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astounding types of electric motors

by:Boom Home     2020-03-18
At present, most modern machines, such as industrial fans, household appliances, disk drives, vehicles, cars, use electric motors, and more importantly, operate the machines efficiently.
For example, the motor present in the fan is used to rotate the fan perfectly according to the user\'s instructions.
The motor is mainly used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.
There are several benefits to the motor, they are responsible for the effective performance of the machine.
Thanks to the advanced technology that is emerging rapidly, we are able to find different types of motors specifically designed for the machines that use them.
Basically, there are two types of motors, namely the AC motor and the DC motor.
Modern motors are developed based on these two primary motors.
Some important motor types are listed below: AC Motor: The basic, simple industrial motor is a three-phase AC induction motor, also known as a squirrel cage motor.
The speed of the AC motor depends on the fixed number of winding groups, the frequency of the AC line voltage, and the amount of torque load on the computer.
There are few important benefits to this motor, such as reliable operation, low cost, simple design, and most importantly easy to find alternatives.
Some shortcomings were found in the AC motor, such as the inability to operate at low speed, the high cost of speed control, and the positioning control did not meet expectations.
DC motor: it is one of the important motors that exist in most machines.
It is designed to operate on a DC power supply.
Some of the advantages of the DC motor are easy to control the speed, torque and understand the design, the design is simple and cheap.
However, there are few disadvantages to this motor, such as the need for more maintenance, large volume, high production cost, unable to control the motor at low speed.
Brushed DC motor: it has AC in the winding rotor with moving ring and permanent magnet stator.
There are almost no restrictions on this motor, such as the need for a brush, the need for more maintenance and more problems.
Brushless DC Motor: this motor solves most of the limitations in brushed DC motors.
They are usually used where precise speed control is required.
General Motors: Designed for AC and DC power supply;
Therefore, it is called universal motor.
However, there are very few restrictions such as expensive maintenance and short life span.
Induction Motor: it is an asynchronous AC motor.
Its operation is similar to that of a transformer in which power is transmitted to the rotor by induction.
These are some common types of motors.
In addition, there are more types that are slightly different in design and functionality.
Most importantly, only professionals can repair the motor, because a small fault will cause complete damage to the motor.
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