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Checklist of Things to Carry in Your Purse

by:Boom Home     2020-02-29
Do you feel guilty about an overly cluttered handbag?I know my ones are usually full of randomness, including a lot of receipts, dozens of lip gloss, pens and other nonsense floating in there, and I have to dig them up in order to find what I want.It was messy!Thankfully, it\'s all over because I\'ll share some tips with you.Now, I can find things in my bag and your handbag gets cluttered too if you follow these tips --free.
Continue to read the tips on organizing your handbag and advise on what should (and should not) be in your wallet.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, a handbag should not weigh more than 3 pounds.36 kg) which shoulder you should take turns carrying the bag all day.

To begin de-

of it.Yikes, if your wallet looks like mine, I suggest you pour the contents of your bag on the fabric, or something that is easy to throw away after you finish reading.Including annoying things like breadcrumbs and candy wrappers.

Useful to you.Now, as we want to be neat and orderly, you need to classify all your wallet content and give each item a designated location, such as a pocket or mesh cosmetic case.Consider putting things like receipts in a separate wallet pocket until you\'re ready to go through them or put things like lip gloss in a mesh make-up bag.Also, most wallets have built-in pocketsuse them!

A lovely piggy bank.This will make your wallet light and you can change the change into a bill with some extra cash.

(More info below) put it in your bag and move all those bulky beauty products to your cosmetics organizer (you should buy one if you haven\'t already!).Put the beauty products of your bag in a small cosmetic bag or in your handbag.

Like credit cards and ID cards you don\'t use, and business cards for people you can\'t even name in person.When you are there, make a copy of the credit card in your wallet so you know who to call if your wallet is lost or stolen.

Now that you lighten the burden in your wallet, what should be in your wallet?

-Dry shampoo is a godsend for girls out there.Sometimes there is not enough time in the day to wash, blow dry and style the hair.Dry shampoo to rescue!Amazing products will buy you at least an extra hour a day.With dry shampoo, you don\'t even have to wet the lock because the powder absorbs the oil and smell and makes them clean and tidy.

-Each wallet should have a make-up bag with your favorite beauty products.Just make sure the cosmetics are all in the make-up bag or you are too much.Some make-see the list belowup essentials.

-Have at least one tampon and one underpants in your wallet.You never know when it will come in handy, either for yourself or for a friend who needs it.

-A pen always comes in handy, such as giving you cute numbers, or making a note of what you think.Just don\'t collect the pen and make sure your pen doesn\'t leak by putting it in a plastic bag with something else that might open, like hand sanitizer or lotion.
6 Make-
Every girl knows that there are someYou can\'t leave home without items.Below is my list of makeup essentials, I always put them in my makeup bag and always find them very useful.

-I like the instant effect of blushing.There is a little peach or pink on the apple on your check, look, your face is glowing!

-Eyeliner is an instant way to make your eyes pop.The eyes look monotonous?You are completely awake (or at least look awake) by using eyeliner ).I like to rotate between Brown or plum colors as my skin and blue eyes are mushy and these two colors are the best for me.But for those baby blues you will never mistake the black eyeliner even if they are not blue.

-A little bit of a flaw in your face?Don\'t worry, apply some masking cream...what pimple?Or even better, carry BB (Beauty Balm) cream with you, a mixture of foundation and moisturizer with SPF color.

-Be sure to keep a tube of your favorite lipstick, preferably a bold color like cherry red, which will instantly boost your self-confidence.
touch-Eyeliner has stains.
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