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While idioms are not common when converting to other languages, it seems that someone should run \"don\'t fix it if it doesn\'t go bankrupt\" through a German translation factory and send the result to a Karl-
Fridrich Lentze.
In 2004, the inventor of teutonic made headlines when he applied for a \"cigar\" patent.
\"Banana\", or, a banana goes through a series of machines that cut off the center where the fruit naturally bends and then
Adhere to the top and bottom with edible plaster.
The idea behind his plan?
\"Once people get used to them, I believe in cigars --
Bananas will bring crooked bananas to the market.
\"It\'s easier to eat and it\'s easier to store,\" Lentze explained to the media . \".
He prepared for the abandoned center. -
For fruit salad and baby food--
But not there.
Application of banana protection skin.
In addition, it is worth noting that straightening bananas is only one of the suspicious plans of the orenze series, which also includes a restaurant that uses breast milk in baked goods;
Night clubs and brothels for dogs;
Feed his body to the piranha at the zoo.
Until Mr Lentze\'s banana straightening facility is built and put into operation, we can be satisfied with the carefully cultivated fruits in New Guinea about 4,000 years ago.
Arab businessmen ship these factories to the Near East and West Africa.
The Portuguese brought them from Africa to the Canary Islands in the 14 th century, and in the next century they went to the West India. in the hundreds of years, farmers in Central and South America began to grow bananas.
Bananas did not appear for the first time in the United States until 1870, thanks to captain Lorenzo Dao Baker.
He bought 160 bundles in Jamaica, about 12 cents each, and soon sold them for two dollars in Jersey City.
Baker and several of his peers have been encouraged by huge profit margins.
Like-minded peers are starting to develop parallel banana businesses in Boston, Alabama and New Orleans, and will eventually produce a strong union fruit company.
1903 saw the launch of S. S.
Venus, a refrigerated ship that prevents bananas from yielding to the power of self-maturity
Ethylene gas produced during transportation helps to make bananas the most-
Fruit consumed in the United States.
Americans now peel an average of 27 pounds a year, higher than Apple\'s average of 16 pounds.
There are more than 100 banana varieties available, but most of the ones that appear on wholesal\'s list and supermarket shelves are either Cavendish varieties or Gros Michel varieties.
Cavendish is from southern China and Gros Michel is from Southeast Asia.
Both of these fruits are bright yellow and have a thick skin and are suitable for transportation to temperate climates, with the length of the fruit being six to ten inches.
Among the remaining varieties, the following are one of the most widely used varieties of bananas
Curious: Baby, Lady or Nino bananas: this is a smaller variety of Cavendish, selling almost always six to ten a string of bananas, usually by hand
Blue Java or ice cream Banan: named for its sweet, creamy white flesh and silver
The blue peel turns yellow as the fruit matures.
BURRO: unique lemon flavor when ripe, these bananas are somewhat flat and rectangular, shorter and thicker than Cavendish.
Burros was first planted in Mexico.
Flower MOA or Hawaiian banana: This breed is Tahiti, named Polynesianword of \"egg\" because of its thick, short, round shape.
It has green skin, pink meat, and the taste of egg tarts, which are most commonly used in cooking.
MANZANO or apple banana: As the name suggests, this sweet dry
Although some people also report the properties of strawberries, the flesh and fruit are apple-flavored.
Themano ano is the best when the crust is completely black.
Banana: often referred to as \"boiled banana\", which is a staple food for American and African cooking.
When you are raw, you can\'t eat it. when you are raw, you are starch, faint, green, more and more sweet, tender, pink --
They were peeled when they matured.
Red banana or Jamaican banana: a relatively short banana with pale pink, creamy flesh and fleshred peel.
Widely planted in Ecuador, Mexico and western India. CITY-Born, beer shop
School in New York City, New York 1/2 (CAS)
On the show, New York native giulianzo, led by chef David Burley, was in his teens peeling potatoes and carrots in Monte during the day while his students were in math class and[
Slightly] Illustrations
\"I chose a restaurant internship because I thought it would be interesting,\" said Alonzo, executive chef at Brasserie 8 1/2, midtown, Manhattan.
\"I\'m one of those kids who don\'t like school very much.
\"As for the opportunity to work at the best restaurant in New York at the age of 16, he said,\" it\'s just good luck to you.
Bouley was one of the first chefs to allow students to enter the kitchen.
The characteristic of CAS is that you take out what you put in.
I could have been cruising but I loved it.
I asked a lot of questions.
This is my awakening to business possibilities.
\"Once he has completed the project, Alonso has found an avant-garde manager job in Metro, deputy chef Patrick Clark.
\"This is my first paid job and he started my job for $375 a week, which seems like a fortune,\" Alonzo said . \".
Under the leadership of chef David lugrio, he continues to cook in lacaville, what Alonso calls \"great supporters \".
\"Encouraged by Ruggerio, Alonzo attended the French Culinary Academy during the day and continued to work in La Caravellein at night.
After graduating, Alonso followed his mentors toMaxim and Le Chantilly, who had allocated days between the two restaurants a year before going to Paris.
Alonso visited his contact back in Metro and found a job in Bistro de l\'Etoile in GuySavoy, not speaking French, and was promoted to three months later
Star restaurant.
