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4 Great Fingerprint Door Locks & Deadbolts Reviewed: Biometric Security

by:Boom Home     2020-02-20

Do you know what the day is for the standard house key?It\\\'s true!Technology has finally caught up and our home will become better and safer as a result.Bio-fingerprint dead ends and door locks make waves in the field of home safety and they will come to you soon.My friend tried a breakthrough recently.They tried to break the lock core with knives or other sharp things and they were very close.When there are better, cooler and safer options, why do we rely on the strength of several steel pins?Fingerprint door locks are one of the best ways to keep you, your family and your belongings safe.Your personal only fingerprint is not relying on keys that can be copied or stolen, but biometric \"keys\" that enter the premises \".This article will cover the four best keyless, biometric fingerprint dead corners and door locks today.Since this is a newer technology and you may not be familiar with it, I will take a closer look at each product and give a brief introduction to its features, specifications and safety.I will also talk about several pros and cons of the upgrade.Let\\\'s begin!Before we handle the review ourselves, I would like to remind you to be careful during the installation process.It is important that you either read the instructions carefully, test them extensively during installation, or call the locksmith to have it installed correctly..If you don\'t think you know technology very well, let professionals do it.Samsung EXON: one of the better fingerprint door locks.When you hear the word \"Samsung\", you may associate it with a TV and a smartphone.Samsung actually has a strong electronics division, including some home security.This is a beautiful, simple and powerful home safety fingerprint latch and door handle that not only works well but looks great.It has a stylish, modern look that all new equipment tends to have, and it\'s built for sustainability.The reason why I like this door lock is that it has a smart, thoughtful design.There are some obvious features: for example, in order to enter the house, you have to press the biometric reader with your finger.However, this has been strengthened in several ways.You can do a combination of fingerprint and key code.The keyboard even has a \"magic number\" feature (press two random numbers before entering the pin) that prevents thieves from looking at the fingerprints on the pad to learn your pin!That\\\'s smart.It also has other neat features.For example, it can automatically detect whether the ambient temperature of the residential temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius (in the event of a fire) and open the door to give an escape alarm.It can identify up to 100 fingerprints and is easy to program.If you are locked out, you can power it up again using a 9 v battery or enter with an emergency cover key.It\'s a safe, reliable, hi-tech, beautiful fingerprint door lock and latch, which is why it\'s at the top of my list.It is a very simple, easy to install, powerful door handle and lock with fingerprint keyless entry function.It looks normal in any house and function, which is simple, but it has powerful security features that make it difficult for your home to enter illegally.First of all, the lock core, latch and shell structure of this sturdy biometric fingerprint door lock are very good, and the weight is also very large.They have resistance to any brutal forced entry.It is also designed to withstand these factors, so rain and weather will not be a problem for you.The fingerprint scanner itself stores up to 200 different fingerprints in its database, so you can access the entire community if you want.The system also allows the use of RFID tags that can be attached to Keychain.Simply pass the label in front of the scanner and the door will unlock without touch.In an emergency such as total power loss, you can use the auxiliary 9 volt battery and connect it to the external battery terminal, which will provide the power to open and close the door as usual.You will also receive a set of emergency access keys that allow you to use the door manually (the keyholes are below, not obvious ).A very good place for Anviz fingerprint latch and door handle is the normalization they use.It should work with most standard door frames and only need the standard single bolt holes that you will normally find.The handle is also reversible so it can work anywhere.It\'s also cheap, so it\'s one of the top keyless fingerprint door locks I suggest you check out.If you\'re looking for something more subtle and simple, the NX4 biometric deadbolt is a great option with a lot of benefits.From a distance, no keyboard or high-tech products are displayed, which looks like your standard latch.Lift the nickel coated scanner cover, however, and you\'ll find a high-tech fingerprint lock waiting for you.The lock can be programmed for up to 99 users and their fingerprints.Programming is a simple process and you don\'t have to worry about remembering passwords anymore.Deleting users is also simple.The housing is nickel coated steel, very strong and at least as good as any conventional bolt.More importantly, if someone tries to smash it off, a treble alert will be issued to scare them away.The whole system runs on four AA batteries (you don\'t have to re-program the system when you replace it!).In the event of a battery failure, there are some included emergency backup keys that allow you access.This latch works well on most standard house type doors of different sizes.It is simple, sturdy and easy to use and looks very \"invisible\" on most houses \".This is a high tech and low profile biometric door lock I encourage anyone to buy.Aegis means shielding or protection, which is a great way to describe the company\'s excellent combination of door handles and latches.I recommend this to anyone who is interested in bio-fingerprint door handles and locks, however, who doesn\'t want to go to a device that is \"too tech\" and doesn\'t want people to be too confused.This is a good product because it offers some versatility.It allows you to choose between using a fingerprint scan, a keyboard code, or a traditional mechanical lock and a key to access the house.The lock system comes with a lot of instructions and it is quite easy to install without a lot of technical strength.That said, I will still choose locksmith or contractor to put it on for you just in case.The design of the door handle and lock makes the biometric entrance the main means of using the lock.Treat the keyboard as a secondary backup and the mechanical key as a level 3 option to use only in case of emergency.The built-in flash memory stores up to 100 fingerprint scans.It uses four standard AA batteries, so it does not rely on the local grid in terms of energy.There is a manual latch on the inside of the door handle, so when you need a lock indoors, you can flip it over without scanning.The whole unit is made of steel bars and is very durable.Gorgeous brushed steel, it looks the same at home in a professional business or family setting.This is a high quality fingerprint door lock with biometric, keyboard and mechanical lock options, so I love the versatility of it.There are some pros and cons of this technology, especially when used in the home.It\\\'s cool!If you\'re a gadget fanatic like me, or just want to wow your friends and family, this is a great way to do it.This is an evolving technology.Over time, biometric door locks and fingerprint dead spots are expected to be adopted more widely.Very safe.The old days of picking or forcing the lock have passed.Thieves may rush in, but they don\'t even know where to start and they may continue to pick more easily.Whether you have a key or not, the fingerprint lock also symbolizes a further security system.This is a great deterrent.Don\'t touch the key anymore.Fast and convenient entry, it would be great if you carry groceries or can\'t look through your pocket or bag.You can\'t give your friend the key to the house.You have to program in their personal fingerprints, which requires some pre-planning.Depends on power.If the battery is out of power, or if there is a power outage, you have to rely on the backup system (however, they all have an unexpected situation ).The lower fingerprint spine of some ethnic groups may make testing more difficult, but technology in this area is progressing.
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