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best pet grooming dryers

by:Boom Home     2020-03-18
Cyclone single motor dryer with HeaterCyclone single motor dryer is a high speed dog comb dryer that provides a lot of air to spray water from the coat.
It can be heated or not heated together with the built-in independent unbreakable incoloy tubular heating element.
This dog dryer uses a two-stage filtration process.
The variable speed airflow is up to 60 m/s and is controlled by a solid state control device.
ABK comb provides a powerful 600 W long Japanese carbon brush motor with a 2 m long puncture-proof hose.
The breakthrough in technology brings natural heating and quiet insulation operations to improve the productivity of beauty shops. • Powerful, high
The speed dryer provides a large amount of gently heated air to spray water from the coat without heat damage.
Unbreakable \"Incolor\" tubular heating element. •Two-
Stage filtration and solid state variable speed control.
Variable speed allows you to control the airflow to meet the drying needs.
Double mounting legs, allowing vertical and horizontal use.
Weighing about 5 kg, it is a portable dryer that can be easily and easily carried and handled wherever you need it.
Specifications maximum power: 1800 W thermal power: 600 W percussion force: 605g maximum speed: 60 m/s maximum temperature: 52 °C noise: 83 db product code: TD-
The 901 TMonster single motor dryer with HeaterMonster single motor dryer is bridging the gap between the single motor and the dual motor burst machine.
In terms of wind speed and percussion power, there is a big gap between single and double Motor dog Grooming dryers. ABK Grooming has now imported a powerful single motor dryer, match the performance of the dual motor model.
The single motor dog dryer has many advantages in terms of lighter, convenient/service costs.
Features the dryer has the maximum flexibility of the heating element to provide drying and blasting functions. •One-
Click on the simple operation: just click on the attachment and the operator can remove the spray head with one finger.
Features a heater function that is useful for cold weather.
Specifications maximum power: 2800 W thermal power: 600 W percussion force: 895g Maximum speed: 90 m/s maximum temperature: 52 °C noise: 86 db product code: TD-
901 GTHercules double Motor dry will, hero in the name of the hero!
ABK Grooming has a Lux dual motor Dyer with a strike force of 955 grams and a wind speed of 95 m/s, which is even more amazing.
This dog beauty dryer beats all the recorded cyclones on Earth to make it the most powerful dual-motor pet dryer.
This dog dryer uses the technology of longest motor life and energy saving.
It has variable heat and power control.
Features • Super Strike Force-
Amazing strike force of 955G and amazing wind speed of 95 m/s.
Motor Life-
Long carbon brush 38mm (1. 5\")
It is the longest market at present.
The smaller carbon particles and the smaller sparks generated by the smoother rotor make it longer in service life (by 30%).
Energy saving-
Better airflow systems and smaller airflow friction make TD-
Run at a higher energy efficiency ratio, saving 30% of the energy.
Specifications maximum power: 2400 W thermal power: 600 W percussion force: 955g Maximum speed: 95 m/s maximum temperature: 65 °c product code: TD-
900 XTEdge ion wall-
Suspension and finishing of dry edge ion Wall
Hanging and finishing dryer is the first professional dog beauty dryer in the world with ion technology.
ABK comb provides maintenance-free, energy-saving drying with electronic adjustable wind speed and temperature.
Dog dryer with heavy-
The advantage of saving space, the wall mounted bracket on duty.
Ideal small salon with limited floor space, the largest working space is essential.
It has variable speed and air temperature control.
Durable DC motors and breakthrough technology ensure that this dryer is much quieter than similar products.
Function • high-quality finishing and styling hair dryers make the hair smoother and easier to comb after use.
The ABS surface of the body is resistant to harsh chemicals and impacts. •Outside-
Inside is two layers to prevent excessiveheated.
The nose is made of PPS material and resists at a high temperature of 260 °c.
The boom can be lifted about 13,000 times.
• Removable, washable air filter. •Heavy-
Space-Saving Wall mounting bracket for duty.