\"This is one of my best kitchen experiences,\" Alonzo said . \".
\"Not only for cooking, but also for discipline.
This is a different approach in Europe.
There, the chefs clean the kitchen three times a day, and in New York, the porters do that.
In the first month, I picked the black chrysanthemum and cleaned the spinach and parsley. bouche station.
Then I became the person in charge of the tea dish and just passed on their sauce. I worked 16-
An hour a day, I didn\'t see the Eiffel Tower until I went there for almost a year.
Alonso turned to New York and was fluent in French, but did not cure his desire to wander.
Over the next few years, he worked at Club Med properties in matinick, Florida, texkecos, Punta Cana, Cancun, and izhitapa.
Alonso said: \"I cook for 50 people every day. at GuySavoy]
1,000 buffet
Everything is in a container. -
Frozen fish and many canned products-
But in terms of quantity, the quality is still good.
Part of the job is to work with guests and we can use all the facilities.
In the property that attracts singles, I got a chance to really get together and hang out.
\"When he returned to New York again, Alonso had a delicious hot pot at the Sea Grill with chef Ed Brown.
He spent five years, eventually became a chef, and then moved to Cafe Centro as an executive chef, part of the Restaurant Associates series, which also includes Sea Grill.
After a year of preparing a Mediterranean beer shop, Restaurant zo was invited by the management of the Restaurant association to open a 1/2 beer shop.
\"I went to check out the scene and the only thing that was built was this huge winding staircase.
\"I fell in love with it,\" he said . \".
While continuing construction, the company sent him back to Europe, and after dinner in Paris, Alonso continued to travel to San Sebastian.
\"What a complete eye --
\"This is the first game,\" said Opener zo . \".
\"I always thought French food was definitely the best, but when I went to Spain I saw something I had never seen before. It surprised me.
Alonzo has entered his fifth year at Brasserie 8 1/2, practicing what the New York Times calls \"sexy but focused modernism\" in his kitchen \".
\"His banana recipe on the next page was equally inspired by his Latin tradition and his E-presentation known for it.
\"I grew up with my mom,\" he explained . \".
\"She will stew with them inempanadas or c1.
Now, whenever I make a new menu item, I find a way to sneak them in.
\"Fear, beer, wings, and prayer: Q & A with o\'riga Scheffe Doug twinkle and collaboration
Melinda Van eckot Doug foglory amnespolis, owner of MINNESOTAAC: Doug, how did you start cooking? [
Slightly] Illustrations
DF: I\'m 18 or 19 years old and go too far.
I fell in love with the restaurant before I fell in love with the food-
Sex, Drugs, Rock, lovely waitress, late night.
My first kitchen was Damico Kuchina.
The chef asked me to pick up some mushrooms and sausages.
He just glanced at me and I realized that I would never want someone to look at me like this again.
I started looking for as much information as possible. That was 1986.
I also used to have Internet cafes and catalogues in Kapoochi, Lorraine, all in Minneapolis.
Where did you grow up?
DF: Rochester, Minnesota.
What is the history of Auriga?
DF: Auriga, after drinking some late drinks, opened on the wings and prayers on 1997.
It\'s the same story for every restaurant that opens.
You work for someone but you want to do things the way you do and you think you can do better.
You think you will change the world.
Our company is called \"Friends of evolution \".
\"MV: at the Lorraine cafe, we will have the waiter pay tribute to US for a family meal.
We are such a jerk. (laughing)
DF: once we get the lease, we piece everything together as quickly and cheaply as possible.
There are five weeks from the lease to the opening.
Do you have an investor in the first place?
We have a small business loan and several others have invested $5 per person.
Adrenaline, beer and fear have been driving it for years.
On the day we opened, Doug said, \"Oh, my God, we have service!
Does anyone have a recipe for bread?
I looked at the restaurant and we all packed up and I thought, \"Damn it, Doug.
We must do so.
Since we have a serious investor, Jim Andros, Auri has grown in many ways.
Did you go to Jim or did he come to you?
We have five-
Annual renewable rental.
In year 4 we put it on the market just to see if anyone wants to buy it before we sign the lease again.
Everything is on sale
We didn\'t know until Jim gave us what we wanted, no! ! \' (laughing)
We realized we were not ready to give up.
DF: You have to be careful about what you want. MV: Yeah.
So we decided to keep at least £ 60%. he could buy the rest of the money and we will continue to do it.
DF: it works well for everyone.
He bought the building and bought part of the restaurant.
Very fairy tale storyish.
Does he have an opinion on the way you do things?
MV: he has everything.
He became our friend.
Previously, Doug and I were always bad for everyone we were involved.
It can be very difficult when you are so close, especially if money is involved.
Aurora is the name of a constellation.
Why did your restaurant choose it?
Because we are so stupid. (laughing)
I want to name it \"monkey fish \". (laughing)
MV: it has something to do with cornucopia, so it has a food story, and our name is always the first in the list of restaurants.
AC: I noticed that you have pizza on your menu, which is usually not related to the food.
I think the pizza made with good ingredients is delicious.
We talked about getting rid of the pizza when we remodeled to make the place look more elegant, but there was something that touched our soul like good pasta, soup or very good pizza.
So there\'s on the menu.
