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Cat discovers alternative use for an electric TOOTHBRUSH as he gets a good scratching from his owner (let’s hope they didn’t clean their teeth with it after!)

by:Boom Home     2020-03-01
The cat likes scratches, and the cat may have come up with a clever way to attract the attention he desires.
In this video, a ginger cat gets all the scratches he needs by rubbing his face on the owner\'s electric toothbrush.
First of all, the cat looks comfortable sitting on a towel in the sink.
His interest was aroused when his owner opened his electric toothbrush, and he jumped up to take a closer look.
His first exit was his mouth, but he quickly realized that the toothbrush was as effective as a jaw scratch.
Scroll down to watch the video. However, he doesn\'t seem to like the feeling of the toothbrush in his ear. after the toothbrush goes in, he shakes his head, but he comes back for more.
His master stroked the cat on his face with a good scratch.
When the owner stopped, the cat looked a little confused when he looked up at the owner.
When the brush starts again, the ginger cat reaches out and pulls the brush to his face.
The cat jumped onto the cabinet in the bathroom to get more brush scratches and even jumped on the owner\'s shoulder to encourage him to move on.
When the massage is done, when the owner says \"good cat\", the cat slides back to the owner and recline in the sink.
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