The nozzle rotates 360 °, so it can be placed at any angle.
Detachable directional nozzle.
The surface energy of the ABS body is resistant to harsh chemicals and impacts.
Temperature: 25 ~ 75 °c TP. O.
Maximum wind speed: 38 m/s: 1800 w @ 220/240 v ~ 50Hz
Noise: 40 dBProduct code: TD-
905 Edge Ion station and finishing dry Edge Ion station and finishing dryer are the first professional pet dryer in the world with ion technology.
ABK comb provides maintenance-free, energy-saving drying with electronic adjustable wind speed and temperature.
The dog beauty dryer is equipped with a floor stand and casters with adjustable height.
The dog dryer features a rugged DC motor with adjustable air temperature and is suitable for various varieties.
Function • high-quality finishing and styling hair dryers make the hair smoother and easier to comb after use.
• Heavy 1 HP Fan air-
A cooled brushless motor, a solid state control heating element, and air conditioning. •Maintenance-
Brushless motor. •Provide hands-
Free fluff dry. •Non-
Slip solid stand, powder coated, Long
Long-lasting locking casters.
The balanced design provides better stability.
Height adjustable.
• Removable, washable air filter.
The nozzle rotates 360 °, so it can be placed at any angle.
The surface energy of the ABS body is resistant to harsh chemicals and impacts.
Temperature: 25 ~ 75 °c TP. O.
Maximum wind speed: 38 m/s: 1800 w @ 220/240 v ~ 50Hz
• Noise: 40dB • height adjustment: => 125 product code: TD-
906 infrared treatment cabinet dryer-
Launch a new product for little AnimalABK beautician beauty!
Infrared treatment cabinet dryer for small animals is a revolutionary product!
The beautician only needs to put the pet in and press some buttons to start drying.
When the pet dries in this dog dryer, the beautician can turn to the other one for drying.
Cabinet drying brings a new drying style to beauticians.
No tables, no blowers, no noise, no hot air, no close contact and scratches, no pets out of control, no beeps and hair everywhere.
All you need to do is open, put, close, press, open, and take.
This dog beauty dryer requires less labor and cost, and more customers are served.
It is especially good for sensitive species like cats to avoid scratching accidents.
Super efficiency: TD-
Save 907 T manpower, cost and time.
Closed circulation of heated air makes speed and energy-saving drying.
When a pet is dry in the cupboard, the beautician can start to dry the other pet.
Greater efficiency will therefore be achieved.
Safety grooming: many cat and dog scratches occur during drying.
TD-eliminating these potential dangers907T.
The vents at the bottom of the door ensure that pets breathe fresh. Anti-
When the temperature is detected to exceed 40 °c, the overheating system turns off the machine.
Near infrared treatment: infrared treatment stimulates recycling of animal body, which helps to improve the vitality of tissue cells, reduce edema, improve some tissue nutrition and greatly promote recovery.
Negative ion treatment: TD-
907 T will use height-
Concentrated negative ions make the coating smoother, more moisturizing, easier to comb and brush.
It can also purify the air in the cabinet.
Voltage-Specification110V~240V (
AC voltage)50~60HZ•Power -
Air flow rate-2800 W
Operating temperature-25 m/s to 65 m/s
Noise-20 to 60 c
≤ 65db compartment dryer-
Dryer ecomdryer is suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats, especially older, nervous animals.
This dog beauty dryer is very quiet and almost vibrates after opening-free.
It attracts the most sensitive animals.
The air volume is large and helps to remove and dry water from underneath the coat.
The dog dryer has a solid state control switch that controls the airflow and temperature.
ABK comb provides two powerful motors that generate huge volumes (
2,700 cubic feet per minute)
The air is enough to dry a thick golden hound in about 25 minutes.