MV: it also reduces the intimidation factor of some of our guests.
You can come in and eat pizza, which leads you to believe what\'s next, even if you don\'t understand the words on the menu.
AC: since you opened Auriga, what has changed in the restaurant scene in Minni aporius?
DF: there is a pendulum swinging back and forth between food is the most important thing, not the room and service.
When we started, it was all about the quality of the food.
Everyone flocked, but they complained about the chair and the lack of form.
Our chairs often squeaked before the renovation and we had a bare floor.
A little \"funky slum \".
\"MV: there are more good restaurants in this town than in the past, which inevitably creates competition, which in turn makes the whole scene better because we are all fighting for the same restaurant
AC: If you have an online cooking position in Auriga, how did you fill it out?
I have never read my resume.
It may be useful, but people will lie.
You can turn anything into something else.
They came to the kitchen and we saw if it was right.
You can show anyone how to make cutlery, but it takes some kind of person to make it correctly.
That feeling, it\'s not written on paper.
MV: there is a business formula that says the latest time
Paying users must be able to copy your product.
We refused.
We have admitted that this is a gift.
We can include other people and other style restaurants which are still Auriga.
DF: Let go of some control?
That\'s what you think? (laughing)Maybe, yes. --
On July 10, 2005, Laurie woolver gave you an interview with James George sacrul Hoboken, Hoboken, New Jersey, \"I don\'t want to change for people.
\"I want people to change for me,\" said James George salkar . \"
Flavored hot pot and pipettes like soy caramel are not exactly typical Hoboken cuisine.
In 2004, Sarkar invested $2 m to create a venue in a space once known as II Cantuccio.
He said: \"I put everything online to get the building and fund the building, so I will do whatever I want with my menu.
If I want Basil Soda, I will.
I don\'t care what people think.
Everyone told me that my food didn\'t work in Hoboken and I had to provide Italian food.
If I want to change my menu to the satisfaction of Hoboken, I might as well turn this place into a steakhouse. \"[
Slightly] Illustrations
Sarkar is 1999 graduate of the New York restaurant School (
Now known as New York City College of Art)
Although before starting his formal education, he has been cooking in the lobster shed and Italian restaurants in Jesse shore for many years.
I passed easily [school]
Sarkar said he won a gold medal in culinary excellence from the school\'s principal and graduated with a perfect GPA.
He was fired under the leadership of March Restaurant School alumni Wayne Neesh and returned to work as a chef a few months after graduation.
\"I was never satisfied there,\" Sarkar said . \".
\"I am better than everyone above me, but others have to resign in order to climb the ladder. I was in limbo.
The young chef approached the owner of the Victorian hotel in Spring Lake, New Jersey, and announced his intention to be their executive chef, telling the couple, \"Let me go to your kitchen for an hour and see what I came up.
He prepared butter.
Cooked lobster with lemon coconut foam and sweet pea flavored rice, hired on the spot, replacing the existing executive chef who had not arrived on that decisive morning.
\"I didn\'t ask for as much money as the person I replaced, the boss liked the way I spoke and told them what I would change and how I would organize the kitchen.
Sarkar stayed here for two years and finally left in pursuit of greater creativity.
He considered looking for a job in Manhattan and then decided to gamble in Hoboken.
\"If I go my way, it\'s in New York.
If this place is in New York, we \'d be fine. known.
This is the ultimate goal.
I want to compete with the big boys.
Do you know how difficult it is to have someone take it [train]
From Manhattan to Hoboken?
\"The only way to compete is in the same place,\" he said . \"
Sarkaris slowly built a reputation in New Jersey, mainly through word-of-
Some positive reports from local media.
\"I know we won\'t open our hearts and will be sold out soon,\" he said . \"
\"It was a hard battle in Hoboken.
We will do 30 to 40 covers a Tuesday and then we will do 6 covers next week.
It\'s hard to say.
\"The venue complements a la carte income for company functions, weddings, dinners and cooking classes.
\"I am a very good teacher,\" he said . \"
\"Most people who come to work for me have little experience.
I find that those who are experienced do not like to change.
They don\'t want 27-
Tell them what to do.
\"In his official biography, Sarkar said he wanted to enter the venue \". . .
Not only is it a top restaurant in the state, but it is also one of the top restaurants in the country.
When asked how he intended to achieve this, he paused and said, \"just do what I\'m doing.
Do cutting by trying
Use new ideas, new flavor combinations, edge food.
I won\'t change.
I will stick to the end and do what I can and eventually people will notice.
It\'s just a matter of time.
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Julian aronzog Woz tramingham Hogger and FilsAlsace in France, 2003 ingredients for braised veal cheeks: mackerel fish pie: ham fish pie: tuna soaking circulator is a device that keeps the required water temperature for a long time.
Can be passed through Julabo ,(800)458-5226 or www. julabo. com.
* Can be passed through the pastry chef Center ,(561)999-9483 orwww. pastrychef. com.
* Caviar is available through Paramount ,(800)992-2842 orwww. Caviar. com.
Capelin caviar with mustard.
Can pass 911 caviar ,(818)508-1220 or www. 911caviar. com.
There are markets in Asia.
Available in the Japanese market.
