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Brush walnuts with a mane brush

by:Boom Home     2019-12-12
Wenwan walnut novices often make mistakes (b) brush the walnut with a mane brush in the end is it good? It depends ? ?Fine walnuts are usually paired with a waist-shaped bristle brush. This brush is characterized by evenly distributed bristles and good flexibility. Waist-shaped bristle brush In the process of brushing walnuts, you can use this characteristic of the bristles to better evenly transfer the oil film on the palm skin surface to the uneven texture on the wooden surface of walnuts. In this way, even some deep folds are repeatedly used. The side brush method and the brush method are also easy to color, and also have a certain auxiliary effect for the slurry. So gentle is more advisable to use a bristle brush to brush walnuts. However, many people said when consulting Gentle that the theory they saw on the Internet was that they could not use a bristle brush to brush walnuts. The reason was that there was grease in the bristle brush. After the walnuts were brushed, the walnuts would be attacked by grease and would be black in the later stage. This theory sounds very correct and convincing. But there is one of the biggest misunderstandings. As long as the player carefully looks up the relevant information, he will immediately understand. Grease on the bristles? naive! Does brushing a walnut with a bristle brush really make the walnut black? That is, all bristle brushes have a necessary process in the production process: degreasing. Because of a good bristle brush, the bristles behind the neck of the boar or boar pig are selected. When the pigs are depilated, they will be scooped down by hand or brushed down. Such a method of removing the bristles must have grease in the hair after it is taken. If the hair is not degreased during the production process, the hairs will stick together. There is no way to post-manual brush. Therefore, it is a matter of course that the bristles brushes that are spreading on the Internet are fat. I can only say that the person who wrote this and the person who spread it are irresponsible enough, and say whatever they think. Humph.
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