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A Hardwood Floor Mop Thanks To Fuller Brush

by:Boom Home     2020-07-20
Cheri took the hardwood floor mop along with her bucket of cleaning supplies out of the back of her station wagon. The stuff was all the best cleaning supplies that money could buy, most of it obtained from a Fuller Brush sales associate who specialized in servicing small time maid services like the one Cheri and her husband ran from their garage. She sighed and stretched her back looking up at the multitude of steps she was going to have to climb in order to reach the condo that needed their services. Make that her services. Her dear sweet husband Rick like to play boss, sitting home at home, answering calls in between Wii Games, and keeping up with the inventory making sure that they had enough hardwood floor mop heads, dusters, spray bottles and clean uniforms. Most of the stuff he just mail ordered from the Fuller Brush website, all except the uniform which came from a less than reputable store on Webster Street. In truth, it was the uniform that probably had gotten many of their regular male clientele, desperate bachelors who like to watch as the beautiful and curvaceous Cheri dusted their mantle pieces. Rick like to joke that it would be hard for him to fit his rather portly frame into the little French inspired piece that she wore, but Cheri would still like to see him try and even know of some people who would actually pay to have him come and clean instead. Still, the gimmick worked and their business had grown making hiring some other girls to do the cleaning a real possibility. Cheri liked to think that she was actually pretty good at cleaning , but knew that her skills with a hardwood floor mop was not the reason why she had become so popular so fast with the single male population of the city. She smoothed out her outfit, fluffed up the lace, made sure her stockings were on right grabbed her Fuller Brush cleaning supplies and began her long climb to the top of the hillside ready to do a lot of flirting, bending and dusting to pay the bills and live her American Dream.
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