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Julian ALONZOPinot black prime minister CuveeArchery WineryDayton summit, Oregon 2002 directionsFor banana and apple puree: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Place bananas and apples on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake for 45 minutes.
Transfer to the bowl and the pulp with a soak mixer.
Stir in honey and place at room temperature.
For pork belly: set up the soaking Circulator according to the manufacturer\'s instructions and heat the water to 150 degrees.
Vacuum seal the abdomen in Cryovac [with banana and apple puree]R]
Pack and cook for 18 hours.
Remove the bag and cool it in the ice water bath.
Remove the pork from the bag, remove the excess puree, refrigerate, cover until ready for use.
Banana vanilla gel: in a bowl, mix the banana with vanilla seeds and puree with a soak mixer.
Slowly add Micri until the mixture has gel consistency.
Add the xanthan glue to keep it in line with the water.
Placed in a squeeze bottle and placed at room temperature.
To finish: frying pan with medium fire-low heat.
Season the pork with salt and pepper and put it in the pan with the fat facing down.
Cook slowly until brown.
In a separate frying pan, heat the butter until it bubbles and fades.
Add green vegetables and cook until withered and season with salt and pepper.
Place green plants on the plate and on the top with the abdomen. Squeeze banana-
Apply the vanilla gel to one side with dandelion jam, and decorate it with micro-green to eat.
Ingredients for banana and apple puree: for pork belly: for banana vanilla gel: for decoration: Note: the soaking circulator is a device that keeps the required water temperature for a long time.
Can be passed through Julabo ,(800)458-5226 or www. julabo. com.
* A natural, fragrance-free sauce base made mainly of cassava, used as a booster and stabilizer.
Available through Harry Wils & Co(201)770-1180.
* A powder from a dry microbial called yellow bacteria.
It has binding and emulsion properties.
It is available at a health food store.
* Available through the Chef\'s Garden ,(800)289-4644 orwww. chefs-garden. com.
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Julian Alonso Seedorfdu-
Papedoine FilsChateauneuf Deydier et Jean-du-
French Pape 1999 filet steak: pile the steak with Bacon, from the beginning to the end of the steak, and spray transaminase between each layer.
Vacuum seal stack [R]
Bags and refrigerate overnight under 10pound weight.
Roasted garlic: set up the soak Circulator according to the manufacturer\'s instructions and bring the water to 170 degrees.
Vacuum sealing of garlic and fat in frozen foodR]
Pack and cook in the water for three hours.
Remove garlic and fat from the bag.
Fry the pan with medium heat and add garlic and fat until the garlic turns golden brown.
Keep warm away from the heat.
Plantain: Bring a large basin of salt water to boiland and add Taro and plantain.
Cook until very soft and drain, keep the cooking liquid.
Processing Taro and plantains through food factories.
Place Tarot and plantains on the surface of the flour and form a good shape in the center.
Add cheese and 1/4 cups of flour and season with salt and pepper.
Mix gradually and add more flour if necessary until the dough is not sticky and slightly elastic. Roll into 1/2-
Inch thick log, cut into 1-inch lengths.
Boil in boiling water until the soup ball floats.
Drain and cool in ice water bath.
Drain and place on a paper tray lined with sheepskin paper.
Freeze with the lid until ready for cooking.
Tomato sauce: Mix 1/4 cups of sugar and pectin fruit for spare.
Put the remaining ingredients into the pan to boil.
Stir with pectin mixture for 15 minutes and occasionally.
Pour the glass tank and cool to room temperature.
Finally: heat the big pot of water to 150 degrees, add filet steak and cook for five minutes.
Heat the oil in a frying pan at high temperature.
Remove the steak from the bag, season it with salt and pepper, and fry it until it turns brown all around.
In a separate frying pan, heat four tablespoons of butter until it bubbles and fades.
Add frozen balls in batches and cook until tender.
Remove paper towels from the pan and season with salt and pepper.
Continue to cook the dumplings and add butter to the pan if necessary.
Cut the grain and place three slices on the plate with a few garlic cloves.
Put some tuanzi and tomato sauce on the plate, decorate it with Yangju, and serve it.
Composition of fish fillets: Composition of roasted garlic: Composition of plantain: Composition of tomato sauce: completion: Composition of decoration: * an enzyme with cross ability
Linked proteins, produced by microbial fermentation of naturally occurring organisms.
Japanese food, www. ajiusafood. com.
Note: The immersion circulator is a device that keeps the required water temperature for a long time.
Can be passed through Julabo ,(800)458-5226 or www. julabo. com.
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Avocado hand roll (Serves 4)
Julian ALONZOChablis ler intermediate winery \"Montee de Tornell\". Vocoretet FileMaker Gundy, 2003 directionsFor coconut and kalamansi foam in France: in the pan, calm down with the combination of firstseven ingredients.
Let\'s sit for an hour.
Season with salt and pepper.
In a separate pan, boil the water and stir with methyl cellulose.
Add the water mixture to the coconut mixture and mix with the soak mixer until it is bubbling.
For sumac butter: slowly add panko and sumac to the softened butter until it is fully blended.
On parchment paper, roll the butter into a cylinder in the diameter of the scallop and refrigerate until firm.
For sea urchins-
Avocado hand roll: cut half of avocado into very thin slices vertically.
