the prison for 90 days and he will not get that either.
This is another example, like the story of Michael Jackson that we have been reading in the newspaper.
Celebrities and their addictions managed to get around the things that the rest of Rikers had to deal. VELEZ-
Mitchell: come on.
We know that we have been in Hollywood for many years, and there are actually some private auditions of celebrities.
In fact, I have visited the private trial center, where there are beautiful artworks on the wall that provide nosh with all sorts of things (ph)
Coffee and soda water when they do the trial.
They don\'t have to go to the smelly Los Angeles court that we all have to go.
Now we have the idea that when you go out, don\'t go to jail and wait for your trial, you go home, you can stay there, when you get cold at mom\'s, there\'s a private security guard watching you.
Okay, just stay there.
After the break, we will have more information about Cam Douglas. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)DR.
Reef karim, psychologist and addiction specialist: If these kids are full
Get any drugs they want at the party, whether their parents are celebrities or not, but if there is more opportunity to get them, there is no parent structure to supervise them, if they want to go anywhere they want, they will have more trouble. (END VIDEO CLIP)VELEZ-
Mitchell: The Hollywood Prince\'s girlfriend, Cameron Douglas, was arrested for trying to sneak heroin into his place under house arrest. What?
I don\'t know what\'s even more outrageous is that instead of going straight to jail, he\'s going to his mom\'s place to relax, or it\'s said that she\'s trying to bring smack into the handle of an electric toothbrush.
Kim Serafin weekly contact, when Cameron was recently arrested and despite his drug history, he still stuck with the illusion that luxury hotels in Manhattan are expensive.
Who paid the money?
SERAFIN: That\'s right.
It is reported that this was apparently paid by his father, Michael Douglas.
Of course, the investigation has apparently been going on for three years, and despite his previous history of cocaine bombings, it was back in 2007.
They are now saying that he may face at least ten years\' imprisonment.
So, I think the relatives of celebrities, celebrities do get special treatment, you are right, but you can go back to this example, the famous Paris Hilton may be treated more harshly because she is a celebrity as they try to set an example from her. VELEZ-
Mitchell: but this is going back and forth.
First they let her go and then there was a public rioting, actually a rioting, a stampede outside her house and then they let her serve her time(CROSS TALK)VELEZ-
Mitchell: Don\'t you remember, Kim, she went home sick?
Bond: they have been delayed for several years.
He was arrested in 2007 for cocaine.
The trial is still in progress.
Then he was arrested again.
So, as pointed out just now, this is his third strike, and under the sentencing guidelines of ten years, and then possibly life imprisonment, he will face a minimum mandatory strike. (CROSS TALK)
KAVINOKY: but it\'s not something better for celebrities or high net worth people, better facilities. . . VELEZ-
Mitchell: I\'m doing it.
KAVINOKY: If you really take a step back from this matter, you have this person, this person who is obviously in trouble, obviously addicted, how sad and pitiful it is to have this history, facing drug charges
Think about the severity of his drug use, and if everyone says it\'s true, he\'ll have his girlfriend secretly take heroin.
We\'re talking about people with diseases. . . (CROSS TALK)VELEZ-
Mitchell: I have a lot of sympathy for him.
I\'m also a rehab addict myself, an alcoholic. KAVINOKY:Right.
This is a stupid felony.
Children need help. VELEZ-
Mitchell: I\'m not saying--
I don\'t blame him.
We will try our best to stay away from prison.
I blame the system for two-
Judicial stratification system.
Look at all the faces and all the people who are in prison and you will not see Cameron Douglas who is waiting to be tried in prison in the world.
KAVINOKY: get them treated. VELEZ-
Mitchell: Thank you very much for your participation.
As we have been saying, the surface of addiction is not what we think.
It\'s not just the children of celebrities or the people who take drugs in the ditch.
Millions of middle-class Americans are addicted to drugs, and I am one of them.
In my new book, I want, I reveal the details of my own personal struggle with alcohol abuse, and how I ended up awake more than 14 years ago.
This is a memoir of recovery to be published this fall.
You can book your copy now.
Just click on cnn.
Com/jane, look for the reservation section.
This book will help if you are addicted to wine, drugs, food or shopping.
This will also help if you are trying to help a friend or relative solve the problem.
There are a lot of shocking things here.
You\'re looking at the HLN problem.
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