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5 best dog grooming dryers for pet professionals and home groomers

by:Boom Home     2020-03-19
Dog beauty dryer is one of the important equipment in the living room.
We want to dry the dog as soon as possible so we can move forward with the other dogs.
In addition, we want the dryer to be efficient and used for a long time.
However, getting the perfect dryer itself is a daunting task, and choosing from such a wide range can make it even more confusing.
In order to solve your problem and make it easier for you, we learned about the features of the first 5 dryers: 1.
Cyclone single motor dryer with heater is a high
The speed dog beauty dryer provides a lot of air and spews water from the coat.
It can be used with or without built-in heat
In a separate unbreakable Incoloy tubular heating element.
The variable speed airflow is up to 60 m/s and is controlled by a solid state control device. •Two-
Grade filtration and solids-
State variable speed control.
Variable speed allows you to control the airflow to meet the drying needs.
Double mounting legs, allowing vertical and horizontal use.
• Maximum power: 1800 W • The thermal power of the dryer is 600 W.
The dryer hit 605g.
The maximum speed of the dryer can reach 60 m/s the maximum temperature the dryer can withstand is 52 °c and the noise is limited to 83 dba.
This is a miracle for every professional beautician.
You can buy cyclone single motor dryer from here. 2.
Monster single motor dryer with heater is bridging the gap between single motor and double Motor burst machine.
Single motor and dual motor dog comb dryer have a big gap in wind speed and percussion force, which is a super powerful single motor dryer that matches the performance of the dual motor model.
The dryer has the maximum flexibility of the heating element to provide drying and blasting functions. •One-
Click on the simple operation: just click on the attachment and the operator can remove the spray head with one finger.
• Maximum power: 2800 W • The thermal power of the dryer is 600 W.
The dryer hit 895G.
The maximum speed of the dryer can reach 90 m/s the maximum temperature that the dryer can withstand is 52 °c and the noise is limited to 86 dba.
This is the ultimate creation of technology, easy to handle and use.
You can buy monster single motor dryer from here. 3.
The Hercules Double motor dryer has a blow force of 955 grams and a wind speed of 95 m/s is even more amazing.
This dog dryer beats all the recorded cyclones on Earth to make it the most powerful dual-motor pet dryer.
955G incredible strike force and even more amazing wind speed of 95 m/s.
A longer carbon brush of 38mm (1. 5\")
It is the longest market at present.
The smaller carbon particles and the smaller sparks generated by the smoother rotor make it longer in service life (by 30%).
Better airflow systems and smaller airflow friction allow the dryer to operate at a higher energy efficiency ratio, saving 30% of the energy.
• Maximum power: 2400 W • The thermal power of the dryer is 600 W.
The dryer hit 955G.
The maximum speed of the dryer can reach 95 m/s.
The maximum temperature of the dryer is 65 °c.
You can buy the Hercules Double motor dryer from here. 4.
Air Force®Commander. ®Air Force variable speed dryer:®Commander. ®Pet dryers are known for their power and durability. ®Commander. ®The Pet clothes dryer is a small and lightweight solution that can meet your Pet beauty needs.
You use the Air Force. ®Commander. ®Pet dryer at home or as part of your business you will find it will double the drying timethirds.
Powerful motor up to 4. 0 Peak H. P.
Reduce drying time by up to 75% • compact and lightweight, suitable for professional or personal use • Double
The installed legs are allowed to be used vertically or horizontally on the floor. Includes a full set of accessories for all drying needs. Design includes filter for easy replacement®Commander. ®Pet dryer from here. 5.
Edge Ion station and finishing dryer is the first professional pet dryer in the world with ion technology.
It provides maintenance-free, energy-saving drying of electronic adjustable wind speed and temperature.
The dog beauty dryer is equipped with a floor stand and casters with adjustable height.
This dog dryer features a rugged DC motor with variable air and temperature control for a wide range of applications.
Premium finishing and styling hair dryers make hair smoother and easier to comb after use.
• Heavy 1 HP Fan air-
A cooled brushless motor, a solid state control heating element, and air conditioning.
Free and have a brushless motor. •Provide hands-
Free fluff dry.
25 ~ The air temperature range dryer between 75 °c has a height adjustment system that can be adjusted at a temperature of less than 125 cm.
The nozzle rotates 360 °, so it can be placed at any angle.
The maximum wind speed of the dryer is 38 m/s.
You can buy the edge Ion station and the finishing dryer from here.
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