Overlap 4 pieces on plastic, season with salt, place 1/2-
There are ounces of sea urchins in the middle, and carefully roll them together with plastic.
Repeat the process with the remaining avocado and sea urchins.
Refrigerate until ready.
For honey banana: Sprinkle sugar on banana and caramel with torch.
The practice of scallops: Heat the oil in a frying pan with a fire.
Season scallops with salt and pepper and bake each side for two minutes.
Add the butter Pan and baste until the scallops are golden brown.
Caviar and 1/8 for each scallop
Butter in an inch thick.
Place the pan under the broiler until the butter melts and forms the shell.
Remove scallops from the pan and drain them with paper towels.
Serving: open the hand roll and place it on the plate with scallops and bananas.
There is foam around the spoon, decorated in green and served.
Ingredients for coconut and kalamans foam: Sumai butter: sea urchins-
Avocado hand roll: Honey banana: Scallop: Decoration: * concentrated juice of lime in the Philippines.
Available through Pilipino Mart (866)627-4956 or www. pilipinomart. com.
Food glue used as stabilizer.
It is available at www.
My food. com.
* A dry ground berry native to shrubs in the Middle East with an astringent lemonlike flavor.
Available through salty SpiceShop Inc. , (888)677-3322 or www. Savyspiceshop. com.
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Julian Alonso brancmont Riley winsmarlborough, 2003 direction of John Dolly, New Zealand: Sprinkle glut on a piece of sashimi and then on the other
Put a hundred miles on the fish fillet and wrap it up with caulfat.
Repeat with the remaining fillets, cover and refrigerate for at least six hours.
Banana papaya chutney: Mix sugar and water in a medium-fire pan and cook until caramelized.
Add vinegar, juice and vanilla seeds and continue cooking until the sugar is dissolved.
Add peppers, bananas and papaya and stir constantly for about 10 minutes.
Season with salt and curry powder and remove from the fire at room temperature.
For barley and peas risotto: Heat the butter in a mid-pot until it soaks and fades.
Add the ramp and cook until translucent.
Then add two cups of barley and stir until the barley is absorbed.
Repeat the remaining inventory.
Add the remaining ingredients and cook until the barley is soft.
Season with salt and pepper to keep warm.
For the plantain Tube: Heat four tablespoons of oil in a frying pan and cook the plantain slices until soft enough to bend.
Deep-hot residual oil
350 degree fryer or high side pan.
Wrap a plantain at 1/2 metres.
Metal cylinders in inches in diameter and deep
Fried to Brown.
Drain the paper towel, season with salt and pepper, and remove the cylinder.
Repeat with the remaining plantain slices.
Finish: Heat the oil with high temperature in a large pot.
Season with salt and pepper and bake each side for three minutes.
Add butter to the panand baste fillets.
Take it out of the pan and drain it on the paper towel.
Half of the Slicefillets are arranged on the plate with chutney.
Fill plaintain with risotto and transfer to the plate.
Decorate immediately with micro green and service.
Ingredients for John Dolly: banana papaya chutney: barley and peas risotto: plantain Tube: Finish: Decoration: * an enzyme with cross ability
Linked proteins, produced by microbial fermentation of naturally occurring organisms.
Japanese food, www. ajiusafood. com.
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Banana fritters (Serves 4)
Doug flashing & MELINDA Van EECKHOUTShiraz \"Struie\" Torbreck WineryBarossa Valley, Australia 2002 directionsFor banana shrimp: about five minutes before boiling onionsand banana caramel in a pot.
Add the remaining ingredients and cook for another five minutes.
Add thick soup to the mixer and water if necessary until smooth.
Season with salt and pepper.
For fritters: In Depth
Fryer or high side pan, heat the oil to 50 degrees.
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.
Beat eggs and bananas in separate bowls.
Stir the egg mixture into dry ingredients and add enough milk to make a hard batter.
Stir-fry a spoonful of oil to golden brown.
Drain with paper towels and season with salt immediately.
Pork tenderloin: Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
Season pork with salt and pepper.
Heat the oil in a frying pan until very hot.
Bake pork to golden brown.
Transfer to the oven and bake to delicious.
To serve: put a spoonful of vidaro on the plate.
Cut pork into 1-
Slices in inches thick and arranged on top of vindaloo.
Fried dough sticks and chicken.
Decorate with octagonal, sprinkle with sea salt and eat immediately.
Ingredients for banana burrito: fritters: Pork Tenderloin: Decoration: * Mandan bride corn is much softer
Colored kernels are most commonly used in flour and meals.
Named after the American Mandan Indians. S. Northern Plains.
Seeds provided through seed Baobaoseedsavers. orgor (563)382-5990.
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Doug flippinot Grace reserve Personnelle \"TrimbachAlsace, France 1997
Slightly] Illustrations
Direction of banana sake: in a food processor with a metal blade, grind 1 1/2 of bananas into mud with water, sugar and cardamom and transfer to heavy-
Pot bottom.
In a bowl, mash the remaining bananas with protein and Shell.
Heat the sake mixture 140 degrees and stir with the chicken protein mixture.
Continue to heat and stir occasionally until the raft floats to the top and begins to solidify.
Turn the heat low for 15 minutes.
