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Benefits of a bristle comb

by:Boom Home     2019-12-08
4. Health care and hair growth: Use a boar bristle hair brush to apply a little force when combing, so that the boar bristles can penetrate deeper into the hair roots. Compared with ordinary combs, it has thousands of points to massage and stimulate the hair follicles under the scalp, increasing blood circulation and metabolism, maximizing Promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. At the same time, it can stimulate the acupuncture points on the head, promote blood circulation at the hair root, health massage, clear the meridians, and often use it. It has certain effects on refreshing the brain and promoting sleep. 5. Anti-static: Natural bristle comb can reduce the friction between comb teeth and hair, and effectively prevent static electricity! But it is not absolutely not static. 6. High temperature resistance: The comb made of natural bristles is extremely resistant to high temperature. When blowing hair, there will be no changes due to high temperature, and it will never hurt the hair! 7. The shape is fuller and more durable: No matter it is used to straighten hair or blow big buckles inside, it can make hair style fuller and more natural and more durable. Moreover, it can make the hair quite applique when combing it. This tool is often used when styling hair abroad. 8. Cleaning and dandruff: When combing, the hair and the epidermal scales of the mane are cut together, which can effectively remove dandruff and dust and grease on the scalp. Even excessive hair care products can be combed away, and the arched hair and epidermal scales are smooth, allowing the hair More supple and shiny. 9. Anti-knotting: Bristle combs are not prone to tangling long hair. The bristle comb has the least pulling force on the hair, and painlessly combs all knots. Gold is not enough, no one is perfect, and a bristle comb is just as impossible. So what are the disadvantages of a bristle comb? 1. It's easier to get dirty. Compared to other combs, cleaning is a bit more troublesome. 2. The bristle comb will make the hair more supple, but for the oil head, the hair will be more conformable. If you need a fluffy effect, you need to grab the hair after combing to make it fluffy. 3. For people with oily hair, hair will be more oily after combing, but if you use it for a long time, it will reduce the production of oil. 4. Unless the amount of hair is very small, if you use a pure hair comb, you need to comb in layers or sections to better comb your hair, but this will also better care for your hair. Or use another hard-toothed comb to smooth your hair first, and then use a pure-hair comb to comb through your hair more easily, and to better care for the bristle comb.
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