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Artwork That Peeps Through The Splattered Brush

by:Boom Home     2020-07-19
One thing that is present almost in every Tali paintings is the colorful spray it. Sometimes you notice as if the spray work is added to the painting after completion of the core work. But in this case it is only a sign that the artist is content with her work and this gratification is attested by the splashes. But maybe it is only of late that you notice the distinction between the work and the additional spray of color over it or you may even never notice it. It mostly looks as a part of the work itself. But sometimes it looks like she is still obsessed with her work after having completed it and showers over it lots of kisses with her brush that elevate its elegance further. Sometimes it may give an impression that a toddler has tried his brush on a finished work. You may not believe it if you have not seen the works or not ever appreciated them from this angle. Maybe the splashes are the challenging marks for the viewer made with confidence of being the best at the artworks that she attaches every time a work is finished. Imagine how she would be taking four colors in four brushes and sprinkle them one by one on the work amusing with her act. Maybe the splatter intends to protect a shy artist's work from being overpraised by the viewer. But it is enough of this loud thinking with the idea of post-work splattering..... Look the other way round. The scattered colors that make an element of the works are well mingled with the theme of colors which is again characterized by a unique blend of contrast with continuity. The color theme of Tali's works is great in that even the brightest colors don't make them exploding. You stand before a work viewing it, the bright colors attract but the calmness in the details holds you standing before it for long. The works impart on you a soothing effect. The selection of color of the splatter element befits somehow with the work nicely; I am watching one of the works in which it seems as if in the blank white background red blood is making its way out of grey bony or feathery structure at the core of the work. In the next work in line the element even makes it more colorful, else the work were simply white with a light black. Come the next work and you find the charisma that the details show an explosion but the overall impact is cooling to the eyes. And the splattering here is enhancing the explosive details. Where then the placid impact comes from? Perhaps from the contrasting plain yellow background or perhaps the exploding detail itself that gives sense sometimes of jumping water of ocean or that of a river at mountains. And here is the next painting in line, I was wrong it is splattering; but I was right it is something close to it. It is sort of oozing of the color from where it is intentionally stroked. It is sort of shading in its effect but not exactly that too. The vertical 'oozing' color gives sense of the roots emerging from the central figure and the horizontal ones gives the sense of a big feather in the cap of the central figure. The central figure is magical composition of contrasting colors that makes for a head when it is a tiny black dot and colorful fire of life when it is continuous. The abstract paintings art is awesome when you sit to analyze it. But it is not the analysis that an artist seeks. Rather the artist seeks the message to your heart is communicated properly. The artist doesn't want from you anything. He or she just gives you.... gives you the pleasure, the emotions, and everything that nothing else can give you.
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