The special PTC heating element for properties keeps the temperature safe and stable from 35 °c (95F)to 50℃ (122F)
The efficient and reliable air exchange system ensures low humidity, and there is enough fresh air circulation to bring comfort to the dog. The stainless steel panel and grill are durable, easy to clean and keep sterile to smell from the environment and refresh the air inside the compartment. (
WARNING: Never use ozone when there is a dog inside the dryer)
Easy to operate, this is a very precious time
Size: internal size 106 × 65 × 105 cm voltage-110-130v/220-250v•Power -
Air flow rate-2800 W
Operating temperature-25 m/s to 65 m/s
Product Code: TD-30 to 50 °C
907 LMetro®Air Force®Commander. ®Variable speed dry aircraft of Air Force®Commander. ®Pet dryer is the best in the world
Dog beauty dryer for sale, available now in India as ABK beauty has this for you.
This dog dryer, known for its power and durability, the Air Force®Commander. ®The Pet clothes dryer is a compact and lightweight solution for all your Pet beauty needs.
You use the Air Force. ®Commander. ®At home or as part of your business, you will find that it will shorten the drying time by two-thirds.
Powerful motor up to 4. 0 Peak H. P.
Reduce drying time up to 75%. Compact and lightweight for professional or personal use
The speed model is perfect for dogs of all sizes, long or short
The hair is strong enough to dry heavy coating varieties without damaging the coat
Steel structure designed for years of professional use
The installed legs are allowed to be used vertically or horizontally on the floor. Includes a full set of accessories for all drying needs. Design includes filter for easy replacementft.
Flexible hose with airflow control, air torch, comb rake and air concentrator.
Specifications motor: 4.
0 horsepower • Wind speed: 71-
142 m/s air volume: 130 CFM power capacity: 1350 W amps: 11.
5 Airflow: speed change: 0-
18,000 FPM size: compact 12 \"x 7\" warranty: 5-
Product Code: AFTD-
3 VMetro®Air Force®Quick drawing®After accidentally tumbling in the mud, the portable pet dries your dog with a dog dryer and does not take hours.
Working with MetroVac Air Force®Quick drawing®Portable pet dryer, you can rest assured as it can dry your pet in a few minutes!
Armed Air Force®Quick drawing®The blowing power of the dog beauty dryer is 10 times that of the human hair dryer, which is the safest for all pets as there is no heating element to dry the coat or burn the skin.
ABK beauty offers Metrovac pet dryer in India, it offers the best powerto-weight ratio.
Features: 70% production of reduced drying time up to 18,000. /min.
Warm, dry, clean filtered air. •Easy to use-
Let you groom like a professional at home.
Compact structure, light weight, easy to operate.
Safer and more effective than human hair dryers.
• Promote healthy coat and skin. •Rugged all-
Built in the final steel structure building.
Specifications • motor: powerful function 1.
3 peak HP power capacity: 960 W wind speed: 72 m/s air volume: 85 CFM amps: 8 Electrical: 120-volt, 8-
Warranty: 1-amp, 950 W
Annual code: QD-
1 subway®Air Force®Master blasting®Import the best pet scallops beauty from the United States.
Subway®It has injected so much power into innovation.
Air force design®Master blasting®Series, they reduce drying time up to 75%.
Just put the switch and these two high.
Speed dog beauty dryer \"blast\" water from the wettest dog, faster and more efficient.
Pound to pound, dollar to dollar, they are the most powerful dog dryer today.
In order to make a bigger profit, you will grow more dogs in a shorter period of time!
Features of the Air Force®Master blasting®Two twins. fan, 4. 0 Peak Horse-
Power motor with variable control, capable of providing up to 0-58,000 feet-per-minute.
• Reduce drying time by up to 80% • reduce noise levels by 25% • 18 am ps/2,160 W • 10 ft. x 1.
5 \"flexible commercial strength hose • heavy-duty-
Neoprene blower and air-
Motor: 8.
0 peak HP variable speed power capacity: 2280 W wind speed: 0-
Air volume: 0-297 m/s400 CFM•Amps -19•5-
Product Code: MB-one year warranty
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