Strain through cheese clothlined fine-mesh sieve.
Season with salt and keep warm.
For Lobster: add the claws to the boiling water pan, cook for 1 1/2 minutes, then add the tail and cook for another 2 1/2 minutes together.
Cold claws and tails in the ice bath.
Remove the meat from the shell and remove the half tail from the longitudinal direction.
Finally: in a frying pan, melt the butter with a clear soup.
Add bread and lobster and bake with a large spoon before heating.
Serve: Put a small bowl of claws and pour bananas.
On the plate, arrange the lobster tail in half next to the bowl and put bread on it.
Sprinkle a small amount of butter on the lobster, sprinkle with sea salt.
Decorate with cardamom pods, green vegetables and banana balls.
Serve immediately.
Ingredients of banana sake: Lobster: Finish: Decoration: Related articles: Pigeon with dates, sausages and banana foam (Serves 4)
Doug fool and Michael fitzgolda Sila Tuscany Posco fattia di Manzano Toto, Italy 1997 [1 [
Slightly] Illustrations
Guide by chardonnay gelee: Boil the wine, cook it for two minutes, and then heat it.
Squeeze out excess water from gelatin and place it in the pan with chardonnay.
Heat with medium heat until the gelatin is dissolved.
Transfer to the small bowl and set the bowl in the ice bath.
Stir occasionally until the mixture reaches the cream consistency.
Stir in the scallions, transfer to a half plate, and put in the refrigerator until set.
Use 1/2-cut roundinch, 1-inch and 1 1/2-
Round knife inch.
Refrigerate until ready.
Banana foam: Put bananas, cream and milk into the pan.
The small fire simmered slowly and was removed from the heat and steep in an hour.
Fine strain-mesh sieve.
For chorizo: heat the pan on the mediumhigh.
Place the chorizo inpan in a single layer.
Cook for one to two minutes, turn over and cook for another two to three minutes.
Place each slice between two cannoli molds to form an S-shape.
Oil, keep oil for decoration.
Date: add hot oil in a medium fire frying pan.
Add Dates, cut edges, and cook until the shell is formed.
At room temperature.
Roast suckling pig: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
Sutpanover Medium Oil-high heat.
Season the breast with salt and pepper and fry it, with the skin side down until crisp for about two minutes.
Turn the breast to the oven for another three minutes.
Take it out of the oven and rest.
End: heat the foam and put it in a gentle sim.
Remove heat, add butter and stir to blistering using a soak mixer.
Service: cut the breast into 1/4-
Slice inch thick.
On the plate, arranged, three dates and a half, three sliced sausages, gel and foam.
Drizzle with chorizo oil.
Ingredients for chardonnay gelee: Ingredients for banana foam: Ingredients for sausage: Date: Ingredients for squab: Finish: Decoration: Related articles: banana pancakes made of maple sugar and jujube walnuts (Serves 6)
The retro port 1985 instruction provided by DOUG Flickr & JULIETTE LELCHUKGraham for preserved bananas: Mix sugar and salt into equal two parts.
Place the banana in a small bowl and cover it completely with a salt mixture.
Leave the second part.
Cover bananasand refrigerate for five days.
Remove the banana and discard the used mixture.
Repeat with the remaining mixture.
Brush off the extra
Preheat the oven to 15 degrees.
Put the banana on the baking tray and bake in the oven for 8 to 10 hours.
Soak the banana in cold water for 8 hours or until it softens before use.
For Maple: use parchment paper or hard packing material in six 2-
The inch ring mould makes the paper rise 3 inch above the mould.
Beat eight ounces of cream to the middle.
Soft peaks and keep it cold.
Cook 3 ounces of maple sugar, corn syrup and water.
Cook the mixture to dark brown, then remove it from the heat and add the remaining cream to stir. Cool slightly.
Stir the egg yolk with the rest of the sugar.
Add egg yolk mixture-
The third of the hot sugar mixture is the egg yolk mixture, which is constantly stirred at the same time.
Return the tempered egg yolk mixture to the sugar mixture and place it on the medium-
Low heat, stirring continuously until 185 degrees.
Through fine strain
Place the sieve in an electric mixer with a mixer and stir until it cools.
Add rum and cream.
Fill the mold and freeze to firm.
For walnuts with honey sauce, add sugar, salt and water to the pan.
Cook until the caramel is Amber and remove from the heat until it is thick but still flows.
Dip the walnut caramel with a toothpick and cool on the silicone pad.
After setting up, remove the toothpick.
Orange brown butter: in a pan, cook the butter over medium heat until solid brown.
Take it out of the fire and stir with zest and juice. Keep warm.
Pancakes: Put flour, baking powder, sugar and salt into a bowl.
Melt a tablespoon of butter in a small pan.
In a separate bowl, stir the egg yolk, butter and milk.
Stir the flour mixture into the egg yolk mixture until it has just been mixed.
In a separate bowl, beat the protein to a soft peak and fold it into a batter. Heat non-
Mid-range pot-
Heat with two teaspoons of butter.
Cook pancakes in batches with two tablespoons of batter.
When the first side is golden yellow, place the banana slices on the uncooked side before flipping.
Use the remaining butter per batch as needed.
Serving: demoulding parfait, quickly add maple sugar and place walnuts on a plate.
