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Anchorage Dentist Making Toddlers to Brush Teeth

by:Boom Home     2020-07-19
Brushing teeth doesn't have to be an activity you and your child dread daily.You can engage your child by making brushing fun and by role modeling good oral hygiene. You can definitely increase your child's love for brushing with all the cool options of kids toothbrushes and toothpaste. Use this tips and you will make brushing fun. Teeth brushing should be made fun to do. Look for fun methods to engage your children in brushing other than making it a chore. Buy colorful tooth brush for the child. If the child's color is green, get a green floss and hide it in a cabinet and have the child look and find it. To bring a laugh to the child always, feign 'blindness' and later look at newly sparkling teeth.Reward cooperation with much praise and keep looking for ways to incorporate the element of play. Allow your children to brush your teeth. Have fun with that, then allow them to brush their own teeth. After the fun session is over, make sure you brush your child's teeth. Before you brush their teeth, have your child brush their favorite doll's teeth first. Allow them to brush their teeth all the time as a routine but make sure you follow up to brush them properly. Large amounts of toothpaste are difficult for children to handle therefore put for them a pea-size amount. The foam created from too much toothpaste is messy and will overwhelm your child. Be careful of the toothpaste you use. Many types of toothpaste contain strong flavorings that adults may not notice, but that can sting young mouths. Get toothpastes that are specifically meant for children. The caretakers should get eager to brush too. Laugh about it and make is sound like a lot of fun.Your child may just realize that they are missing out on something fun and will want to join in. Try to talk them into brushing by mentioning the germ bugs that live on their teeth. When they brush, do not forget to praise, praise and praise them for doing so. Kids get interested in brushing when you get them powered toothbrushes. Children always become curious because of the exciting noises of the rotating and oscillating bristle toothbrush.The battery-powered models are generally inexpensive, and like their manual counterparts, come in fun character versions that kids love. Assist them in putting their own toothpaste on their brush and let them brush their own teeth. It pays to be patient with kids as they will only suck on the brush if this is their first time. It is quite normal for them and it might take sometime to learn, so make sure to brush your teeth regularly with them around. As you teach your children to brush their teeth, timing is a factor to be considered. Correct! It must be done before bedtime, but getting to have a child do it when tired is all in vain.Make sure they do it when they are eager to please and as part of their daily routine. Remember, it is much easier to prevent dental problems in children than it is to deal with them. No matter what it takes to make them do it, carry on!
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