Arrange three pancakes next to parfait with orange brown butter.
Decorated with two and a half walnuts, orange peel and banana slices per plate.
Serve immediately.
Ingredients for preserved bananas: maple sugar: jujube Walnut: orange brown butter: pancakes: Decoration: Related articles: roasted banana salad and high wine, Mint fruit Dew and coffee (Serves 4)
James George schalgonvilleX.
1999 directions for mint fruit Dew, PichlerWachau, Austria: in the middle pot, boil with water, sugar and juice.
Remove from the fire and stir in mint.
Let the steep 20 minutes and then pass the fine strain-mesh sieve.
Place it in the refrigerator for at least three hours or until it is completely cooled.
According to the manufacturer\'s instructions, add chicken protein and processor cream ice cream machine.
In the refrigerator.
Coconut freezing: warm coconut milk in a low-calorie pot;
Don\'t cook it.
Squeeze out excess water from gelatin.
Add coconut milk, stir and dissolve.
Season with salt.
Pour the mixture into a small jelly roll and cool to room temperature.
Refrigerate for two hours.
When setting up aspic, cover and refrigerate with plasticine.
For pickled Canary melon: cut the melon slices into 1 1/2 x3-
Rectangle and place in platter.
In a small pan, add water, sugar and salt, and heat enough to dissolve sugar and salt.
Pour on the slices and refrigerate.
In a small pan, boil the coffee and sugar and cook it over medium heat until the mixture is applied behind the spoon for about 20 minutes.
Remove from the fire and stir with butter.
Baked bananas: Prepare a grill or grill at high temperatures.
Brush bananas with clarified butter, season with salt and bake for two to three minutes.
Remove skin, 1-per 6-inch pieces.
Serving: slices of melon, three 3/4-
Put a few inches of coconut on the plate and fruit Dew in Paris.
Put the banana slices on a plate and pour coffee with six and a half coquito and micro greens on top.
Ingredients of mint fruit Dew: coconut frozen ingredients: ingredients of pickled golden melon: ingredients of coffee juice: ingredients of roasted banana: ingredients of decoration: * Coquitos is baby coconut
Available through Sid Wainer & Son ,(800)423-8333 or www. sidwainer. com.
Related articles: banana capanjo with Caviar ruga Caviar and bananasame milk (Serves 4)
James george SARKARSaumur BlancCaves of banana sesame milk in GrenelleSaumur, France: Mix all ingredients in a blender and fruit puree.
Through fine strain
Screen and refrigerate.
Banana carpaccio: use mandolin to cut the banana to 1/16-inch thickness.
The trimming end of each piece produces 41/4-inch length.
Service: arrange banana slices on a plate using an offset spatula.
Sprinkle with sesame oil and soy sauce.
Put a caviar on the banana and decorate it with roasted sesame seeds.
2-light coat edge
One cup per ounce, add a mixture of crushed sesame seeds and banana sesame seeds.
Serve immediately.
Ingredients of banana sesame milk: ingredients of banana carpaccio: decorative materials: Related articles: banana Gnocchi, sugary milk and vanilla foam (Serves 6)
James George sacpino \"Olivette Lane\" Merry Edwards winsrose Valley, 1999 directions for the California banana Regiment: in a metal blade
Easy to add eggs and pulse.
Add one ounce of flour each time and pulse after each addition.
Add salt and sugar until the dough is formed.
Transfer the mixture to a frozen pastry bag with a large tip and refrigerate for at least an hour or until it cools wellchilled.
For syrup juicing: In a medium hot pot, use two-thirds.
Stir with syrup, honey and salt.
Remove from the fire and stir with butter. Keep warm.
Vanilla foam: add cream and water sim to the cooker.
Add butter, sugar and vanilla seeds and discard the pods. Pour intotall-Double sided container.
Make a foam sauce with an immersion mixer.
To finish: Boil a large pot of salt water.
Remove the gnonixixture from the refrigerator, squeeze out 1 inch of the mixture from the bag, cut with a knife and place it in boiling water.
Repeat with the remaining mixture.
Cook for one or two minutes until the tubs float on the water.
Cook for 30 seconds and drain immediately.
Add heat to the frying pan to clarify the butter and fry the soup until it is golden.
Serving: scoop a small amount of syrup onto the plate.
Arrangegnocchi grilled face up, absolutely.
Put roasted pecans, vanilla foam and popcorn on top of each gnuccho.
Ingredients of banana balls: syrup Juice: vanilla foam: Finish: Decoration: * micro popcorn buds are bean sprouts from dried corn kernels.
Available through Sid Wainer & Son ,(800)423-
8333, orwwwsidwiner. com.
Related articles: Green plantain, bacon wrapped pork tenderloin (Serves 4)
Cheval BlancMendoza, Argentina, James George salkashwal deskashwal Castle 2002 pork Ridge: divide bacon and plantains into four portions.
On four and a half pages of parchment, arrange each part of the wine root and banana into overlapping slices.
Refrigerate for an hour.
Season the buds with salt and pepper, wrap them with a portion of bacon and plantains, then put them in a layer of cau oil and refrigerate.
Warm-up to 400 degrees.
In a large frying pan, heat the clarified butter at high temperatures and bake it in golden yellow on the sides.
Place the baking pan in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes or until medium.
Take 5 to 10 minutes off.
Sauce: reduce 2 in a small pot-thirds.
Add Stilton Butter.
Season with salt and pepper.
Serving: Place two ounces of sauce in the center of the bowl with a spoon.
Cut each tenderloin into two equal pieces and place them side by side in the middle.
Throw the banana slices along with the green vegetables on the pork.
Put it in banana flowers and serve it immediately.
Ingredients of pork tenderloin: sauce: Decoration: * banana flowers can be bought from sanyue Market ,(201)941-9113.
Related articles: chocolate banana duck (Serves 4)
James George sacarpino Neuer, Otago, New Zealand, 2001 Directions: Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
In largesaucepan, melt duck fat with medium heat. In deep nine-
Ovenproof pot with lid, layer duck legs, herbs, pepper and garlic.
Completely cover the Fat Duck.
Cover and cook through medium
Low heat for 10 hours.
Let the fat cool.
Lift your legs from fat, remove your skin, and cut your meat.
Refrigerate until refrigerated.
Add mascapone and stir with brown sugar and salt.
Two hours in cold storage
Ganache: burn cream in a small pot.
Add chocolate to stir until smooth after heating.
Chocolate can be heated gently if needed.
Ravioli: cut the plantain into 24 slices using a meat cutter.
Cut each piece of paper into two sheets 3/4X2 1/2-Rectangular inch.
Heat 1/2 tablespoons of butter in a frying pan until the foam breaks.
Work in batches and stir-fry the banana until it becomes soft and golden, about 1 minute each side.
Season with salt.
Repeat it with the remaining plantain and butter.
Go through two plain dishes and put two teaspoons of stuffing in the middle.
Fold each end on fill and reverse.
Serving: Sprinkle Italian dumplings with sugar and brown with a torch.
Put three Italian dumplings on the plate.
Place a small amount of ganache on each and top with a spoon, with a slice of pepper and plantain on it.
Arrange and provide services.
Ingredients for duck filling: For ganache: for ravioli: for decoration: Related articles: banana tempura (Serves 10)
James George sacawre, Covey Contenson hutwawre, France, 1989 directions for brown sugar caramel: in a small pot, boil with water.
Add sugar to dissolve.
Add honey and reduce it by half under low flame. Keep warm.
Cinnamon cream: A burn cream in a small pot.
Stir the egg yolk and sugar in a small bowl.
Warm the egg yolk with cream, and then carefully pour the mixture into the cream.
In low heat, stir slowly with a wooden spoon until slightly thicker.
Fine strain-mesh sieve.
Grind cinnamon into cream to keep it warm.
Banana tempura: deep-
Fryer or big, high-
Double-faced pan with oil heated to 360 degrees.
In a large bowl, sift the flour, corn starch, salt and baking powder together.
Mix Chicken protein and sparkling water evenly.
Dip the banana into the batter and fry it until golden.
Paper towels drain.
Serving: put two and a half bananas on the plate.
When squeezing the bulb of the transfer tube *, immerse in brown sugar caramel and release the bulb enough to fill half.
Then put the last in the cinnamon cream, put the light bulb all the way and fill the other half.
String a banana half with a liquid transfer and serve immediately.
Ingredients for brown sugar caramel: cinnamon cream anglaise: banana tempura: * Nino bananas are also known as Baby, Lady or finger bananas.
Available through Sid Wainer & Son ,(800)423-8333 orwww. sidwainer. com.
* The pipettes are flexible plastic tubes used to extract a small amount of liquid. Available at (888)299-9907 orwww.
Green environmental protection. com.
Related articles: peanut butter, banana and Italian ham, peanut butter and jelly soda (Serves 4)
James George sacalblack mascatorillo Massar, 1998 directions for Cyprus soda: mix jam with 1/2 glass of water in a blender.
Fine filtration
Screen and refrigerate.
Repeat the procedure with peanut butter and the remaining water.
When refrigerated, pour the grape mixture into one 1-
1-1 liter of carbonated flask and peanut butter mixture
1 liter of carbonated bottle
Depending on the manufacturer\'s structure, carbonated root, cold storage until service is ready.
For banana foam: in a food processor with a metal blade, marinate the banana with water and pass through fine strainmesh sieve.
Mix the banana mixture with the remaining ingredients and cook in a medium pot. Pour into tall-
Double sided container and foam with soaking mixer.
To Monte Cristo: Preheat the oil in the fryer
Double-sided potatoes of 325 degrees.
Stir the eggs and cream in a medium-sized bowl.
4 slices of bread, a layer of peanut butter, banana and ham.
With a slice of bread.
Dip the sandwich into the egg mixture and fry it to golden brown.
Service Object: bread crust at the edge of the sandwich.
Cut each sandwich into two triangles.
Place two triangles on the plate and dust with candy company sugar.
Pour the grape soda into a small, narrow glass.
Carefully pour peanut butter soda on the grapes to create the separation.
Banana foam on the spoon and serve immediately.
Ingredients of soda: ingredients of banana foam: ingredients of Monte Cristo: ingredients of decoration: * available through the Soda Club ,(800)763-2258 or www. sodaclub.
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